Futsal, one of physical games, is contributing to well-being of community people

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Janaranjan Devkota

Janaranjan Devkota
Futsal Coach
Manakamana Futsal

Manakamana Futsal, run under Manakamana Secondary School, is one of the largest futsal institutions in Nepal which was established in 2075 BS. It has managed all the equipment and facilities required for futsal. It has earned sterling appellation and reputation in the society. Since today’s youths are conscious about sporting events and physical exercises, the attraction to futsal is increasing among children and adults, too. Currently, there are 5-6 groups every day and the number of groups increases on Saturdays.

Janaranjan Devkota is the Chief Administrator at Manakamana Secondary School and Futsal Coach at Manakamana Futsal. He shares his view on the establishment of this futsal arena with the aim at producing national players and making people healthy and fit through various futsal tournaments. Excerpts:

What is the source of inspiration for establishing futsal?

Manakamana School follows the modern trend in education. It equally focuses on extra-curricular activities along with curricular activities. The main aim of establishing Manakamana Futsal is to develop creativity and salubriousness in youths so that they can make the nation healthy. In addition, another objective is related to preparation of national and international players of futsal game. In the present context, most of the adolescents are deteriorating their life by getting into wrong practices, i.e. drug addiction, theft, kidnapping etc., but games and sports help them abstain from all these illicit activities as they get engaged in them which enable them to be creative, fit and fine. Moreover, many students, parents and community people demanded such kinds of activities. I am also a product of Manakamana School. In earlier days, there was no such a provision that we could be engaged in sporting events. And schools used to give priorities to bookish knowledge rather than extra-curricular activities. So, we were deprived of games and sports.

Do you have any specific rules and regulations for players in Manakamana Futsal?

We do not have such specific rules and regulations in Manakamana Futsal, but it follows the universal rules of futsal. The universal rules mean they are alike everywhere in the world.

Manakamana Futsal is running under Manakamana Secondary School. What supplementary facilities do you give to the students of the school?

Our students are given priorities in futsal games, and some additional facilities are given to them. We charge NPR. 1000.00 per month to common people but the students from Manakamana and Jaya Multiple Campus get a discount of NPR. 200.00. In addition, our students get more amenities than we offer others.

Could you please highlight the unique features of Manakamana Futsal?

Manakamana Futsal provides all facilities and equipment to its customers who avail themselves of sophisticated futsal arena and other post-game facilities. In addition, our cozy cafeteria provides delicious lunch for customers. Similarly, it has a small stadium where players spend ample hours practicing futsal. In this regard, our institution has not been established with a business motive rather our prime objective adheres to produce creative, salubrious, enthusiastic, self-disciplined and self-motivated players. Our futsal arena is located in a serene environment which is near the forest. So, players and audience feel relaxed when they sit on the lap of beautiful nature.

What changes have you witnessed among students and community people after establishing Manakamana Futsal?

We have witnessed a drastic change in habit and activities of players (students) after establishing futsal. Similarly, the habit and activities of the local youths and adults have changed after joining this institution. We have opened futsal institution for the community members, too. As well as enabling people to get engaged in physical exercises, futsal allows people to follow rules and to be disciplined.

What are your further plans for its better performance in the future?

Our plan is to extend its programs and organize inter-school /college competitions. And futsal is played in both shifts, i.e. evening and morning. However, we are planning to engage people in day shift, too. In addition, we are working very genuinely thinking that our initiative encourages all types of people, i.e. children, youths and adults, males and females. We want to maintain unity and cooperation among people in the community by means of games and sports. Games and sports develop healthy competition among people and promote uniformity and fraternity in the society.


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