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Manoj Marasini

Manoj Marasini
Campus Chief
Oxford College, Butwal

Oxford Academy was established in 2058 BS. as a sister wing of Oxford Academy. It has been offering BBS program from 2062 BS and B.Ed. from 2063 BS. The college is taking admission for the 14th batch in BBS and 13th batch in B. Ed. programs. The college, which was commenced with 13 students in 2062 BS, has managed to enroll as many as 1200 students as of today. As well as gaining much popularity among career hopefuls, the college has earned its fame on the bases of its outstanding results in the board examinations and students performance in the global setting. For an instance, Bina Kumari Sapkota has received a gold medal from the honorable past President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav for attaining stratospheric results in BBS examinations. Since then we’ve witnessed a row of successive toppers who obtained gold medals in various programs. In this regard, the college has been preparing quality human resources that are the underpinning factor for the country’s social and economic reforms.

In addition, the college has ensured above 90% of pass results since its establishment, which is considered the best result of Tribhuvan University. Therefore, the college has ensconced itself on the stratosphere with the sterling benchmarks of IT and practical-oriented education. Since the college has spread its appellation in the education industry, the University provided affiliation of Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) and Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) programs for the first time in the province five that makes the institution standalone learning center in hospitality and Information & Technology sectors.

Apart from these all convincing factors for a career hopeful to join this exceptional institution, the college conducts a range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in order to enable students to show their exposure to their contemporaries in general and to inter-college events at large. Students seem to be blissful for getting enrolled in such a prestigious institution.  

Manoj Marasini is the Campus Chief at Oxford College. The college has earned complete trust and cooperation from students, parents, stakeholders and community people for its quality education. Excerpts:

Oxford academy offers Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) and Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) in addition to BBS and B.Ed. syllabi. How is the scope of these programs amid increasing significance of information and technology?

Today’s world is intertwined with digital and IT based education. Information technology is a globally demanded course. Similarly, hotel management/ hospitality sector has become globally demanded for tourism industry. Therefore, the human resources of this field are globally employable. In addition, the course encourages graduates to be entrepreneurs upon attaining their bachelor level qualification. If they are not interested in becoming an entrepreneur, they will seize a momentum to be employed by highly reputed hotels and business houses. In this regard, such graduates do not have to dilly-dally in pursuit of jobs. The most appealing and convincing part of this course is that our graduates are bound to earn twice as much money as they spend on their course within one year of internship, which bolsters the growing demand of human resources hospitality management sectors.  

Moreover, BIM syllabus prepares skilled workforce for software business. A large number of business houses and software companies in Butwal area and its outskirts request us to send our products to their companies since they believe we genuinely prepare qualified human resources that could be an asset to their growing businesses. Therefore, we cherish our accomplishment and feel really proud of our products who have shown phenomenal performance in IT and hospitality sectors.

How have you managed the human resources for the assurance of quality education for these programs?

Oxford College incorporates highly qualified human resources since some of our faculty members have attained graduation and post-graduation degrees from foreign universities, namely Japan and Korea. Mr. Om Bahadur Khatri, who is the coordinator of BHM and BIM programs, has returned to Nepal from a foreign land bringing adequate knowledge of hospitality and information management sectors. In addition, there are many lecturers who have attained MPhil. qualification from Kathmandu University and Pokhara University. Therefore, our faculty members are exceptional in their course contents who ensure best delivery of their learnt expertise. In this regard, we claim that Oxford College is the best institution in terms of both quality education and physical infrastructure. To be transparent and loyal to our students, parents and stakeholders, the qualification of our faculty members has been showcased on the college website.

Could you tell us about your future plans that would surely enhance the appellation of your institution despite its popularity amongst myriads career hopefuls?

Oxford College is a ubiquitously recognized academic institution in the fields of Management, Education, Hotel Management and Information Management. Its performance and quality benchmarks have earned trust and recognition among the parents, students, stakeholders and community denizens. As a dynamic institution, we are even intending to ameliorate our quality delivery and physical infrastructure. We therefore are intending to construct a four- storeyed building along with modern facilities. Similarly, we are also thinking of making our institution techno-friendly that will be equipped with modern teaching and learning activities, viz. installation of smart boards, interactive classroom technology, over-head projector etc. Not only this, our plan adheres to provision of cutting-edge laboratories for practical classes so that the flagship of Oxford Academy/ College will gain a higher niche.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates who are in pursuit of credible and trustworthy institutions like yours for a bachelor level course?

Education should be integrated with life-enhancing skills and appealing careers. As BHM and BIM programs are the globally demanded courses, its graduates will not only find a pathway to entrepreneurship but also will get job opportunities easily after attaining a degree. So, I suggest that students should pursue BHM or BIM to seize award-winning opportunities in their life. Moreover, they should be committed to getting a success through diligence and perseverance. In other words, you can choose any subject of your interest, but you should pursue a path that will lead you to phenomenal successes. Oxford College is fully committed to solidifying the aim of students by helping them bring breakthroughs in their academic career. Eventually, I urge them to visit our institution in order to acquire details of course choices at Oxford College.


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