Tourism-integrated courses are gaining wider popularity globally

Biranji Gautam
Biranji Gautam

Biranji Gautam
Campus chief
Janapriya Multiple Campus, Pokhara

Janapriya Multiple Campus, affiliated to Tribhuvan University, is the leading communc ity campus in Pokhara. The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the University have bestowed on this campus autonomy ato develop it as an ideal institution by running various programs based on ubiquitous demands. As an autonomous campus, Janapriya Multiple Campus has been operating mountain tourism program which is totally a maiden concept in Nepal. For this, the college has developed its own curricula in coordination with national and international universities. The University and the UGC have fully supported for bringing the program on the limelight. The campus is, therefore, planning to launch new and globally demanded programs by eliminating outdated and customary courses.

Biranji Gautam is the Campus Chief at Janapriya Multiple Campus. With his visionary leadership, the institution has gained wider popularity for quality assurance in both established and emerging courses. He’s shared his views on growing demand of tourism-aided courses in Nepal. Excerpts:

Janapriya Multiple Campus has been running mountain tourism course for the past two years. Could you tell us what type of program is the mountain tourism management and how is its scope in Nepal?

There are high prospects in tourism-aided course in Nepal which is direly needed to produce skilled human resources with regard to the escalation of tourism industry in Nepal. As mountain tourism management course is totally a new curriculum, its specialization is in tourism sector, its promotion and management. The curriculum covers a wide range of areas, such as adventure tourism, tourism management, geographical tourism, hospitality, climate study etc. The curriculum prepares skilled human resources for the tourism industry in Nepal. Since Nepal is a fertile land for tourism industry, the scope of mountain tourism course has been widespread in the course of time.

You also offer BBA as a management program. What type of program is it? Could you share with us its growing charm among aspirants of higher education?

I think this college is probably the first institution to launch BBA program beyond the Kathmandu Valley, which has gained much popularity in the country and abroad. We have been preparing highly qualified workforce and toppers since the establishment of the institution. The number of students is ever increasing in BBA program, but the Government of Nepal has not been able to create sufficient job opportunities for the graduates of this program, which is appallingly heart-breaking.

Your institution conducts mountain tourism management course as an autonomous program. What is your strategic plan and aim for further enhancement of the institution?

We are planning to operate hospitality management course under MBA program. Apart from this, we have been working exhaustively to socialize our students by cultivating the quality of courtesy, self-discipline and practical approach to humanity. Our aim is to produce ingenious human resources equipped with human sentiments, high academic standards and appealing skills. In addition, we aim to dispatch qualified public relation officers for banks, corporate houses and other sectors including tourism. And we also aim to produce entrepreneurs for banking and tourism sectors.

In your opinion, what should be done for bringing academic reforms in management education in Nepal?

Managerial skills are required for every place commencing from individual level to family and up to national concerns. For smooth running of an institution, proper management is a must. So, management education should be able to prepare visionary and competent managers and management experts. So, the improvement should be felt from policy-making level to the implementation level.

What are the distinct features of your college that are rarely found in other colleges?

Our college imparts quality education at affordable fee structure. We focus on innovative approach of life management, fulfillment of social responsibility and management of organization regardless of diverse groups of employees. Therefore, we provide sufficient knowledge, skill and training to our students so that they manage their life properly and create convincing environment in their workplace. In addition, the faculty members are highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to their duty and responsibility. For an instance, one of our faculty members has conducted mini-research on the importance of pure drinking water and its proper management. According to the findings of the research, we have set up a deep boring with Euro Guard in order to provide safe drinking water to the public. It has made positive impacts on other faculty members.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates?

There is a variety of newly emerging programs in Nepal in bachelor level, namely environment science, micro-biology, mountain tourism management and so on. So, I suggest that students choose a right college and right course which can help in fulfilling your aim of life.


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