Xavier International School/College honored with Teaching Excellence Award

international school award

Xavier International School/College, situated in Kathmandu, has been honored with a prestigious international school award. The school has been awarded Teaching Excellence Award at International Award Ceremony organized by Amity University of Dubai.

Dr. Dipak Bohara, Special Advisor to Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Dr. Ataullah Wahidhar of Afganisthan handed over the award to CEO of Xavier International College, Mr. Lok Bahadur Bhandari, and Dipen Dahal, a school incumbent.

The CEO, Mr. Bhandari apprised that the school was successful in getting such an international school award due to thorough practice of quality education impartation by entire teaching staff and administrators. ‘This exciting appraisal indicates that Xavier International College can compete in the global setting’, he added. He further said that such a meritorious award rendered all concerned educators a message that quality education impartation is possible in Nepal.


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