1st Global International Conference-2019

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Global International Conference

Global College of Management (GCM) and Global College International (GCI) in partnership with Global Institute for Policy Research and Development (GIPRD) organized 1st Global International Conference-2019 in Kathmandu dated 13-14 December 2019. The conference was architected on different research and discussion sessions addressing some key emerging issues of leadership and development upon seeking a 21st century paradigm.  The conference was inaugurated by the Minister of industry, commerce and supplies Mr. Lekh Raj Bhatta in the auspicious presence of hundreds of celebrities, ambassadors of Israel, Australia and China, professors, researchers, academicians, entrepreneurs, business practitioners, faculties, and delegates from development organizations, media, research degree scholars, and students of national and international repute. Total eight nationality delegates attended the conference in active participant and keynote speaker category.

The entire two day-program comprised of four main deliverance sessions. The inaugural session as commensurate with ceremonial meeting was observed for intellectual deliverances contributed by diplomats, policy levels, University Grants Commission chair, Government Dignitaries, and Minister. The intellectual cluster of guest-speakers had their say that relateda repertoire of areasproposed for having their relevance whileseekinga 21st century paradigm of leadership and development. Irrespective of diverse thoughts delivered in pertinence of these broad issues, a key notion deliberated at the inaugural session in common was that, nation states in developing economies like Nepal have to be able to understand and practice leadership as an ongoing process and develop by being able to integrate economic and development practices with research as academic discourse which suggests architecting developmentby context instead of limiting schemes and actions in a granted manner in context.

Global International Conference
Global International Conference

The second part of the conference was decked with keynote session. The speakers comprising universityprofessors from international residency delivered keynotes thatthematically invented economic patterns and leadership skills sought in the digitally set and working styles and aptitudes which the professionals require in 21st centurycircumstances and systems of business in all arena that directly concern to global citizens of today.

The conference presentation session lent space to thirty five research papers contributed by authors in two main categories e.g. lead researchers and young researchers. The submissions were selected after blind review of abstract and given material carried out by scientific committee members appointed as reviewers. In two prototypes, senior professors, professional researchers, and university and college teachers, and research degree students of M Phil and PhD level made oral presentations of their papers prepared at the strengthresearch informationfeaturingthe eight main streams. The presentations were exclusively oral (PPT) deliverances followed by interactions with questions from the audience and conclusive comments from the session chairs.

The eight main themes addressed by means of research presentations were as listed here: sustainable economic development, leadership forbusiness management in the emerging contexts, TQM in hospitality and service sector, marketing skills and strategies in the emerging economies, information communication technology and agility, preparing entrepreneurs for a changing world, managing personnel intelligence for human resource management, new frameworks of good governance, foreign diplomacy and international business relations.

The second day session was of the panel discussion set to conferring the issue of investment and sustainable economic development and was live telecasted by News 24 and social media like Facebook.  The overarching question of investment and sustainable economic development of Nepal was approached with lead ideas deliberated from different perspectives e.g. engineering, education, economics, development in the gracious presence of guest speakers whom the concept paper contributed by senior economist and former governor of central bank of Nepal Dr. TilakRawal offered a stimulus for discussion.  All the sessions were live telecasted usingofficial Facebook that covered all itineraries starting from inaugural to the closing eventsthroughout.

In conclusion, the conference chair Prof. Dr.Pushkar Bajracharya contributed his research-based deliverance stressing a need to link leadership and development aspects with academic discourse in that the significance of research knowledge makes a central locus. The conference chief advisor Prof. Prem Raj Pant together with other key speakers expressed delight upon the grand success of the international conference launched by Global College and its executive team. The dignitary benches mentioned Dr. Khagendra P Ojha for his executive roles, Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna for his key part as a convener, Dr. Dev Raj Paneru for his contribution as the coordinator of 1st Global International Conference-2019 and other members for their support. The special messages from the guests of honorcentrally commended the conference for being a grand success having high magnitude of research significance that was finallyconcluded by the conference chair with a commitment. The chair pledged to make persistent the event in future with publications e.g. conference proceeding and peer reviewed scientific journals. The journals namely Journal of Management and Development Economics and Nepalese Journal of Management Sciences and Research as the intellectual publications of Global College will bring into lightthe leading conference and research disseminations simultaneously.


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