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Er. Kiran KC

Er. Kiran KC
LA GRANDEE International College, Pokhara

Established in 2000 AD, LA GRANDEE International College has completed 20 years’ of its academic journey with continuous legacy of imparting world class education. The main objective of establishing this college was to produce skilled and efficient human resources in the field of information technology, management, and health sciences which has been fulfilled in the course of time. Currently, LA GRANDEE, in affiliation with Pokhara University, is offering the most demanded academic programs, such as BCA, BBA and BPH.

Er. Kiran KC is the Principal at La Grandee International College. LA GRANDEE graduates have performed their marvelous achievements in their job landing sectors as well as higher studies in Nepal and beyond. Moreover, they have been awarded highly weighted medals and decorations at national and international levels. Excerpts:

Could you specify the unique features of La Grandee International College?

La Grandee International College has focused on skill development of students. The college provides supplementary courses for enhancing skills and efficiency of students along with course content offered by the University. The college has been providing most demandable courses, particularly in three sectors, such as information technology, management and health science. The delivery of classes is so standardized that senior faculty members with extensive teaching experience are helping students find pathways to successful careers. Similarly, the college has been imparting market demanded education to produce adept human resources required for nation building. The college imparts education based on aptitude and capacity of individual students. We provide students essential counseling before enrolling in a particular program.

La Grandee International College offers BCA, BBA and BPH programs. Could you tell us about the prospects of BCA, BBA and BPH not only in Nepal also in global setting?

The present age is the age of technology. Without technology, we cannot imagine comfortable life. With the purpose of satisfying the present need in the field of technology, the college offers BCA program. Similarly, the college believes that management education is the urgent need of Nepal for producing qualified managers. Management is needed everywhere and in every sector. Realizing the need of management course, the college offers BBA program.Similarly, focusing on sensitive aspects of human beings, i.e. health, the college offers BPH syllabus. These three programs are equally important for the transformation of society in particular and the nation at large. Furthermore, technology, management and health sector have triangular relationship. Without technology, our life is not possible, and without management we cannot achieve a success in any profession. For the proper management of any institutions, we need healthy and prodigious human resources. So, these programs are very important not only to Nepalese context but also to global concerns. In this sense, the scope of these subjects is becoming wider in the course of time.

How is the performance of your products in the global market?

La Grandee International College imparts quality education and ensures all graduates attain phenomenal successes. In this regard, it focuses on practical and research-based education. Our products are employed in business sector, banking sector, IT, health etc. Many of them have become entrepreneurs in their own sector. The products of BPH program have been working in NGO, INGO, hospital and health related projects. Similarly, our IT products have been working in software development companies. Many of our products have become officers at government sector.

Pokhara University has deprived students with D+ grade of getting admission in bachelor program. How do you analyze the policy of Pokhara University?

Determination of the criteria of admission is essential for maintaining quality. While designing the course, the standard of students is taken into consideration; as a result, it eventually produces qualified human resources needed for the nation. Still, while determining the criteria for admission, the University should coordinate with other Universities, too.

Your institution offers the courses of Pokhara University. Could you possibly tell us the strength of the University?

Pokhara University offers updated and advanced syllabi. The content delivery is sufficiently appealing. The University has been focusing not only on the course content but also on its delivery aspect. This could be the reason that it offers market-demanded and need-based courses. Its evaluation and examination systems are really commendable.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates?

First of all, I suggest that students should think of their career as per their aptitude and capacity. If students choose the subject of their interest, they can get a success in their life without undergoing any sort of predicament. Similarly, while choosing a college, students should analyze background of the college in micro level. Our college has national recognition for its quality education. So, I suggest the students they visit our college and get assurance of their appealing future.


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