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Bhawani Prasad Poudel

Bhawani Prasad Poudel
Jaya Multiple Campus

Bhawani Prasad Poudel, Principal at Jaya Multiple Campus (JMC), always looks for uniqueness in education impartation. This is the prime reason that Jaya Multiple Campus has been able to retain the flagship of quality education. Some of the programs, such as BBM and BCA offered by JMC are highly demanded. Mr. Poudel shares his views on how quality education shapes the careers of graduates. Excerpts:

Could you tell us more about BCA and BBM programs of TU? What are their future prospects?

Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) and Bachelor in Business Management (BBM) are the newly emerged programs of TU. The BCA is related with IT sector whereas BBM is related with business sector. The BCA program of TU is of 4 years. The program runs on semester-system. It will be run under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. BCA graduates can apply for the post of system analysts, system managers, project managers, database administrators, system designers and programmers in IT Companies. Information industries and manufacture industries in national and international level are always seeking for BCA graduates. Students with a bachelor degree in Computer Application are further eligible to study in any faculties under the Management and Information Technology, such as MCA, MIT, MBA and many more. 

Similarly, BBM is also a four-year program which is related with business sector. Its graduates can apply for jobs in banking, insurance, finance, and project management sectors. They can also work as a business consultant after attaining its degree. The students completing bachelor in business management are further eligible to study MBM, MBA, MBS and many more.

What are the distinct features of BCA and BBM programs at Jaya Multiple Campus?

Jaya multiple campus is a well-established college in the field management. It focuses on practical and research-oriented teaching and learning activities. It has adequate physical infrastructures with sufficient IT lab, library and well-furnished classrooms. It has a well experienced and renowned faculty of teachers. The college has managed by visionary and academic professionals. Moreover, the college has been successful in ensuring outstanding results and performance. In terms of academic environment and its surrounding, it is popular as the best destination for acquiring education in a serene environment. The green forest, spacious buildings, capacious playground and peaceful environment are the convincing features of Jaya Multiple Campus. Similarly, parental care and strict discipline are inseparable features of Jaya Multiple campus. These factors distinguish Jaya multiple campus from other campuses.

You are the secretary at HISSAN Kathmandu. The convention of HISSAN Kathmandu has delayed, and later it was postponed. Could you tell us when you are planning to hold the conference?

HISSAN Kathmandu is not an autonomous organization. It is bounded by the policy, program and guidelines of the central HISSAN. Although we were preparing for the convention to be held in Jestha/Ashad, we couldn’t make it because of lack of preparation. So, we are planning to hold the conference after Tihar.

As Secretary at HISSAN Kathmandu, could you tell us about ten-plus-two schools/colleges of Kathmandu district?

Due to the policy of the government to run school education up to class 12, it has brought about some effect to ten-plus-two schools of Kathmandu district. The flow of students coming from the valley outside is comparatively lower than that of previous years. In spite of this, ten-plus-two schools of the Kathmandu valley are not facing any problems student shortage. Currently, most schools and colleges of Kathmandu are fascinating students of the valley to get admission in various programs.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates for regarding their admission in BCA and BBM programs in Nepal?

Jaya Multiple Campus has earned a unique name for the deliverance of quality education. We give priority to value-based education and guide students to be employable in the global market amid changing scenarios worldwide. It has maintained a peaceful and appropriate academic environment to develop students’ academic careers. The college has been running BCA and BBM programs of TU that are globally demanded. Students who complete their Bachelor’s degree with BCA and BBM programs can be saleable in any country of the world. They can be employed or can become entrepreneurs in Nepal and contribute to nation building. So, I suggest students pay a visit to Jaya Multiple Campus and know about its history and present status. As Campus Chief of Jaya Multiple Campus, I express my commitment that we will maintain our legacy of imparting world-class education that directly contributes to national building and showing students multiple gateways to seize their appealing careers.


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