IT-embedded courses equipping students with hands-on skills in digitized world

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Shankar Prasad Sharma

Shankar Prasad Sharma
Aadim College 

Shankar Prasad Sharma, Principal at Aadim College, sees abundant opportunities as the entire sphere of education is being digitized in the course of time. And every effort we make in academic sector is controlled by technology. In this regard, Aadim College has managed all infrastructures for teaching and learning activities that are enough for BCA program. Excerpts:

What type of program is BCA?

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is a newly emerged semester-wise four year TU program that is run under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The program is offered in semester-system. BCA graduates can apply for a post of system analysts, system managers, project managers, database administrators, system designers and programmers in IT Companies. Information industries and manufacture industries in national and international level are always seeking for BCA graduates. Students completing their bachelor’s degree in Computer Application are further eligible to study MCA, MIT, MBA, etc.

What are the distinct features of BCA program?

It is a newly emerged IT-based program that can fulfill the demand of IT industry in Nepal. The program is fully applied field of knowledge which is essential to present at least three projects by an individual learner. The program produces independent IT professionals that are globally employable.

What are the differences between the TU and other universities?

Tribhuvan University (TU) is the oldest and largest University in Nepal. It stands 108th position in the rank of world’s thousand top-most Universities. It is the 11th world’s largest University in terms of the number of enrollees. The University has a nation-wide network and delivers academic programs to the people of remote and geographically wrenched swathes in Nepal focusing on marginalized and backward communities through its constituent campuses.

What are the distinct features of Aadim College in terms of BCA program?

The college is well-established and well-trusted for its quality education. It focuses on practical and research oriented education, particularly in BCA program. Students should submit a minimum of six projects during four years’ time. The college has managed full-time study from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm for students. In addition, there is a provision of internship at reputed institutions and students are paid during their internship period if their presentation is effective.

How is the scope of IT in Nepal?

In my calculation, only 5% of administrative work in government offices is done through computer and technology-aided devices. However, the government has targeted to make administrative work paperless in its offices and deliver its services through computerized system by 2020 AD. For solidifying such an ambitious plan, a large number of human resources are required in IT field. Regarding BCA course, it is designed such a way that incorporates 80% software and 20% hardware system. So, BCA graduates are employed as software developers. Similarly, the local bodies in all 753 units across Nepal need IT experts which will create a wealth of job opportunities for those graduates.

What distinct things can be found in your college that are rare in other institutions?

Our college will give top priority to practical and research-aided teaching. A minimum of three project presentations is a must for each learner which is in the University curriculum. In this regard, the college has given more emphasis on presentation for internal evaluation, which makes each pupil skilled, confident and engaged in the technological sphere.

The eligibility for BCA program is minimum D+ in any stream in ten-plus-two level, but for B.Sc.CSIT it requires science background of enrollees. Why has such provision been made? Is BCA easier than B.Sc.CSIT?

From the perspective of course content, BCA is one of the top-most courses designed by Tribhuvan University. Although the program is run and handled by the Dean office of Humanities and Social Sciences, most students come from science background. So, I am confident that BCA is better than B.Sc. CSIT since it is a newly launched and updated course prepared with a thorough analysis of the global market.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates who are in pursuit of technological course in Nepal?

First and foremost, students should decide on the University-based courses by analyzing physical and academic environment of an institution. Similarly, student should choose such a college which has a close link with IT companies for internship and job opportunities. Our college ensures practical education by professional and experienced teaching faculty. In addition, the college also conducts regular seminars where business and technical experts are invited to transfer their learned expertise to our pupils. Similarly, the college has made a provision for 100% job placement privileges for our graduates. So, I suggest that students pay a visit to our college for the assurance of all types of facilities that we facilitate to our pupils.


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