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Dansi Ram Bhandari

Dansi Ram Bhandari
Siddhartha International College, Butwal

Siddhartha International College was established in 2066 BS which is affiliated to Pokhara University. The college is managed and run by academic professionals, traders, bankers, social workers and experts of various fields. Mr. Mahesh Man Singh, the former president of Butwal Chamber of Commerce is the Chairperson of the college. Similarly, a renowned professor at TU (Mathematics Department) Dr. Binod Dhakal is also a founder member of this college. It started BBA-BI from its inception, and later the college started BBA program from 2074 BS. The college has reached this condition by experiencing many ups and downs, turns and bends. Currently, the college offers BBA- BI and BBA.

Dansi Ram Bhandari is the Principal at Siddhartha International College. Besides high academic standards, the college also manages different classes from guest lecturers of reputed and renowned governmental and non-governmental organizations for the students which always inspire them to seek a right path to appealing careers. Excerpts:

What are the unique features of Siddhartha International College?

The college aims to produce professional managers for banking and insurance sectors. It provides sound conceptual knowledge and practical skills for various areas of Banking, Finance, Accounting and Insurance. In addition, it ensures regular classes for the completion of syllabi in time. Similarly, with the aim at producing market demanded human resources, the college provides supplementary-skill-generating training, such as training and seminar on motivational and leadership development, career development in banking etc. are conducted by inviting renowned experts of these sectors. Since the college focuses on two bachelor-level programs, our students have achieved phenomenal skills on these sectors. Therefore, the college has become successful in producing highly qualified and skilled human resources to satisfy the need of the global market. In addition, it has also given priority to developing leadership capacity in the students; as a result, the students themselves organize extra-curricular activities.

What other things should be done for quality enhancement?

Siddhartha International College encourages independent learning and focuses on development of practical & technical skills of students, transforming them into competitive workforce. Moreover, we have been promoting student-centered environment, creative faculty and modern teaching methodology. We have invested in well-furnished classrooms and cutting-edge laboratories. Siddhartha International College has made the master plan to provide students with sound conceptual knowledge and practical skills in various areas: banking, finance, accounting and insurance.

How is the trend of management and insurance education in Butwal area now?

The significance of management education is growing rapidly these days. BBA-BI is a newly emerged program, and only few people have the idea about the importance of this program. We organize seminars by inviting the experts of insurance and banking sectors. Such programs have become fruitful in enhancing the quality of leadership and confidence of our students. Besides all these efforts, we organize motivational classes and seminars in a timely manner, but it seems to be only for the advertisement. So, the University should take initiative to introduce newly emerged programs. Siddhartha International College has stood on the stratosphere in offering BBA-BI program in Butwal. The attraction to this program is increasing day-by-day among students.

You offer globally and market-based curricula, namely BBA-BI and BBA of Pokhara University. How is the attraction of these subjects in the market?

Pokhara University offers highly demanded courses. And BBA-BI and BBA programs are newly emerged programs in management education and are most demanded courses in the field of Banking and Insurance. Its demand is ever increasing in the modern trend. All our products are saleable in the market. We have not found any of our products unemployed. Since all the products have high demand in the market, the attraction of these courses is ever increasing in the course of time.

What are the appealing factors of Pokhara University that can convince today’s technocrats?

Undoubtedly, Pokhara University has been offering globally demanded courses. And it has also maintained amicable camaraderie with its affiliated colleges. The examination system and evaluation system are really commendable. In addition, the University has strictly maintained the academic calendar despite disruption in its regular academic activities.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates while choosing a right faculty and subject?

I suggest that students choose a subject that may bring a difference in their career. In such a case, their interest should have good chemistry with the chosen subject and faculty. So, I suggest those hopefuls they decide on the subject which may fulfill their aim and dream.  In addition, I advise them to enroll in any college that is a PU affiliate.


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