Health courses in Nepal are carving out paths to enrich its learners with appealing job opportunities

Prof. Er. Sital Kumar Karki photo
Prof. Er. Sital Kumar Karki

Prof. Er. Sital Kumar Karki
Founder Principal
National Open College

National Open College was established in 1999 AD with a view to facilitate open education for general readers, but the college could not get affiliation. So, it started academic programs of Pokhara University in 2000 AD. This college has been running Bachelor of Health Care Management which is the pioneer and the standalone course in Nepal.   Prof. Er. Sital Kumar Karki is the Founder/Principal at National Open College. It is the first college of Nepal to introduce Healthcare Management program (BHCM) and still the only college to offer Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management (PGDHCM) and Master in Healthcare Management (MHCM) program. At present, the college offers BBA, BHCM, BPH, PGDHCM and MHCM. Er. Karki shared his view on rapidly growing demand of health care service in the global scenario. Excerpts:

Despite the fact that health care management course is a very useful program in the context of Nepal, the attraction to this course has not been increased as per the expectation of course providers and stakeholders. In such a situation, what should be done to increase the demand of BHCM amid the students who are in search of bachelor education?

We started the programs, bachelor of health care management and hospitality in 2000 AD. At that time, only some of the western countries, such as the USA and Canada had just started such programs. NOC is the first college to run BHCM program in Nepal. It has come across various challenges as people, and even the government had not realized its need and importance. We’ve produced the workforce of BHCM, but government ignored its importance; as a result, it failed to create any job opportunities for such human resources. Nevertheless, the private sector realized the need of such manpower; so our products were employed by private hospitals as hospital management officers. The college is now going to dispatch 17th batch of BHCM graduates this year.

Nonetheless, the government has realized the inevitability of such workforce; therefore, the government hospitals have created quotas for hospital management officers. As of today, our products hold leading positions in many private hospitals as CEO and DGM as well as hospital management officers at government hospitals.

How is the scope of BHCM program in Nepal?

Until few years back, it was not realized that a good hospital needs a good management officer for the proper management of services and staff, but now the mindset has totally changed as most hospitals in Nepal are recruiting BHCM graduates for the assurance of health facilities and staff management. Similarly, the number of private hospitals is significantly increasing in the course of time. Even Medicity Hospital has a huge network, which owns a-4000 bedded hospital in Kathmandu and it has been running a-3000 bedded hospital in five places, including such a hospital in Yangun (Rangoon). In this way, it has created a wealth of employment opportunities for the graduates of Health Care Management program.

Could you tell us about the unique features of your college?

National Open College is the pioneer college which is affiliated to Pokhara University. It was established in 1999 AD but started its programs in 2000 AD. The college has been offering most demanded programs, such as health care management and hospital management. The college has been providing quality education amid a complete academic environment. It is rich in physical infrastructure and strong in terms of human resource development.

How do you acknowledge the achievement of your graduates in the global economy?

National Open College has already produced 16 batches of graduates from BHCM and BBA programs that seem to have been qualified and competitive in the global market. Our products are showing their jaw-dropping performance in both jobs and higher studies. In addition, I take an immense pleasure to inform you that our products are working as DGM at Grande Hospital and as CEO at Sumeru Hospital. Similarly, our products hold prestigious positions at Lahan Eye Hospital and Biratnagar Eye Hospital as management officers. Similarly, a large number of students have been awarded PhD scholarship by some of renowned universities of the USA and other countries.

It is rumored that the benchmarks of Pokhara University are sterling due to the efficiency of its affiliated colleges. What is your opinion regarding this rumor? And what are the areas that should be taken into consideration by Pokhara University for redeeming its legacy?

Most affiliated colleges of Pokhara University, such as Nepal Engineering College, National Open College etc. have their own renown for quality education impartation which is the cornerstone of the foundation of the University. In my opinion, the University should discourage political interference and influence while appointing its administrative heads, such as VC, Rector, Dean etc.  

What suggestions would you like to give ten-plus-two graduates?

First of all, I suggest that they should continue their bachelor program in their native land. I also assure them that there are many private colleges which are efficient and competent enough to impart globally accredited education with a minimal fee structure. Secondly, I advise them to choose a right college and a right faculty on their own discretion. So, I won’t miss this opportunity to inform that National Open College is at the forefront of its contemporaries in terms of deliverance of most demanded programs. We are eager to welcome you to the center of academic excellence for health programs.


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