Hospitality course is making lasting impression on career chasers

Ram Prasad Aryal photo
Ram Prasad Aryal

Ram Prasad Aryal
Axis College, Rupandehi

Axis College, affiliated to Pokhara University, was established in 2009 AD with the aim at providing globally acclaimed quality education in Nepal. It imparts education by measuring the global trends of education. Axis College has given equal priority to both credit hour and non-credit hour courses. The University has credit-based courses and market requires non-credited skill-based education. The college gives equal priority to both credit and non-credit hour courses in order to help students attain life-changing academic degrees as well as to replenish the lacunae of demands of skilled human resources in the global arena. At present, education should be provided by analyzing the requirements of the global market. So, non-credit hour courses provide students with convincing skills that enable them to get employed globally.

Ram Prasad Aryal is the Principal at Axis College. The college has achieved tremendous success and earned jaw-dropping fame and fortune in the field of practical education. It is the matter of pride for us since our efforts and dreams have got a fruitful achievement.  Excerpts:

Axis College has been providing non-credit hour courses along with the syllabi of Pokhara University. What other additional things do you offer to your students?

Axis College has been providing value-based education to students with the view to produce morally and ethically enriched citizens. We impart good culture and sense of social responsibilities. Our students will lead any sort of workforce with appealing academic certificates and respectable human culture. The culture and social behavior they learned here are their assets that distinguish them from common people and ideal citizens. In addition, we inspire our students to serve the society; so our measurement bases are not only the obtained marks in examinations also the social responsibilities they learned and practiced in the society. Our students are so eager to involve themselves in community services that ensure their philanthropic exposure to society. For an instance, they participate in funeral process, blood donation program, health awareness program and many other social activities. The valuable culture that we impart and the students learn at Axis enhances the glory and height of the nation in the world. Overall, respecting elders, loving juniors and helping needy people are the ideal cultures of Nepalese people recognized as a unique identity in the global scenario. We instill all these aspects in students. Moreover, we also teach students how to develop and promote our culture that imbibes self-respect and respect to humankind. There are the unique features of Axis College that have been bestowed on its pupils.

Butwal city has earned its fame and fortune with regard to high standards of educational activities since a large number of colleges are emerging these days. How is the scope of hotel management course in Butwal area and its outskirts?

According to the recent data, as many as 1500 students are pursuing hotel management course in ten-plus-two level in Butwal. Similarly, there are nine institutions providing diploma in hotel management program. The HM colleges in Butwal are affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University and some have obtained accreditation from foreign universities/ colleges in Butwal. This shows that there is a growing trend of hospitality management in the recent times in Butwal. In addition, investors are selflessly investing in education, especially in the field of hotel management sector which has created myriads job opportunities to a large extent. Therefore, it portrays the scope of hotel management which is ever growing in the course of time.

With regard to growing hospitality industry, do you think our existing workforce is sufficient to deliver hospitality services or still we need to produce more human resources?

Hospitality management has become a convincing sector for today’s youth that attracts many people to this lucrative industry. The trend of growing tourism and hotel management sector in Nepal indicates that we need more human resources in this specific field. So, the present available number of human resources is not sufficient to fulfill the growing demand of hospitality industry in Nepal.

What are the reasons behind the attraction to Axis College among students?

Good culture, hundred percent job-placement privileges, appealing academic environment, good coordination among stake holders, inspiring environment for students and visionary management are benchmarks of Axis College that have convinced many students to get enrolled here.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates?

Pokhara University has been offering market-demanded courses, so has Axis College. So, I suggest that students should not be influenced by a crowd rather they have to choose their faculty and subject on the basis of their aptitude, interest, capabilities and future scope of the subject. Similarly, I suggest that they should choose a college that has maintained credible environment in fulfilling requirements of the learners.


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