Management syllabi of Pokhara University are sterling and life-changing

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Sujan Aryal

Sujan Aryal
Platinum Management College

Platinum Management College, established in 2009 AD, is one of the leading management and hospitality colleges in Kathmandu. The college was established by a group of professionals, academicians and educationists. Currently, the college offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), in affiliation with Pokhara University.

Sujan Aryal is the Principal/Director at Platinum Management College. Mr Aryal has been involved in teaching profession since 2005 AD who is satisfied with his profession. He discusses with College Readers on growing demand of management and hospitality courses. Excerpts:

You’ve been involved in management sphere for the past 15 years. How is the latest trend of management education in Nepal?

Management education was called commerce in our (earlier) days. Account, trade and transaction were focused on the curricula. But in recent times, the concept has drastically changed and commerce has been shifted to management sphere although it’s a part of it. There are varieties of disciplines under management course, such as hotel management and hospitality, hospital management and so on. In the later days, the new concept has emerged regarding the field of management and necessity of hospital management education has been realized for the proper management of hospital. Similarly, management administration is considered inevitable in all sectors.

What are your plans that would escalate the renown of Platinum Management College in future?

I consider myself to be an academician and teaching is my passion. We have strong and passionate academic team working together in team spirit for all-round development of college. We have planned to develop academic standard smoothly and to produce most demanded qualified graduates. For this, we maintain cordial relationship among management team, teaching faculties, students, guardians and stakeholders. Similarly, we are passionate about upgrading our college to international standard. We are committed to working in team in order to produce competitive human resources to meet demands of the global market. For achieving these, we will manage our faculty members properly, organize workshop, seminar, and business lab and boost up program for preparing our students to be entrepreneurs. We invite various guests for their inspirational talks so as to inspire our juveniles to become entrepreneurs rather than job seekers. Students will learn all the processes to be entrepreneurs. The most significant and convincing trait of our college is that we produce passionate persons with positive attitude. For the assurance of active participation of our students, the college has established seven student clubs for different activities.

How convincing and contributing are the management syllabi of Pokhara University?

The management education of Pokhara University is world-class. It has a wide range of scopes with regards to job opportunities and entrepreneurship. I’ve had lots of experience of teaching at many universities; so, I can infer that content and syllabi of management designed by Pokhara University is appealing and conducive. Our students are globally competitive and smart. Hence, the examination system, updated courses and good coordination with its affiliated colleges are the strength of the Pokhara University.

In your opinion, are colleges in Nepal capable of providing globally recognized quality education?

Private sector has invested a huge amount and recruited skilled human resources for the assurance of quality education in Nepal. Most private colleges of Nepal organize student-/ study-exchange programs with renowned colleges of developed countries. In addition, they offer latest and globally demanded curricula. The course contents and syllabi of Nepalese Universities comprise sterling benchmarks in comparison to that of other Universities of developed countries. We, therefore, can confidently claim that the private colleges of Nepal are fully capable of imparting globally acclaimed education at a nominal cost. In such a situation, the government should acknowledge the contributions of private institutions and formulate private-institution friendly policies.

How is the condition of job placement of the products of Platinum Management College in the global economy?

Platinum Management College has established a job placement cell and has been supplying human resources to various organizations and corporate houses. Similarly, the college has maintained an amicable coordination with industrial enterprises and companies in order to pledge job opportunities and placement privileges to its graduates. We’ve also signed an MoU with a number of industries and companies, which is a boon for our collegiate and graduates.

What suggestions would you like to give ten-plus-two graduates?

First of all, I would like to suggest ten-plus-two graduates they pursue their bachelor education in Nepal since most private colleges in Nepal are globally competitive with regard to their education impartation. Similarly, I proclaim that Platinum Management College is fully capable to impart globally accepted education at an affordable fee structure. More importantly, we teach our students by assessing their psychology, inherent talents and competency to cope with challenges of course contents in higher level.


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