We have convincing reasons to galvanize Nepalese youths to pursue their higher studies in native land

Er. Umesh Prasad Thani photo
Er. Umesh Prasad Thani

Er. Umesh Prasad Thani

Er. Umesh Prasad Thani, who accomplished his tenure as the Registrar of Nepal Engineering Council and General Secretary of Nepal Engineers Association successfully, is currently working as the Principal at Everest Engineering College. He is also a board member of Nepal Electricity Authority.

Er. Thani is dedicated and committed to his bestowed responsibility and duty. He never reversed the decision which was veracious and unanimous. He developed a system of administration at the Nepal Engineering Council. More importantly, he is the one who obliged all four TU engineering constituent campuses (including Pulchowk Engineering Campus) to pay their pending dues to the council. Er. Thani is intending to develop Everest Engineering College as a leading engineering college in Nepal. Excerpts:

You have had a long experience in the field of engineering in Nepal. How do you analyze the status of engineering education in Nepal?

Engineering education of Nepal meets global standards, which means it is widely accepted in the world. Engineering colleges in Nepal have been imparting globally acclaimed qualitative education to produce qualified engineers. That is, Nepalese engineers can compete with engineers prepared by any universities in the world. Engineering education had commenced from Pulchowk Engineering College in Nepal, and not the number of engineering colleges in Nepal reached 50 which are affiliated to six different Nepalese universities. There are around 22 sectors in the engineering spectrum. In this regard, engineering education is developing and widening its scope. Although engineering education is of high standard, it requires up-to-date curricula that integrate with ever-changing technological results.

In your opinion, why should engineering education be studied in Nepal?

Recent ten-plus-two graduates are not mature enough to decide on their career prospects. They are teenagers who haven’t developed their professional career skills. So, they cannot adjust themselves in a global setting by fulfilling their incurred expenses of accommodation and university education. There are few reasons why each career hopeful of bachelor level should study in their native place. This can be corroborated by our experience dealing with those youths who are victims of hallucinations of living a sophisticated lifestyle in a foreign land. First of all, they are immature, and second, they suffer from homesickness as they do not get any parental care in an unknown swathe. Third reason incorporates credibility of Nepalese engineering colleges that they are able to impart globally validated education at low fee structure in comparison with foreign universities. Therefore, there is no logical reason that galvanizes our ten-plus-two graduates to go to foreign lands for higher studies.

You have taken the responsibility of principal at Everest Engineering College. Do you have any plans that would escalate the renown of this institution?

Everest Engineering College, affiliated to Pokhara University, was established in 2001 AD. The college had very limited programs in the incipient days of its establishment. After some years, the college was handled by new management team and all the founder members are from teaching profession. The college has signed an MoU with many companies and corporate houses. So, there is a guarantee of jobs after completing engineering education from this institution. In addition, I believe in team spirit and always try to maintain good modus Vivendi in the organization. So, we are planning to enhance its quality and introduce new programs according to the demand of the market.

What are the distinct features of Everest Engineering College?

Everest Engineering College is one of the top-notch colleges in the field of quality education which is run under the leadership of academic professionals. In addition, it has highly qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty members. The college has rich physical infrastructure that incorporates modern facilities for the learners.

Could you tell us about the unbeatable strength of Pokhara University?

Pokhara University offers updated and widely accepted curricula and maintains a systematic examination pattern. The University has given authority to conduct entrance exams at some specific colleges. Therefore, students can choose the college themselves and appear in entrance preparation courses. Similarly, there is a good coordination between the University and its associates.

How is the scope of engineering education in Nepal?

Engineering education has a wider scope in developing countries like ours. We need a large number of engineers for physical development of the country. In the aftermath of the massive earthquake-2072, about 6000 engineers were required for reconstruction. Still, there is a high demand of engineers in Nepal in order to reconstruct its total damaged heritages and infrastructures.

What suggestions would you like to give ten-plus-two science graduates?

Engineering education in Nepal embodies education with high standards which is acclaimed globally. We are able to produce world-class engineers that can attain outstanding qualifications at an affordable fee structure. So, I suggest all ten-plus-two graduates they should pursue their bachelor program in their native land. In addition, I advise them to pay a visit to Everest Engineering College were curious minds convene and discuss boundless opportunities that are lying ahead of them.


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