NCM pledges myriads opportunities to needy and deserving hopefuls

Prof. Dr. Sushil Bhakta Mathema photo
Prof. Dr. Sushil Bhakta Mathema

Prof. Dr. Sushil Bhakta Mathema
Nepal College of Management (NCM)

Having started teaching as a professional career from Tribhuvan University in 2040 BS, he got retired last year and was appointed as Principal at Nepal College of Management (NCM), affiliated to Kathmandu University. The colleage offers BBA and BHM courses.

Nepal College of Management— promoted by Gurukul Education Foundation— is one of the leading business colleges in Nepal. The college has been effortful in meeting the education standards and expectations in response to modern business needs, as one of the pioneer business schools in the country today. The college is distinct in generating the career-oriented management executives and responsible citizens with highest moral values and superior skills. Prof. Mathema shared his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

How do you analyze the current trend of management education in Nepal?

Management education is essential in each and every sector. The recent trend has shown the necessity of managerial human resources for handling any institutions smoothly. In this sense, the demand of managerial human resources is ever increasing. In my view, management education is the practice-based education; therefore, it should focus on its practical implication while delivering services. In the recent days, many new programs are emerging in management education which has created attraction in this sector. In the context of Nepal, pedagogy is given priority which has created several problems for its practical implementation. Students with highest marks/ grades may even feel difficult to work in the real field. So, focus should be given on the practical implementation of the taught courses.

Could you give a short synopsis of Nepal College of Management?

Nepal College of Management, affiliated to Kathmandu University, was established according to Trust Act. That is, it was established under Chettra Pratap Adhikari Gurukul Education Trust. The college is the cheapest college in fee structure, yet it never compromises on education that does not bring any reformation in students’ learning and society. It also provides scholarship to bonafide students. The college mainly offers two types of scholarship: need-based and merit-based. There is no limit in scholarship provision for need-based category. All the needy students get this type of scholarship for their higher studies. Similarly, there is intelligence scholarship for brilliant students. Students who have obtained at least 3.5 GPA will get this type of scholarship. The college spends around five million rupees annually on scholarship facilities to students.

What teaching and learning activities have you adopted and how are the results of the college?

There are only two colleges that have got affiliation from Kathmandu University. Kathmandu University is comparatively the best University. There is close watch and monitoring to its affiliated colleges. The University has hundred percent results due to its limited intake and effective teaching and learning activities. As a KU affiliated college, NCM has adopted modern ways of teaching and learning mechanism by using modern tools and equipment. The college has managed everything systematically.

What should be done for escalation of the status of management education in Nepal?

In my opinion, there should be regular interaction and coordination between academicians and industrialists. The University should produce such human resources that are demanded by industries. If the University produces market-oriented workforce, there are fewer possibilities that our graduates remain unemployed. In most cases, we have witnessed that a highly qualified person has been employed in junior post which is against the law of deploying human resources. In fact, human resource law indicates that employing highly qualified persons in junior post is always unproductive and futile. If we are able to prepare market demanded human resources, people will get employment opportunities according to their skills and qualifications. So, in my view, all the stakeholders should reasonably give equal focus on both theoretical and practical education.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates for choosing a right college and subject for their bachelor education?

Management education has wider scope in the recent times. There are many newly emerging programs in management education and bachelor level gives learners profession- and career-oriented education. So, I suggest that students choose the best subject of your own by being assured of your future profession. If you choose the subject of your interest, you can do better. NCM has been imparting quality education with low fee structure and pledging various scholarship schemes to intelligent and needy students. So, I suggest them they visit NCM and get all the details about study and scholarship scheme.


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