Integration of tourism industry with education heralds economic revolution in the country

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Tikaram Puri

Tikaram Puri
President, PABSON

Tikaram Puri, the founder Principal of Everest Academy, one of the leading schools of Nepal in delivering quality education and providing good infrastructure, is the President of PABSON, Central Executive Committee. The PABSON is the largest association of educational institutions across Nepal and second largest organization in the entire country after the Federation of Nepalese Commerce and Industries. Mr. Puri ensures that the entire institutions under the PABSON commit to making Visit Nepal-2020 Campaign a grand success since tourism is the main source of the country’s economic growth. Excerpts:

As Nepal is going to celebrate the Visit Nepal-2020 campaign widely, what will be the role of the PABSON in making this campaign a great success?

The network of PABSON is the second largest after the Federation of Nepalese Commerce and Industries. The PABSON has formed committees in 75 districts out of 77 districts of Nepal. Under this network, there are around two million students and 200000 teaching and non-teaching staff. So, being one of the largest organizations, its role will be significant in bringing the campaign of government into success. The government has ensured our representation in the main organizing committee (Mul Samaroha Samiti) of the campaign. So, the PABSON has been working actively and scrupulously in solidifying the campaign, Visit Nepal-2020.

In spite of the government’s initiative for Visit Nepal 2020 campaign, it doesn’t seem to link tourism with education. In your opinion, how can tourism be linked with education?

There is interrelationship between education and tourism. Tourism can be developed well if it is closely linked with the education. We should link tourism with education by preparing curriculum from school level to college level related to tourism and the students should be made familiar with Nepal and Nepalese culture. They should also know that tourism can be the major sector of economy of the nation if it is developed well.

How is the prospect of tourism in the present context of Nepal?

Truly speaking, the bureaucracy of Nepal practice customary modus operandi in their day to day official work. So, the political leaders should be able to provide proper leadership skills and guidelines to the government bureaucrats. The expert secretary related to tourism should be appointed in the ministry of tourism so that s/he can formulate sustainable plans and policies under the leadership of visionary leaders. If the government gives proper leadership and appoints skilled secretary and staff in the tourism ministry, they can implement those plans in developing tourism. The government should also extend cooperation to private sectors and should make private-friendly tourism policy. If the tourism should link education and produce skilled human resources required for this sector, there are boundless prospects in tourism sector in Nepal. As we know, Nepal is a diversified country in terms of culture, climate and territories. The rich art, architecture, culture of ethnic groups as well as natural beauty including flora and fauna are the attraction of Nepal. The proper management and utilization of these natural and cultural heritages enhance tourism prospects in Nepal.

In your opinion, what should the government do for bringing the campaign into success?

The government should make the connectivity reliable, effective and affordable for the tourists. Similarly, the hotels, restaurants and travel agencies should work with the motive of delivering appealing hospitality services. All the concerned people: from taxi drivers to every Nepali individual should serve the guests with august hospitality. Similarly, the government should establish information desk in at entry point, particularly entry point of each province and should give tourists detailed information about the exciting and recreational visiting places in the respective province. If the tourists are given proper information, they feel encouraged to visit those places.

The government seems to be focusing on the quantity of tourists with the proclamation of bringing two million tourists in a year. Still, we have not been able to bring quality tourists to Nepal. In your opinion, what should be done to welcome quality tourists that have high paying capacity?

The European Union has kept Nepali sky in the black list alleging that it is not safe for flying to Nepal and discourages its citizens to visit Nepal pinpointing the reason of safety. This prohibition should be removed by the government through diplomatic dialogues so that there will be a flow of European tourists to Nepalese swathes. Similarly, the government should include tourism in curriculum and make our student know about the geographical diversity and rich culture of Nepal. Should the government deliver a good service and hospitality and prepare all required infrastructures for tourism, it is possible to bring quality tourists to Nepal. The quality tourists are ready to pay high amount, but in return they need standard services.

What message would you like to give to international tourists in connection with the Visit Nepal-2020 Campaign on behalf of PABSON?

Nepal is really a beautiful country in the world in terms of its natural and cultural diversity. We can experience a variety of climatic patterns: from very hot to very cold within the distance of around 200km from south to north. Similarly, it is located in the height from 70m to 8848m from the sea level within a short distance. The Terai, Hilly, and Mountainous regions are a peculiar feature that persuades the people to visit this country and gain a life-time experience. So, I request all the tourists for their visit to Nepal and acquire maiden experiences in every part of the country.


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