In spite of initial challenges, we are optimistic about future of foreign accreditation

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Bhesh Raj Pokhrel

Bhesh Raj Pokhrel
Texas College of Management and IT

Texas College of Management and IT has been offering BBA, BIT, BCS (NT & CS) and MBA, affiliated to Lincoln University, Malaysia. The college has been climbing the ladder of successes charismatically due to able leadership, teachers’ devotion to academic excellence, trust and cooperation from parents and students. The leadership of the college has been successful in operating foreign education at local level with affordable fee structure.

Mr. Bhesh Raj Pokhrel is the CEO/Principal at Texas College of Management and IT. He believes the college should encourage all students to be responsible and self-reliant and even to set high goals themselves as they reach for their dreams. Excerpts:

In your opinion, why should we study international courses in Nepal?

The courses of foreign universities are based on practical orientation. They give optimal focus on development of skills and implementation of knowledge in practice. There is a provision of credit transfer to foreign universities. For an instance, the first semester students of this college can be transferred to a college of any countries if it is accredited by the same University. Similarly, the courses are regularly updated and revised analyzing the need and demand of the international market. So, graduates with such a qualification can get a job immediately. In addition, the evaluation system and teaching pedagogy, along with assessment system, are of international standard. There is double checking evaluation system in all exams including student assignments. Another significance of this course is that it fulfills the dreams of students to study international courses in their native land. Students have to pay a huge amount of money to complete the same courses in a foreign land, but in Nepal the cost is almost half the price. The students should spend around ten million rupees for the same course in a foreign country and at least 1.5 million in each semester, but we offer the same courses at around 7 to 8 lakh for the four-year course. In addition, we are able to offer international courses in Nepalese context where students can get acquainted with their native culture and environment that results in allowing the graduates to develop the strong feeling of patriotism. In this regard, it diminishes the heavy loss of brain-drain of the country.

What are the challenges for foreign university affiliated colleges in Nepal?

There is a negative mindset among Nepalese people that foreign courses are more expensive than the domestic university courses. Similarly, there is a rumor that these colleges not only have weak legal and stability foundation also they are struggling for earning the trust of parents and students on their sustainability and legal establishment. So, there is a great challenge to exonerate ourselves of this misconception in Nepal. Furthermore, these colleges are providing students global opportunities at local level and have been contributing to the national economy by paying the taxes, providing scholarship and stopping students from going abroad to large extent. Still, the government does not seem cooperative with such colleges. In spite of these reasons, I see more opportunities than challenges.

What are the features of the courses offered at Texas College of Management and IT?

Texas College of Management and IT has been operating the courses related to IT and management. It has been running Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT), Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) (Cyber Security & Networking Technology), Master of Business Administration (MBA) in affiliation to Lincoln University College, Malaysia. 

The foreign university courses are designed and updated by analyzing the demand of the international market. It also provides professional courses to prepare professional graduates. There is a provision of deliverance of speech by visiting professors and scholars who have earned mastery on their respective fields. So, practical orientation-based teaching pedagogy, regular assessment evaluation system, double checking evaluation system, internship privileges and mentorship are some of features worth convincing to our students and parents.

What are the unique features of Texas College of Management and IT as a foreign university affiliate?

Texas International College is handled by a dynamic and motivated team of scholars which has been producing professionally sound, socially amiable and globally competent workforce for fulfilling the global needs. The college focuses on practical and research orientation education, and enhances multi-cultural knowledge. The college offers professional training, too. Moreover, it mainly focuses on the connection of hand, brain and heart which are inherently connected to knowledge, skill and attitude. In addition, the college has managed to recruit dedicated, experienced and efficient teaching faculty, and the entire team working exhaustively to prepare self-motivated, self-sustained and professional graduates by means of both credit and non-credit courses.

How is the performance of your products in the global market?

Texas College insists that knowledge, skill and attitude should be integrated to ensure holistic development of students. Not only this, the combination of these three attributes renders students competency, positivity and socialization. As a result, our graduates are showing phenomenal performance in the global economy. In other words, they have secured leading positions in various IT companies, banks and social organizations.

The mindset of ten-plus-two graduates going abroad for higher studies has not changed yet. What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates?

We are making our utmost efforts to stop the exodus of Nepalese students from going abroad for higher education. In this regard, Texas College offers international courses at local level with less cumbersome fee structure as it is half the price of the fee of international universities/ colleges. Not only the expensive fee structure, Nepalese youths have to make necessary arraignments for their accommodation, food and additional expenses incurred during they study period. But if they study in Nepal they are safe from these predicaments. I also suggest that students should study in Nepal as far as possible.

Texas College offers the curricula of both Tribhuvan University of Nepal and Lincoln University of Malaysia. Which courses have you given priority to?

Texas College provides a wide range of options to students to choose from the available courses. It offers a variety of courses of both Tribhuvan University of Nepal and Lincoln University of Malaysia. We give equal priority to both courses and give complete freedom to students to choose from a wealth of courses available.


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