Only test of fire makes fine steel, so does engineering program at Cosmos

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Er. Pawan K. Bhattarai

Er. Pawan K. Bhattarai (PhD)
Cosmos College of Management and Technology

Cosmos College of Management and Technology, run by a team of renowned personalities of the field of engineering and management, is one of the leading private engineering colleges in Nepal. In its glorious history of more than 18 successful years, it has established a unique academic brand in the society by generating adept human resources. Currently, it offers an array of courses: BE Civil, BE Computer, BE Information Technology, B. Architecture, and BBA, affiliated to Pokhara University.

Dr. Pawan Kumar Bhattarai is the Principal (H) at Cosmos College of Management and Technology. The college has left no stone unturned to provide an environment of high academic ambience and to produce technocrats and business leaders for the future of the nation. Excerpts:

How do you analyze the prospects of engineering education in Nepal?

In Nepal, the six Universities, namely Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University, Mid-Western University and Far-western University offer various engineering courses. As per the record of Nepal Engineering Council, there are 58 colleges including the universities’ constituent campuses for imparting engineering education.

Engineering education is the most demanded and charming field in terms of job opportunities it creates for its learners globally. A nation’s development relies on the availability of human resources, especially engineers. The government-funded colleges alone cannot produce the required number of engineers for the country. In such a circumstance, private engineering colleges have contributed immensely to the preparation of engineers in a large number. In this regard, good engineers have a high demand globally.

What are the distinct features of Cosmos College of Management and Technology?

The quality of any educational institution depends upon its modus Vivendi and dedication of the teaching faculty. Our team consists of a group of tutors who possess engineering history. So, our main focus is to provide quality education in the engineering sector rather than running an institution with a profit motive. Therefore, our sterling target is to spread the academic benchmarks of the college globally. Similarly, we have hired a faculty of full-time teachers who can contribute their full efforts to preparing our students to compete in the global arena. Moreover, the institution enriches its students and teachers with a series of seminars, workshops and training so as to motivate our learners to be inquisitive and engaged with modern learning. On the contrary, some colleges have been established to generate wealth rather than skilled human resources. However, our institution impeccably backed by qualified academicians who have spent a considerable number of teaching in the field of engineering, which is our hard-earned legacy. Likewise, our students are easily employable in the global market. The most rewarding feature of this college is that it conducts regular classes without hindrance amid political maelstrom.

Cosmos College is situated in a prime location which imparts quality education by full-time faculty of teachers. In addition, the management invites professors, doctors and highly experienced experts as visiting lecturers to the college. Also, the college has given importance to hands-on education. As a result, it always shows outstanding results. Moreover, infrastructural enrichment and tranquil environment are other appealing features of this college, so, any hopefuls incline to get enrollment here when they hear all these facilities.

Could you tell us about the achievement of your college graduates?

Cosmos College of Management and Technology has completed its 19 years of academic excellence in the engineering education. Till today, thousands of students have been graduated from this college. All our graduates have shown their outstanding performance in both job landing sector and higher studies. Most of our students are working in governmental posts and private sectors as qualified human resources. No students have been found jobless. The college supports the students for finding job placement privileges in numerous institutions.

What are the strong points of Pokhara University concerning its engineering program?

Pokhara University is increasing its height through its academic excellence, particularly in engineering programs. It has some unique traits, such as timely revised courses, new approach to imparting education, systematic examination and strict follow-up of the academic calendar. Similarly, the Pokhara University treats equally to both private and constituent colleges.

The most appealing aspect of Pokhara University’s engineering program is that its syllabi and curricula are designed in such a way that even a biology student can apply for the engineering program since additional mathematics is imbibed in BE. And our experience indicates that biology students are more talented and diligent in their study rather than other subject pupils. If they join the engineering program, they are bound to show their academic marvels. In addition, more practical and project work has been included in the curricula of PU’s engineering programs than theory-based teaching and learning.

What would you like to suggest ten-plus-two science graduates who are in pursuit of a good college for the engineering study?

If you have strong determination to be an engineer and can show your utmost dedication to the course, you can join the engineering program. Cosmos College is committed to solidifying the dreams of such career hopefuls. I, therefore, request ten-plus-two graduates to pay a visit to Cosmos College before deciding on their enrollment in non-engineering programs.


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