Presidential Business School ensures rewarding international qualification in Nepal

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Laxman KC

Laxman KC
Executive Director
Presidential Business School

Laxman KC is the Executive Director at Presidential Business School (PBS) — an exclusive management college, affiliated to West Cliff University. The BBA and MBA programs at PBS embody the global standards where creative concept of managerial philosophy is given optimal emphasis rather than reproduction of received knowledge.

At PBS, students get all the privileges that they get in the USA. He expresses that colleges in Nepal, which are affiliated to foreign universities, are significantly contributing to the country’s economy since they have managed to minimize the exodus of Nepalese youths heading to foreign lands in pursuit of quality education. In this regard, these institutions have not only stopped millions of rupees from going to foreign swathes but also have instilled in those graduates the significance of earning a foreign degree in the native land. Excerpts:

What differences can we find in the four-year and three-year bachelor courses that distinguishes general education from an exceptional one?

Basically, there are two models of education practice in the world. The four-year program is taken as American model and the three-year program as British model. In the global context, bachelor level education should incorporate at least 16 years’ education. In my opinion, the sixteen years’ schooling is sufficient for eligibility to join a master’s program worldwide. So, I suggest that the University follow four years’ program or American-model bachelor level education. However, the difference is not only in its duration it differs in subjects too. In addition, there are ten subjects in two years’ bachelor program, 15 subjects in three years’ program and 20 subjects’ in four years’ program. While analyzing all these aspects, the four-year program is more comprehensive, relevant and competitive.

What are the reasons behind pursuing BBA and MBA programs at Presidential Business School?

BBA and MBA programs at Presidential Business School are research- based, student-engaging and globally acclaimed, which are affiliated to West Cliff University, USA. The University itself is the world-class and its programs are of global standards. In this program, students have to carry out all assignments by themselves and the exam system is scientific and advanced. We focus on skill-generating activities and projects that can make our students skilful and competitive. In other words, while delivering education, we prioritize skill development methods.  

We deliver quality education incorporating American standards in Nepal. All the course contents are similar to the courses offered in the USA. Our teaching faculty is recruited by completing all the procedures, such as assurance of equivalent qualifications that are accepted at American Universities. In this regard, all our instructors/ lecturers are scholars who have earned a degree from foreign Universities.

Has the college managed ‘a Job Cell’ for supporting its students in job placement?

We are always eager to support our students in their job placement opportunities. However, our students are getting jobs by themselves due to their outstanding performance. In addition, they get jobs immediately after attaining a formal degree during their internship period. We have so far produced around 1000 graduates, and all of them have been employed worldwide. Since we ensure global standards and research-based learning for development of work-efficiency and skills in our pupils, none of our graduates have to dilly-dally in search of jobs.

How far are you content with the human resources you have recruited for your institution? Are they capable enough of fulfilling international standards of education delivery in Nepalese swathes?

Some instructors/ lecturers show brilliant exposure after attaining a degree from Nepal. So, we hire such qualified human resources that can fulfill global recruitment criteria. First, we give priority to qualified human resources, as teaching faculty, who have attained a degree from a foreign university/ college. Second, we employ Nepalese scholars who can show outstanding exposure in teaching. In fact, the instructors are selected by the University itself. Similarly, our teaching faculty is guided by the faculty of West Cliff University and the assessment of students is done by them. In this regard, it’s a phenomenal opportunity for our faculty members to exchange their learned expertise, skill and efficiency with the faculty of foreign University. Besides, the dual evaluation system (teachers and students’) enables our faculty members to get acquainted with world’s changing teaching mechanism and be responsible for their duty. In this regard, we are proud of having exceptional human resources, which embodies brilliant faculty and management, state-of-the-art facilities and international exposure.

You offer an international degree in Nepal. What problems have you experienced while doing so?

The most striking phenomenon regarding a foreign affiliation is rumor since parents are victims that the government might change the policy for foreign degree. However, in the present context, the rumor is considerably decreasing as the public is becoming familiar with foreign education that can bestow on their child (ren) boundless career opportunities. On the other hand, our college is significantly decreasing the outflow of Nepalese currency in foreign lands. Some years back, most parents had developed the mindset that education, which is linked with foreign universities, would be extortionate, but this concept has drastically changed into a positive vibe. In fact, foreign university affiliated colleges in Nepal raise an average fee structure from students in comparison to expensive colleges in Nepal that are accredited by Nepalese universities. This could be corroborated with the fact that students have to pay around USD 60000.00 for the same qualification in the USA, but we provide the same acclamation in Nepalese land at USD 8000.00.

Foreign university affiliated colleges in Nepal are alleged that their students do not have to make efforts while attaining a degree. How would you like to exonerate yourself of this allegation?

I strongly gainsay this false statement. We should not generalize all colleges on the basis of drawbacks which are found at some colleges in Nepal. Since we are closely observing the TU exam system, we’ve found some cases where even second division holders are awarded gold medals due to irregularities of the Exam Controller’s Office. However, we should not generalize the overall performance of Tribhuvan University that its intention is to promote such irregularities and the courses it endorses are futile. We request that the government should monitor all our academic activities and set frameworks for evaluation and give us constructive suggestions, if required.

What are your further plans that would surely escalate the acclaim of your institution?

Our aim is to develop this college as a top-notch institution in south Asia and the top-most college in Nepal. However, all our efforts depend on the government’s education policies. Therefore, the government should come up with translucent policies to encourage private investors who have made significant contributions to the national policy. Since we are exhaustively working on delivery of hands-on education, our efforts will herald academic breakthroughs in the Nepalese education system.


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