Himalayan White House International College

Himalayan White House International College

WhiteHouse College of Management and Technology under the aiges of Himalayan Whitehouse International College. At  WhiteHouseCMT,  students  are  encouraged to think for themselves, conduct  their  own  research,  and  analyze   their   own   findings.   As   students  of  higher  learning,  they  utilize their innovation to discover the  answers  to  life’s  questions.  They learn to be independent and responsible   thinkers,   mentored   by   a   team   of   highly   qualified   professors,  and  supported  by  a  competent  and  caring  staff.  The  openness to new ideas, driven by a thirst for knowledge, leads more and more students to WhiteHouse. Here,  their  innovative  spirit  finds  release. 

They  discover  all  sorts  of   creative   means   to   multiply   their  limited  advantages,  to  think  outside the box, to see limitations not as obstacles but as portals to opportunities.  And  they  harness  the courage and determination to finish  what  they  start,  to  believe  in  themselves,  and  to  take  on  responsibility. They learn the ethics of doing business and relating to others,  of  being  true  to  oneself  and  the  values  of  family,  school,  and    society.   With    openness,    innovation,        and        courage,        WhiteHouse  students  become  an  unstoppable   force   for   change.   The   school   supplies   the  tools,   clears the path, and puts dreams into  focus.

Combining  these  with  a  student’s  strength  of  character  and belief in oneself, success for a WhiteHouseCMT  graduate  is  assured.  “The  BBA,  BLAS,  Executive  MBA  and  MBA  courses  at  WhiteHouse  College of Management and Technology will arm you with the contemporary ideals  backed  up  with  a  solid  theoretical   base   and   practical   perspective.  Your  journey  will  be  forward-looking  from  then  on  as  WhiteHouseCMT  hands  you  the  reins  to  your  career  PATH  and  DREAMS.”

Our Values

We transform lives by creating and sharing knowledge, while instilling values that prepare leaders for tomorrow’s world.

  • Excellence: We value excellence in teaching, research and school management.
  • Creativity: We value innovation and creative thinking.
  • An Entrepreneurial Culture: We value effective decision making and entrepreneurial implementation of ideas.
  • Ethical Behavior and Respect: We value ethical practices and diverse perspectives.


  • Seminars and exposure visit for MBA students 
  • Graduate Development Programs (Non- Credit)
  • Finishing school sessions in 3rd & 4th Semesters
  • Job Placement guaranteed including business organizations.


WhitehouseCMT is a lifetime partnership analyzing and adopting a creative thinking approach from a local and global perspectrive, grooming for challanges in the corporate world perferred by both the student and the industry envisaging in advancing theories and practices through cutting edge teaching pedagogy, research and infrastructure.


Providing quality, student-centered business education. Engaging in relevant research and expanding the frontiers of knowlwdge and business education. Extending our education research and outreach efforts to be responsive to the driving force of our economy including globalization, sustainability, ethics entrepreneurship,innovation and business education


The goal of WhiteHouseCMT is to attain academic excellence and Extra-Curricular brilliance. We strive to create a harmonious discipline in and outside the college premises which directly and indirectly affects the society positively. In our academic session, we endeavor to make sure our students have fun learning and sharing


Think now. Think Smart. Think Ahead.


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