Health education in Nepal has maintained sterling quality

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Govinda Akela Poudel

Govinda Akela Poudel
Modern Technical College

Govinda Akela Paudel is the Principal at Modern Technical College which is affiliated to Pokhara University. The college is a sister organization of Star Hospital. The college is directed to deliver educational services rather than earning a profit. Mr. Akela claims that the college team is working untiringly to provide the best health education in Nepal by 2025 AD. Currently, the college operates B.Sc. MLT, B.Pharm. and BPH programs. It has earned its name and reputation for quality enhancement in health education. He expresses his views on health education with College Readers. Excerpts:

In your opinion, what is meant by quality education?

Quality education has no single meaning. It can be defined through various factors that should be appealing and convincing. A proper combination of skilled human resources, timely updated and market demanded curricula, academic environment of a college, way of delivering knowledge and skills, i.e. pedagogy, leadership and examination system determine quality education. So, quality education refers to the proper combination of the aforementioned factors.

How is the present status of health education in Nepal?

I am fully satisfied with the physical infrastructure of health education colleges, curricula, academic human resources etc. Health-related educational institutions are providing quality education in various areas of health discipline. In this regard, the attraction of health education in Nepal is increasing significantly. In fact, Nepal has made tremendous progress in this sector in comparison to other south Asian countries.

You claim that Nepal has made a tremendous progress in health sector while comparing it with that of south Asian countries. However, a large number of students are leaving the country in search of qualitative health education in foreign swathes. What could be the major reason behind this trend?

In my analysis, most students are leaving the country for health education due to wrong counseling and influence of business-driven people and peer groups. This could be true most consultancy offices and counselors are fascinated by a huge commission for sending students to foreign lands. So, they give those naïve students false dreams that they could settle themselves well in a foreign land. Similarly, our grandiloquent culture has compelled them to go to a foreign land as they have to show others that they are greater in their status than their neighbors. In addition, most of the students contemplate that they earn a huge amount of money while studying, which is also one of the propagandas that has manipulated a large number of youths of Nepal.

Could you pinpoint any benefits of foreign study?

In fact, foreign study drains out Nepalese currency, which is really disadvantageous. However, there are some benefits of foreign study, too. Mainly, students learn about diverse cultures and develop a habit of living together amid groups of people irrespective of their caste, culture, belief etc. Similarly, students who are studying in foreign lands will have high level of certitude. They will learn the importance of being independent and self-sustaining. Similarly, good culture and advanced skills from foreign lands can be brought to Nepal.

Health education in Nepal is considered extortionate. How do you analyze it?

It is not justifiable to compare mere tuition fees of medical colleges in Nepal. We should reckon all the expenses including food, accommodation, travel etc. On the other hand, students in foreign lands have to spend a huge amount of money on extortionate expenses of food and accommodation. If we calculate all these expenses, health education of Nepal is much cheaper than that in foreign swathes.

What are the distinguished features of Modern Technical College which are rare in other colleges?

Modern Technical College has its own hospital and laboratory elongated over an area of 3000 sq. ft. which enables us to carry out our practical and experimental classes easily. In addition, it has its own multipurpose polyclinic with pathology lab, especially designed for academic purposes having different branches, such as Histopathology, Cytopathology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology and Immunology, where students can execute clinical practices. So, this college gives priority to empirical education and provides sufficient opportunity to the students for implementing their knowledge in their fields of studies. Similarly, we give individual care to students and help them expose their enigmatic talents. Our college always stimulates students to unveil their stagnant talents by providing opportunities and encouragement.

What are the plans of Modern Technical College?

We are going to deliver the best services by producing different types of human resources in health sector. So, we are planning to run bachelor and master’s programs in all branches of health education, and our final destination is to deliver best health services in Nepal by 2025 AD.


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