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Dr. Babin Pokharel

Dr. Babin Pokharel
Founder Director
VS Niketan College

Dr. Babin Pokharel, the Founder Director of VS Education Foundation is a multi-talented, farsighted and versatile personality. VS Niketan College is an independent academic institution that was established in Kathmandu in 2056 BS. This college offers academic programs in two different levels: BBA and MBA, affiliated to Pokhara University.  Dr. Pokharel is dedicated and committed to providing world class management education in accordance with the demand and necessity of the nation regionally and globally. He shares his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

Could you highlight the growing significance of management education in Nepal?

Management education provides managerial skills to students to make them more responsible and successful as managers or business personas. Management is studied by those who are interested in business sector.

Management Education in Nepal started in 1918, but the formal management education began only in September 1954 when Tri-Chandra College, the first college in the country, launched Intermediate of Commerce (I. Com) and Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com). The master’s level education in management was offered only in 1960 after the establishment of Tribhuvan University (TU), the first and oldest University in Nepal.

The establishment of Faculty of Management under TU gave a new shape for the development of management education in Nepal. The democratic government opened up opportunities for private and community people in higher education through its new market-based economic policy. Thereafter, new universities and education institutions emerged into the market to provide higher education in Nepal.

In the present context of Nepal, half a dozen of universities are providing higher education in management. Besides, some institutions affiliated to foreign universities are also facilitating management education. With an increasing number of management institutions in Nepal, the scope, nature, structure and coverage of management have increased remarkably. Now, management education does not mean only the theories of commerce and business, it is more about managing the enterprises, offices, employees, human resources, showing innovations in economy and market. There are wide varieties of courses depending on the market demands in each level and students are allowed to select the subjects of their interest. There are many courses offered in bachelor and master’s levels in management. In this regard, the prospects of management educating are escalating in terms of infrastructure, faculty, resources including library facilities and research activities and networks.

How do you acknowledge the status of VS Niketan College as one of the top-notch business schools for management studies in Nepal?

VS Niketan College is an independent academic institution which was established in Kathmandu in 2056 BS. This college offers a range of academic programs that are affiliated to Pokhara University. It is dedicated to providing world-class management education and training for the purpose of meeting the demands and necessities of the nation, both regionally and globally. The main mission that the college has is to develop managers, leaders and entrepreneurs with a strong sense of integrity and commitment. The other features of VSN College are as follows:

  • It develops managers with efficient management knowledge, skills and values along with leadership qualities and a positive attitude.
  • It helps to motivate students to bring out the best in them and foster creativity, innovation and effective team building.
  • It inculcates creativity and innovativeness in the faculty through continuing education, faculty development programs, consulting and research.
  • It provides opportunities to enhance inner potentiality of students through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • It makes learning and living at the Institute a unique experience for all candidates
  • It provides students with a sense of friendship that enables them to embrace all cultures and religions.

VSN College provides management courses for higher studies. The current courses that they offer are Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and EXECUTIVE Master in Business Administration (EMBA).

The competent graduates from VSN have already occupied top positions in various business organizations. In addition to the regular courses, VSN College has also put a high emphasis on various other methodologies of providing knowledge to students.

The college invites various reputed professionals to deliver guest lectures, conduct management development programs, career counseling, seminars, and more. VSN is also offering consulting services to the government of Nepal and other international agencies on various issues.

What other facilities is VS Niketan providing?

  • VSN College has spacious classrooms that are well-engineered.
  • All the teachers, lecturers and professors are highly qualified and renowned in their respective fields. The college is centrally located at the heart of the Kathmandu Valley.
  • The college has a cafeteria that serves hygienic and healthy food items.
  • Besides these, the students can engage in various sports like basketball, badminton, table-tennis, etc.
  • There is a high-speed internet facility available for all the faculty members and students of the college.
  • VSN library helps students to get required study materials. And there are many books, resources, journals etc.
  • There is a computer lab for the students who don’t have their own laptop that are also connected to the internet service and have the latest software installed.
  • VSN College also offers transportation facility to all the needy students.
  • All these facilities make up a fantastic environment for learning management and business at VSN College.

What are the distinguished features of VS Niketan College which are rare privileges in other colleges?

  • The practical approach to teaching
  • Direct involvement of companies in the definition of the programs
  • Experience-based and innovative teaching methodologies
  • The creation of solid, long-lasting professional networks that continue even after completion of the academic year.
  • Sports and Activities Participation of students in different intra- and inter college competitions.

In your view, what remarkable reformation should the University bring to fulfill the lacunae between the education it delivers and current demand of global market?

  • It must change the courses and syllabuses according to the need of time.
  • Research based education system should be promoted.
  • Practical marks and courses should be fairly distributed
  • Monitoring and observation of academic institutions for development of infrastructures and assurance of all kinds of educational facilities
  • Examinations should be conducted according to the calendar and results should be fair and unbiased.

What would you like to suggest ten-plus-two graduates who want to seize their career potentiality via management course?

Management faculty helps learners widen their horizon of knowledge. If students want to work in a system or in an organized institution or if they want to be self employed they must pursue management courses. It teaches students to understand how people should behave in an organization, and the nature of power, influence and leadership. If students’ aim is to be self-employed, entrepreneurs, head their own company; or to work for private business, not-for-profit organizations or government agencies, managerial courses give them skills to succeed.

Students’ career will go ahead with the involvement in various organizations as an officer or an accountant or as an economist or marketer; their effectiveness at work depends on their understanding of the organization they work in, and how to get things done through it. Moreover, management graduates will learn to understand organizations better, and they will be benefited from every angle that will help them in securing their appealing careers.


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