Social reformation is possible only through managerial skills

Dr. Chaitanya Raj Adhikari photo
Dr. Chaitanya Raj Adhikari

Dr. Chaitanya Raj Adhikari
Pokhara College of Management, Pokhara

Pokhara College of Management (PCM), affiliated to Pokhara University, was established in the year 2002 with an unwavering dedication to develop well-educated, confident, creative and adaptive Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) graduates able to make an impact on an organization’s strategic capability and competitive advantage. The goal of PCM is to provide affordable quality education to the aspiring young generation who can become the agents of societal reforms. Therefore, PCM motto adheres to ‘Enter to Learn — Go Forth to Serve’.   Currently, the college is running BBA and BCIS programs. PCM has highly qualified and motivated faculty team which is well supported by the Directorial Board. To complement this precious college of human resources, the college uses high-tech educational facilities, a resourceful library, modern computer laboratory, well-furnished classrooms and an environment which encourages innovative learning at individual level.

What are the principal reasons that persuade students to pursue the BBA and BCIS at your institution?

The first and foremost reason is the academic environment that we provide for quality education. Second, students hear about our good results, number of Dean’s List achievers and our successful graduates being the examples for them, to persuade themselves to join our Bachelor’s Program. Excellent in management education is our focus and we have highly qualified and motivated teaching faculty. In fact, our history has established our goodwill and that is our asset which attracts students.

What remarkable achievements has your college made so far?

Among the Pokhara University affiliate colleges, it has become the first choice of students to study management at PCM. The retention of quality is as similar as the best colleges running PU programs in Kathmandu.

More than 500 students have graduated from PCM till now and they are doing their best in their field in Nepal and abroad. 

How do you set your priorities to help students excel in their learning endeavours?

We set our priorities very wisely and very meticulously. We prioritize education first followed by extra-curricular activities, and then real world exposure. That’s all. We are mere facilitators, students are the doers and they excel in learning by their own strength.

How does technology help in your workplace?

It is easy to feel how it has helped us, but it is difficult to detail everything helped by technology. We have applied it in e-learning, e-library, communication among us and with the parents or other people outside the college, advertisement, event management and so on. We can’t think of PCM without the use of technology.  

What is your major breakthrough as chief of this college?

I am keeping the whole PCM family united heart to heart for the common goal. Breakthroughs are yet to come.   

What suggestions would you like to give to plus two graduates for higher studies?

I would like to suggest that it is the time to shape up your future, students. While going for higher studies, make good decisions and true commitments to rigorous learningand bring out your inner strength, talent and energy to add something beautiful to this world you live in. Don’t think of employment, money and happy life only, think about something that you introduce new and good to all. Student life demands struggle, but that sharpens your skill to understand life and its purpose. Since you may have diverse backgrounds and diverse goals and PCM may or may not be your choice, but your life is 100% your choice.


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