Rajdhani Model College is transforming itself into a hub for business education

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K. P. Panta

K.P. Panta
Rajdhani Model College

Rajdhani Model College is an emerging business college which is affiliated to Pokhara University that offers Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) at undergraduate level and Master in Business Administration (MBA–Evening) in graduate level. It was founded by a team of seasoned academicians and professionals with an aim to set a new benchmark in business education in Nepal. The college enjoys the most preferred location of Old Baneshwor, which is accessible from all parts of the Kathmandu Valley.
K.P. Panta is the Principal at Rajdhani Model College. Mr. Panta claims that Rajdhani promotes caring and individual-based learning environment. He shares his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

Could you highlight the unique features of Rajdhani Model College?

This college is different from other colleges in many ways. First of all, it is considered to be a hub for business education, supported by Pokhara University, which is located in a serene, pleasant and scenic environment that contributes to enhancing academic atmosphere. Students have yielded the best and hundred percent results. Secondly, we focus on participatory approach in teaching and learning activities. We believe that students are the architects of their own careers. Hence, at Rajdhani, learning is all about discovering, empowering and creating opportunities for developing each individual. Thirdly, we bestow on our students the best managerial skills in order to transform their raw knowledge into professional skills and make them confident and proactive youths that can take responsibility and prepare themselves for leadership roles in the future. I can proudly say that this institution is one of the fastest growing business schools among PU affiliated colleges. We are planning to develop this institution as a leading business college across the country in near future.

How are you planning to develop this institution as a model college in terms of quality deliverance?

This year we invested a lot in infrastructural development. We have set up cutting-edge hotel management lab, housekeeping department, main kitchen, bakery kitchen, restaurant & bar, AC classrooms, multimedia in each classroom and well-stocked library. In addition, we facilitate our students with technology-aided seminar hall and IT lab. And our faculty of teachers is considered to be the best in town. Our optimum focus is to develop Rajdhani Model College as a unique and model business college in Nepal.

Furthermore, Rajdhani Model College has made various clubs and students should get involved in the club and organize various programs and competitions. These activities make Rajdhani College stand out from the crowd of its contemporaries. In short span of time, the college has earned sterling appellation in the society, especially among business people.

How do you acknowledge the achievement of Rajdhani Model College graduates?

A number of students have achieved 4 GPA and have been toppers and included in the Dean’s list. Our graduates have been placed in renowned institutions like banks and other corporate sectors. Some of the students have got scholarship to study in Australia, USA etc. As a result, no students have remained unemployed.

What are the reasons that bolster the fact that the management course at Rajdhani College is the best choice of career hopefuls?

Precisely speaking, Rajdhani Model College has earned the sterling benchmarks of caring and individual-based learning environment. We pay attention to individual students by giving equal time and energy to take care of their future potentials. So, the students can get support for solving their problems from the faculty and college management team. We impart professional education beside extra-curricular activities, such as skill development, computing, personality development, etc.

How do you analyze the role of management education in the context of Nepal?

The scope of management is hard to exaggerate. It plays a vital role not only in managing an institution but also the entire nation. Whether it is an educational institution or business enterprise, or industry, or banking or corporate sector, the world today is governed by business and the global business has become real phenomenon as the world has turned into a globalized village.

There were only a handful of institutions in the past. Many institutions from private sector have been established and the smart people with managerial skills are highly demanded with ample opportunities and facilities.

It has become a benchmark of managing the human resources which every institution requires. Therefore, its scope is increasing gradually as a means of management of individual’s life, institution and the nation.

Pokhara University is the pillar of management education. What are its strengths that you can advocate openly?

Indeed, Pokhara University is the second largest university in term of students’ enrollment. If we talk about the professional bachelor degree courses if offers, it is the largest university. It has the best curricula and timely revised courses. The PU offers more than fifty programs. It has wide ranges of programs in Management, Science & Technology, Health and Humanities. It is just lacking the publicity among students, parents and guardians. So, there should be promotional adverts to let people know about the courses offered by the Pokhara University.


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