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Dr. K.N. Pandey photo
Dr. K.N. Pandey

Dr. K.N. Pandey
Member Secretary
Lumbini Engineering College, Rupandehi

Established in 2000 AD, Lumbini Engineering College Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading engineering colleges in Nepal. It established Lumbini Engineering, Management & Science College (affiliated to Pokhara University) & confined Lumbini Engineering College (affiliated to CTEVT) to Diploma Level Program. Currently it is running Diploma in Computer Engineering, Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Diploma in Civil Engineering, BE Computer, BE Civil, BE Electrical and Electronics, BCA, M.Sc. (Construction Management) and M.Sc. Structural Engineering. Dr. K.N. Pandey is the Member secretary at Lumbini Engineering College. The college is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified and is highly ranked by Nepal Engineering Council for its quality assurance.

What are the principal reasons that persuade students to pursue the engineering course at your institution?

Most important parts of Engineering study can be divided in three stages, i.e. theory in class by experienced professors, lecturers with sufficient books in library, practical classes in well-equipped modern laboratories and field experience by visiting different project sites. Lumbini Engineering College (LEMSC) pays attention to all these three stages of study systems. We have 18years’ engineering education experience emphasizing these proper systems of study. The efforts of learned teacher, teaching & learning environment is reflected in the results of M.Sc./ BE / BCA and Diploma level students of this college as they topped the university by securing 4 out of 4 and Diploma students have topped the CTEVT. Our products have topped in different renowned universities for scholarship for higher study, and in Govt. jobs, they have been selected securing high scores. The college is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified and ranked highly by Nepal Engineering Council for its quality inspection. So the college is honoured from Pokhara University in 2073 & even from Ministry of Education for its excellent contribution to Technical Education in Province-5 in 2074.

Lumbini Engineering College and Lumbini Engineering Management& Science College is the destination of youngsters who get aspired to seek careers in Engineering and IT.

How do you acknowledge the achievement that your college has made so far?

We mainly concentrate on quality education system which has been proved internationally that our college is certified college from ISO 9001:2015. Our college has been felicitated by Pokhara University for our academic activities, providing quality technical education and following academic rules & regulations of the university etc. Our students have shown their quality being the university topper securing 100% i.e. 4 out of 4 in many semesters in faculties like Civil, Computer, Elex. & BCA. Even in Diploma, our students have topped Nepal. Our students have shown their technical skills from time to time in LEC Expo. and our products are in vital positions like D.E., CDE in Highway, Water Supply, Irrigation, Country Director in international companies. These are the academic achievements of LEC. This year our students became 1st in CAN InfoTech computation 2018 in Butwal. Also our college is awarded by Ministry of Education for quality education.

Which programs of engineering are highly demanded and saleable in global economy?

Every engineering course is of importance for an integrated development. It is not easy to segregate as important and unimportant as development is to be all-round and comprehensive else it will be a lope-sided one. Focusing only on a particular aspect of technology is not a wise decision. Nevertheless, when we study the contemporary scenario after proclamation of the new constitution of Nepal and restructuring of the country on federal model, the job market shows that Civil Engineering has more demand than others at present from employment point of view; but it does not mean that computer, electrical, electronics & communication etc. has no importance. The job market is not stable; it is highly shifting so the position of every engineering program goes on changing depending on certain conditions in the current scenario of a country and overall trend in the world. Construction industry is very agile now in our country opening lots of jobs at different levels.

What features of PU engineering programs you claim are more rewarding than those endorsed by other Nepalese Universities for the same qualifications?

Yes, we have been running Lumbini Engineering, Management & Science College (Pokhara University affiliate) since 2000 AD. The syllabi of Pokhara University are more scientific and are latest, and thereby incorporating some latest trends and invention in the engineering field as a periodical revision. Adoption of relative grading systems while awarding grades to the students is the most scientific method. Justice is delivered to the students considering there may be some other factors too for lower achievement. This evaluation system is student friendly and Pokhara University is on the priority of many Nepalese students because of this unique feature.


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