No one remains unemployed as long as they own management qualifications

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Jayaram Khanal

Jayaram Khanal
Founder/Principal, Medhavi College

Medhavi College was established in 2013 AD with full dedication and collaboration of a team of dynamic and innovative teachers. Now, the college offers BBA, BHM and BCIS programs, affiliated to Pokhara University.

Jayaram Khanal is the Founder/Principal at Medhavi College. The college educates students with the aim at producing future businessmen, top global executives, bankers, managers, academicians, hoteliers and learners in a broad range of sectors related to management, hospitality and business studies around the world.

How do you analyze the current trend of management education in the world?

Management education is a globally demanded course. There are many areas of study under this particular stream. In the modern world, human resources relating to various fields of management are significantly increased in number. In recent times, there is a huge trend of studying diversified courses of management from various streams, such as science, law and humanities.

Of late, Private College Organization has organized a fair focusing on bachelor level education in Nepal which possesses sterling standard. In your opinion, why should students study bachelor level program in Nepal?

Until some years back, we had a wrong mindset that quality education can be acquired in a foreign land; however, in the recent times, the significance of studying in the native land has increased dramatically. As I’ve visited many countries of the world and analyzed the education trend which is trending in foreign lands. On the basis of my visit to different countries, I’ve found that there are many problems that are intertwined with overseas study. The students are not mature enough to pursue bachelor level in a foreign land as they have to deal with various issues for their survival, such as accommodation, food and academic expenses. If they cannot manage all these facilities themselves in an unknown place, the situation becomes appalling which eventually spoils their careers. In some situations, some students suffer from homesickness; as a result, they quit their study in the middle of the session. Another reason is that there are many colleges in Nepal which have been established by private investors that offer globally accredited courses. In this regard, Nepalese students can study widely demanded courses in management, engineering and IT in Nepal with a low fee structure which is comparatively lower than that of foreign institutions.  

What are the distinct features of Medhavi College?

Medhavi College doesn’t provide only certificate to its students; it provides appealing skills along with certificates. We focus on “what you can do rather than what you know”, which means we focus on skill-enhancing education rather than pedagogies alone. In addition, the college regularly organizes study-exchange programs, workshops, seminars both in and out of the country. Similarly, the college conducts a range of extra-curricular activities to produce globally employable human resources. Along with regular courses, the college also facilitates students with Japanese, Chinese and French language classes as non-credit courses.

Medhavi College offers various programs accredited by Pokhara University. How do you assess the strength of the Pokhara University?

In my opinion, a university cannot exist only with an appellation. It becomes existential and sustainable when the governing and administrative bodies show their joint diligence. The most important thing is quality education which is offered consistently by an institution. In fact, the VC of all the Universities of Nepal is the Prime Minister and the assistant VC is the education minister. Therefore, the university is a governing body and everything else is done by its constituent and affiliated colleges. As far as the academic status of Pokhara University is concerned, its affiliated colleges are strong in their academic standard. The University prepares updated curricula and the colleges impart quality education by offering an array of courses and syllabi to career hopefuls.

There is great dissatisfaction among students for getting deprived of admission with a D+ grade in ten-plus-two program which has been set by Pokhara University. What is your opinion regarding this issue?

It is not justifiable to deprive D+ graded students of getting admission in the Pokhara University affiliate colleges since other universities are accepting the same grade for admission. Therefore, the unsatisfied group has filed a case against the University in the court. I think the court will give a judicious verdict in favor of the victimized group and the University will be obliged to solve this problem in time. If a student has obtained A+ in other subjects but Nepali, there is no any reason that s/he should be abstained from getting admission for higher level course since s/he has expertise in the specific subjects.

What suggestions would you like to give ten-plus-two graduates while choosing a right college and right faculty in bachelor level?

I suggest they should choose a college themselves. But they should not be manipulated by eye-catching adverts and graffiti. Moreover, they should not be blackmailed by their peer group or their parents. To be safe from bogus adverts and friends, students themselves should visit the college and acquired the complete information. Finally, they should ensure they will get all academic facilities at the college after their enrollment.


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