IEC stands as top-notch training center for Art, Fashion and Interior Architecture in Nepal

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Shailaja Adhikary

Shailaja Adhikary
Managing Director
IEC College of Art and Fashion

Established in the year 1997, under the visionary leadership of Ms. Shailaja Adhikary, IEC has emerged as the top-notch educational institute for Fashion and Interior Design in Nepal with an unprecedented growth rate of more than 500% since last seven years. It is the first educational institution to introduce formal courses in Fashion & Interior Design in Nepal. In other words, IEC is the first institution that introduced fashion design and interior architect education in Nepal. The college offers BA (Honors) in Fashion and Retailing and BA in Interior Architecture.

A proud recipient of International Gold Quality Award (USA) for quality education, TQM in 2003, a proud winner of Asian Top Fashion Organization of the Year- 2016 in Fashion Asia Award, 2016 held in China & recently a winner of Nepal’s Best Brand Leadership Award-2018. IEC School has a network of multiple study centers across Kathmandu valley with a fantastic faculty of working professionals and state-of-the-art technical facilities. Ms. Shailaja Adhikary shares her view on changing trend of Nepalese in fashion in the recent times. Excerpts:

How do you reminisce about your days when you started fashion design and interior architect course in Nepal?

I was just 21 when I started this college in 1997 AD. It had been registered to the Company of Registrar before we started this course. In those days, fashion design was considered to be immodesty in society. I had to face many obstructions while establishing and running the institution. There were procedural difficulties and more serious thing was that the perspective of society on women was not positive as it is today. Getting involved in fashion designing field as a woman was really a challenging task. I struggled untiringly to accomplish a success on my plan. Due to my exhaustive efforts and struggle, the institution has reached this position.

Who inspired you to get into the field of fashion design and to open an institution?

I had a dream to develop fashion designing program in Nepal. It became the most inspiring and guiding factor and source of inspiration. I received full support from my family for fulfilling my dream which has consequently led me to this level.

How is the present condition of fashion design in Nepal?

In comparison to the past, the situation has drastically changed. Fashion design has become the sector of attraction and the charm is gradually increasing amid youths of new generation. Its significance and acclaim is growing significantly in the present context. Therefore, our societies accept it as a modest profession now since most youths and middle-aged people want to be glamorous in the course of time.

What type of students can join IEC College for fashion designing skills and qualification?

IEC College of Arts and Fashion Designing is one of the best destinations for young aspirants who want to solidify their imagination and dream in glamorous world. The students with imagination and passionate feeling of entering this sector can join IEC College. However, they should possess the quality of diligence, creativity, quality of imagination and should be hard working. There is no any demarcation of faculty since students from different streams can join this course. And students should be ready to work more than sixteen hours and should have capacity of using their mind and heart. As a matter of consequence, such students will have international platform for professional careers.

How is the performance of your products in the global market?

It is one of the best colleges of Art and Design in Nepal where dreams and passion of students with imagination are crystallized. The college provides proper education and professional training under the guidance of expert mentors and teachers. It focuses on practical orientation and boost up creativity as well as confidence of students. Therefore, our graduates have shown phenomenal performance in their respective fields: workplace and higher studies. Some of our graduates have been pledged scholarship by world’s renowned universities/ colleges across the globe. Some have already established themselves as successful entrepreneurs in Kailali, Biratnagar and many cities of Nepal.

What are the unique features of your college?

IEC College is a highly trusted and widely recognized institution for young aspirants wishing to develop their career in fashion and interior designing. It prepares students to be professionals and inspires them to focus not only on wealth also on social responsibility. In addition, our graduates have shown jaw-dropping performance in leading positions and social service sector. They have also proved themselves as the established entrepreneur. It enriches students with global exposure and provides updated and latest courses analyzing the latest trend around the world in the field of fashion designing. In addition, the college has a well-equipped laboratory and scientifically designed audio visual studio. And the teachers are highly experienced.

Apart from the academic courses what other programs does the college provide?

The college offers academic courses recognized by a foreign university. Besides academic courses, it provides various professional training and supports organizers of various national and international events in Nepal, such as Miss Nepal, Miss Newa, Fashion Show, Design Exhibition Interior Design etc.

What are the further plans of your college?

I have a dream to transfigure the acclaim of this institution into an internationally acclaimed institution by organizing international competitions. We have also made a strategic plan to strengthen the competency of our graduates who can compete in the global platform. We are also intending to create a wealth of global opportunities for our graduates by providing global standard education through internationally recognized mentors and teachers.

What do you want to say at last?

Fashion design plays a pivotal role in building perfect personality in any competition, particularly for celebrities. It is related to the attire from top to bottom. A perfect attire can create a positive impression. So, fashion design and interior decoration has a broad scope. Those young aspirants who have dreamed to be professional fashion designers are always welcomed to IEC College. However, before you embark on this sector, you should possess some qualities, such as perseverance, work devotion, imaginative and creative mind and so on. In the present world, glamour field has a high scope and global demand. A successful fashion designer can live in a society as a successful entrepreneur.


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