NAMI has earned wide acclaim for both national and international qualifications

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Pawan Pokhrel
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Pawan Pokhrel, CEO of NAMI College, is a young, energetic and qualified personality with long-term vision to escalate the renown of the college. NAMI College, an established educational institution for imparting quality education, offers International Management and IT related courses, accredited by University of Northampton, in state-of-the-art infrastructure. Mr. Pokhrel explains that teaching faculty at NAMI College is approved by the University itself. The University determines the quality of teachers and suggests the college for further recruitment process. He adds, “The University’s exam system is very strict and it does not compromise on any issues”. Regarding results, the University Professors recheck the examined answer sheets before finalizing the results. He shares his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

Could you highlight the distinct features of NAMI College?

NAMI College is a well-established and well-recognized college in terms of world-class education it delivers. It has been helping students acquire an international degree in Nepal. The college is rich in physical infrastructure. It has modern buildings elongated in 38 ropanies of land. The college has earned a unique identity in quality education which focuses on practical and research-oriented education. Self-motivation and self-discipline are inseparable identity of this college. The college creates appropriate environment for learning and conducting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that motivate and inspire students to be enthusiastic and self-motivated for learning and showing their supplementary life skills.

The college offers ten-plus-two programs, A Levels and bachelor level programs, namely BBA, B.Sc. (Hons.), Computing B.Sc. (Hons.), Environmental Science and MBA.

In your opinion, why should students study in colleges which are affiliated to international Universities?

It is the best destination for students wishing to have international degree in Nepal. Due to lack of opportunities and financial crisis, most students deprive of receiving international education. Therefore, NAMI College is providing a wealth of opportunities for those who are willing to earn an international degree in their native land, Nepal.

Programs of the Nepalese Universities and foreign Universities are found similar in their nature. What are the differences between them?

In my experience, focus is given on developing skills and its proper implementation by foreign Universities. Most international Universities have fundamental assumption that the duty of students is not only to study and sit the exam but also to learn life skills and implement them in a proper way. Exposure is the primary focus of such Universities, but we find such things scarce in Nepalese Universities.

Foreign Universities affiliated colleges have employed Nepali nationals to deliver the international syllabi. Are they able to maintain the global standard in their tutoring?

Although all teaching faculty is Nepali nationals, their CVs are approved by the University itself. The University determines the quality of teachers and allows them on the basis of their eligibility and capability. Similarly, the teachers of Nepal are the counter part of the University. They exchange their ideas, skills and the teaching technique. In addition, the students are evaluated by the Nepalese teachers and they are reevaluated by the foreign Professors. The assignments assessed by Nepalese teachers are rechecked by the University Professors, and sometimes our teachers have to give acceptable justification on awarding students A+, A or B grades etc. Since Nepalese colleges affiliated to foreign Universities organize teacher- and study-exchange programs, it plays a significant role in maintaining international standard in quality of the Nepalese students.

NAMI College is an affiliated college of University of Northampton. What are the distinct features of Northampton University?

The University has worldwide recognition for global standard of education. It was awarded “Gold Standard’ for the excellence in curriculum development and teaching. In addition, it has a worldwide network and its graduates are globally employable. More than 98% of graduates have got job opportunities. The University has adopted latest teaching pedagogy and updated its market-demanded curricula.

How is the performance of the products of NAMI College?

NAMI College has been producing highly qualified and globally employable human resources. Our products are highly skilled, efficient and having risk-taking capacity. They are employed in NGOs, INGOs, industries, banking and even government organizations as well as international organizations. Therefore, we feel that our students do not have to pursue any jobs rather prospective employers seek our graduates to offer them a job.

To what extent has Nepal government been cooperating with colleges affiliated to international Universities? What are your expectations from the Nepal Government?

Nepal government has shown amicable response to colleges which are accredited by foreign Universities in many ways. Due this camaraderie, we are in this condition. Still, we expect that the government conducts inspection on our academic activities. Similarly, we expect from the government that it should enlist our institution in rank on the basis of our contributions.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates?

I suggest they choose the subject of their own interest and capability. While choosing a college, they should analyze both academic and physical aspects of the institution. As CEO of NAMI, I express my commitment to the impartation of globally acclaimed programs in Nepal.


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