Hotel Management qualification ensures graduates of immediate financial comfort

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Ramesh Mani Suvedi

Ramesh Mani Suvedi
Butwal Technical and Research Center (College)

Butwal Technical and Research Center, which is widely known as BTRC College, is a popular name amongst the institutions that offer Hotel Management, Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts courses to students who are in search of job opportunities in hotel, hospitality management, food and beverage and tourism sector. The college is accredited by OTHM, which is an Awarding Organization of London, U.K.

Mr. Ramesh Mani Suvedi, who has shown outstanding efforts in his workplace, is the Chairman of BTRC, Butwal. He has made tremendous efforts in his workplace as an administrator and lecturer who has brought about phenomenal reforms in perfect management and education. He is planning to provide additional programs of CTEVT, Nepal as their proposal is under consideration for approval. College Readers caught up with him and discussed what programs BTRC offers to career hopefuls who want to embrace a successful career not only in Nepal but also abroad. Excerpts:

Could you give a synopsis of Butwal Technical and Research Center (College)?

Butwal Technical and Research Center was established in 2018 AD which has been offers courses in Diploma in Hotel Management and Diploma in Culinary Arts (Levels 3 and 4) to those who want to secure a career in hotel management and food & beverage. The college has so far produced around 60 graduates and 70% of them are working at different five-star and four-star hotels in China, Mauritius, Dubai etc. They are satisfied with their work as they learnt appealing hospitality and hotel management skills, which include housekeeping, establishment of public relations with guests, bartending, cookery etc., that gave them ample hands-on experience at BTRC.

The college is affiliated to OTHM, U.K. which is a UK based Awarding Organization regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and recognized by Qualifications Wales. This organization offers a range of career-oriented and technical courses in Hotel Management, Culinary Arts, Business Management, Information and Technology, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Tourism etc. We feel we are lucky to have such an international partner in Nepal. In this regard, BTRC offers an international qualification to its pupils at local level.

Could you please tell us about the courses you offer at BTRC?

Butwal Technical and Research Center offers two programs for diploma qualification: Diploma in Hotel Management and Diploma in Culinary Arts, whose course tenure is six months. However, if we count the complete tenure of the course, it’s of 18 months, which include six months’ theoretical and practical classes and one year’s internship privilege either at national or international hotels. Overall, it’s an 18-month diploma course. Regarding our academic activities the college offers both theoretical and practical classes simultaneously which allow the students to learn different skills by doing. Moreover, our teachers are famous for their appealing skills they have shown in multiple organizations.

Please tell us what types of students can pursue Diploma in Hotel Management and Diploma in Culinary Arts.

Students with any grades, such as ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ and even ‘E’ in any subjects, and with minimum GPA in the SEE or equivalent exams, can pursue Level-3 diploma course in HM and Culinary Arts. Furthermore, students with the same grades in NEB exams (Grade 12) can embark on Level-4 diploma course in HM and Culinary Arts. The fee for both the programs is affordable regardless of students’ financial status. Both the levels have six months’ theory and practical classes and 12 months’ paid internship in Nepal and certain overseas countries. Each graduate of these programs is offer a U.K. qualification, accredited by OTHM.

How do you analyze the paradigm shift of other courses to hotel management program in Nepal?

In the recent times, students have changed their mindset that they have to work after attaining a particular qualification. In Nepal, students rarely find jobs immediately after completing a certain courses except hotel and hospital management program. In addition, it is confirmed that no graduates should dilly-dally in search of jobs after gaining a qualification of hotel management. This could be the reason why students are inclined to hotel management course rather than other streams.

It is believed that students with low grade pursue hotel management course rather than others as it is relatively easier to get a qualification. How far do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Nepal is a victim of such people who spread rumor unnecessarily and the sluggish development of the country is the result of such a phenomenon. Although low-performing students are found in a high number pursuing hotel management course not because they do not get admission for other courses, but because they are conscious enough about their career. They do not want to dilly-dally while studying since they have to be engaged in series of practical classes. They want to be engaged. So, they tend to work at local hotels during their study. Moreover, as other programs need longer years to transfer the qualifications to learners, hotel management course is at the forefront in transferring both skills and certificates within a short period of time. The ones, who want to be independent financially immediately after graduation, are interested in joining hotel management course.

Could you tell us about your further plans that would benefit students of this locality?

BTRC is an emerging institution in the field of hotel management in Nepal, which is an associate of a U.K. based Awarding Institution. The college is planning to introduce Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) and some CTEVT programs in near future. In this regard, local students will be benefitted immensely from a range of course choices we offer them which incorporate international standards.

What message would you like to convey to both SEE and ten-plus-two graduates?

First of all, I would like to congratulate graduates of both the levels (SEE and NEB programs) on their success, and I would also like to wish all the best to students who are waiting for the results of their upgrade exams. Butwal Technical and Research Center has culminated its acclaim in regional and national levels for its delivery of exceptional education in hotel management and culinary arts. In this regard, we welcome SEE and ten-plus-two graduates to BTRC to witness hands-on education at affordable fee structure.


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