Engineering education is research-based that generates exceptional life-changing skills

Dr. Bhesh Raj Thapa photo
Dr. Bhesh Raj Thapa

Er. Bhesh Raj Thapa (PhD)
Universal Engineering and Science College

Er. Bhesh Raj Thapa is a young energetic principal at Universal Engineering and Science College, which is one of the leading engineering colleges in Nepal. It is affiliated to Pokhara University. Currently, it is running bachelor programs in Biochemistry, Computer and Civil Engineering.

Within a very short span of time, the college has earned a sterling appellation as a learning center that imparts quality engineering education. It has highly experienced, qualified and trained lecturers. The management system of the college is so appealing that it has managed to maintain good modus Vivendi amid both academic and administrative staff. Dr. Thapa expresses his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

Could you share with us the present status of engineering education in Nepal?

Engineering education is emerging as a field of attraction in the recent times. There are many colleges established and run to impart engineering education in Nepal. There are a variety of branches of knowledge in engineering education. Around 13-14 thousand students are currently studying in engineering education in Nepal.

Are engineering colleges of Nepal capable of imparting market demanded engineering education?

Engineering colleges of Nepal are capable of imparting globally acclaimed quality education. The course of study of engineering education in Nepal is comparatively of high standard. Therefore, Nepalese products are competitive in the world market. Nepal has to focus on practical and research-orientated education in order to ensure quality in engineering education. Furthermore, engineers produced by Nepalese engineering colleges can easily pass the license exam conducted by the Engineering Council. However, it is really hard for them who have pursued engineering courses at Indian Universities/ colleges.

What are the unique features of Universal Science and Engineering College?

Universal Science and Engineering College is affiliated to Pokhara University. Since its inception, the college has been successful in obtaining outstanding results. And the legacy has been kept at the apex level up to now. Some of our students have obtained 4 GPA out of 4, which shows the quality of this college in engineering education. This is possible only because of qualified, experienced and dedicated tutors. We provide TOT to our faculty members so that they apply their learnt expertise in their classroom. Similarly, we focus on practical and research-based orientation. Furthermore, the college facilitates students with internship privileges in reputed institutions and companies in and out of the country. There is a hundred percent job guarantee to our graduates.

How do you acknowledge the achievement of your graduates in the global market?

Universal Science and Engineering College has been imparting globally validated education which is integrated with Nepalese context. It focuses on practical-based and research-oriented education. Thus, our products are showing exciting performance both in job landing sector and higher studies. The college has produced third batch till date and all of our products have secured leading positions in national and international organizations. For an instance, our college had sought at least six faculty members of different disciplines and wished to employ our own products, but it was found that all our products had already been engaged in different fields. So, we were compelled to hire from other organizations. It shows that the performance of our graduates is outstanding in the market.

What are your further plans for the assurance of its better performance than this?

We are planning to develop this college as a well-efficient and sustainable in both physical facilities and human resource management. Currently, we are constructing cutting-edge buildings in Bhaisepati that elongate over seven ropanies of its own land. Similarly, we are going to establish a research and development unit in order to focus on research-oriented education. Similarly, we are going to organize an education expo and conference in Poush-2076. Our priority goes to the quality enhancement and all-round development of our products. Hence, we have planned to provide extra knowledge and skill as a non-credit hour analyzing the need and demand of the market.

In your experience, what are the strengths of Pokhara University?

Pokhara University has earned its goodwill due to various programs it offers and such courses have high value in the global market because the courses are timely revised, updated and practical. Moreover, the University has signed an MoU with many universities of the world. Similarly, the University frequently organizes international conferences and colloquium.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates?

I suggest that students choose a faculty on their own discretion. If anyone completes their bachelor degree with better performance, they are employable in the global market. Students who are laborious and can make efforts continuously and exhaustively and have strong passion to be engineers can visit Universal Science and Engineering College for information and enrollment. We express our commitment for the impartation of globally acclaimed quality education in the Nepalese context that promotes creativity, practical and research orientation.


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