Engineering is a boon for both entrepreneurs and incumbents

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Bhimsen Giri

Bhimsen Giri
Managing Director
Rapti Engineering College, Dang

Bhimsen Giri, a versatile personality with broad mind, has been elected the joint treasurer of OPEN at the 9th national convention held in Kathmandu. Mr. Giri is the Managing Director at Rapti Engineering College, Dang.

Rapti Engineering College, affiliated to Pokhara University and CTEVT, is one of the leading colleges for imparting technical and engineering education. Mr. Giri views that the college is providing latest technological and engineering courses that incorporate global standards. Technical education is the demand and necessity of the nation in the modern age which truly transforms talents into technocrats. Excerpts:

Could you give a brief account of Rapti Engineering College?

Rapti Engineering College was established in Mid-Western Region in 2008AD by a group of dedicated academicians, engineers and IT professionals with the vision of building and developing it as a centre of academic excellence for technical education.

The college offers Diploma in Computer Engineering, Civil Sub-overseer, Electrical Sub-overseer and basic survey (Amin) in affiliation with CTEVT, and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Electronics and Communication in affiliation with Pokhara University. These courses and programs are offered to meet the need of competent human resources in the region. They are not only useful for the students looking for career growth but also for professionals keen on improving their skills and knowledge in these areas.

What are the distinct features of Rapti Engineering College?

Rapti Engineering College is an ISO 900: 2008 certified college. It is an internationally recognized college for its quality in education as well as physical infrastructure. We emphasize on engineering technologies so that our students cannot be deprived of getting rewarding education amid technological marvels.

The faculty members are dedicated, qualified and highly experienced and have expertise in their fields. Our college has been reckoned as an excellent college in Province-5. It has been adopting modern approach in teaching and learning activities. It gives importance and priority to practical education. We organize personality and leadership development training and workshop time and again. Similarly, we have established a WIFI free zone in the college premises. In addition, we guarantee the job placement to the graduates. We often organize orientation programs for Public Service Commission examinations by inviting mavens of this field with a view to develop confidence in graduates if they want to enter the government service.

How many students have been produced from this college till date and how is their performance?

More than 500 students have been graduated from this college. Most of our pass-outs have occupied important positions in Nepal and abroad. They are involved in various job landing sectors whereas some of them have become entrepreneurs. At present, technical department at most of the local levels, such as municipality and rural municipality of this area are occupied by our graduates and some work as engineers in many governmental and non- governmental organizations.

How do you acknowledge the efforts made by the college for students’ quality enhancement?

Truly speaking, Rapti Engineering College is the leading engineering college of this region in terms of academic excellence. It has been imparting quality education by adopting modern tools and techniques. Recently, we have purchased UTN machine. Furthermore, our college has established an information and research centre cell to enhance the quality of students.  We are working actively and exhaustively to establish this college as a model college of this region. We are providing guest lectures by inviting well-known personalities from various fields. Similarly, field visit and project work is given high importance. With the view to develop the personality and leadership capacity in our students we have been organizing training and seminars time and again by inviting experts. Our students have achieved gold medals recently due to their outstanding performance. It is the matter of our pride that we are able to dispatch gold medalists.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two science graduates who are in pursuit of engineering education?

Engineering education is a life-changing education. It is the application of knowledge to solve real problems. Engineers figure out how to get things done properly and efficiently and find practical uses for scientific discoveries. In addition, engineering education develops skills and knowledge of students that ensures right path for appealing careers. It is a professional education which provides lots of job opportunities in national and international markets. Similarly, an engineering graduate can be an entrepreneur and can lead an independent life in the future. Employment and self employment sectors are possible from engineering education. So, I suggest that ten-plus-two students pursue engineering education for their better future.


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