Quest Int’l College Moves Ahead in Management Education

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Udaya Raj Paudel

Udaya Raj Paudel
Principal, Quest International College
Gwarko, Lalitpur, Nepal.    01-5547669/5521950


Quest International College, established in 2009 AD, is one of the leading management colleges in Nepal. It offers Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM), affiliated to Pokhara University. These programs at Quest are administered by qualified and experienced Executive Directors with greater sincerity and commitments. At Quest, students actively engage in the challenging issues of today’s global business with analytical and rigorous thinking. The students learn how to make decision, reason strategically and understand the dimensions of business conundrums.

Udaya Raj Paudel is the Founder Principal at Quest International College. Experienced administrator and efficient teacher of English and Communication, Mr. Paudel has contributed in the education sector more than two decades involving in some of the best private schools, Higher Secondary, Bachelor and Master’s level institutions of the nation. He shares the experience of Quest from the inception and expresses his views on growing prospects of management education and glocal employments.               Interview Excerpts:

Could you please highlight the unique features of Quest International College?

Quest International College is a well-established and well-recognized college in the field of quality management education. It is run by a group of academicians and experienced administrators directly involved in teaching and administration. Quest has some unique features that make it stand out in the mushrooming of the colleges. The collegefocuses on professional skills along with career-oriented courses. We transfersupplementaryprofessional skills, such as personality development, communication skills, leadership development skills, etc. to ourstudents by highly prodigious personalities and resources. The BHM students are provided additional skills and knowledge as demanded by the global hospitality market. Similarly, we provide specialized digital marketing courses to students. The college has state of the art facilities, foreign languages classes, flaring, and barista and bar trainings. The college ensures one of the best academic environments with complete library supports and resources. The club based extra and co-curricular activities enhance students’ leadership, team work and communication skills.  Individual care is another unique feature of our college. We focus on individual care and create a learning environment by analyzing our students’ inherent potentiality. We arrange internationalguest lecturers and provide essential counseling and skills to our learners that lead them to the path of entrepreneurship upon the completion of their graduation.

How do you acknowledge the performance of the graduates of Quest International College in the global setting?

Quest International College has been imparting globally recognized education at local level. As a result, its products are competitive, highly skilled and wealthy with positive vibes for happy and successful life. Particularly, most of BBA and MBA graduates hold leading and prestigious positions at various banks, automobiles, insurance companies and corporate houses. As various factors have affected the progress of the nation, business and employments are also affected adversely. However, as they’ve already received a life-enhancing education from the college, they have secured their presence in the governmental jobs, too. Similarly, some BHM students are working at star hotels in and out of the country. In addition, some of them are in the process of acquiring their higherdegree from foreign universities.And many graduates have  their own start- ups in various fields.

What are the appealing factors of Pokhara University, particularly of BBA, BHM and MBA courses?

Pokhara University offerslatelyupdated courses and its academic programs comprise semester system in Bachelor’s level and Trimester system in Master’s level.With regard to a particular syllabus, the BHM course is being operated with total 138 credit hours. The other syllabi of the University have covered a wide range of course choices that are demandable in the global market. This could be true it provides the curricula in relation to the ubiquitous demand of the global market. Beside the core management courses, interdisciplinary courses like Econometrics, Digital marketing, Social Entrepreneurship, Real State Management, Research, Project Works, GRP, Intern Reports, Sociology, Psychology, Logic and Functional English have proved Pokhara University’s syllabi of Management as one of the best curricula in the world.

Based on your long experience, could you tell us why students should study BBA, BHM and MBA courses despite many choices?

BBA and MBA programs are the most advanced syllabi in the management sphere; as a result, the products of these programs are highly demanded in the global context since both the courses enable learners to equip themselves with adequate knowledge, skills and ideas of how to become business entrepreneurs, job professionals and successful managers. Students can learn principles of management and can implement them in their practical life. Similarly, they can establish interpersonal relation, leadership skills and managerial skills in their workplace. Likewise, the graduates of hotel management program can be globally vendible since they learn, throughout their course duration, how to deliver appreciable service to guests as per their interests.

In spite of offering an array of highly demanded courses, Pokhara University has created academic maelstrom, for it has denied admitting students in bachelor program who have scored D+ in a subject. How do you analyze this growing tension between the University and the victims in wider picture?

As we all are aware that all the Universities in Nepal allow +2 graduates with D+ grade in any subjects and in aggregate 1.8 in the scale of CGPA 4.0 for the admission of Bachelor’s degree but the Pokhara University has denied enrolling these students, which is unjustifiable for those graduates. Moreover, these D+ graduates have been deprived of their fundamental rights of higher education in Pokhara University. A sin has been committed! For the mutual benefits of the University, university staff, students and affiliated colleges; a farsighted administrative body is obligatory in the university who can serve beyond envy, hidden political agenda, doubt, personal benefit and internal conflict. And affiliated college administration also should abide university rules for quality enhancement. Though pioneer in semester system and scientific evaluation; Pokhara University has been affected by the lack of visionary leader. If the situation gets worse, the future benefits of the university employees even may result in void and candid academicians and staff may be highly frustrated!Watch out, this tension has wider ramification. The university has not been able to take a progressive path in the expected manner also because still it does not possess eminent academician to lead the university from inside and politically appointed academicians for short period of time in the lead roles take time to understand the university environment and they consider their mother institution different than Pokhara University. Optimistically, thenew leaders in Pokhara University will consider this predicament and takenecessary bold steps in their own conscience for the enduring benefits of the students, affiliated colleges and university.

What suggestions would you like to give ten-plus-two graduates who are seeking a right college for their higher education?

Students should choose such a college that possesses a number of factors including good physical infrastructure, adequate learning materials and equipment for life-enhancing education to its pupils. Similarly, they should choose such a college that consists of a visionary management team, experienced and dedicated teaching faculty that focuses on the exposure of their students. Regarding Quest, we are one of the most progressive business schools of the nation, which thinks its students’ progress beyond the box and perpetually endeavors to make each student able to stand out from the crowd. In this regard, the collegehas met all the above-mentioned pre-requisites for quality education. So, I suggest that those ten-plus-two graduates who are in quest for exceptional learning should visit QuestInternational College for the assurance of their award-winning qualifications and careers as we are committed to ensuring all the requirements for quality management education.


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