Engineering benefits those who are in appealing career pursuits

Er. Baburam Upadhyaya photo
Er. Baburam Upadhyaya

Er. Baburam Upadhyaya
United Technical College, Chitwan

Er. Baburam Upadhyaya, an established name in technical and engineering education in Nepal, is the Principal and Managing Director at U-TEC (United Technical College) and Nepal Polytechnic Institute (NPI).

United Technical College is one of the leading engineering colleges in Nepal, affiliated to Pokhara University. It is the first private engineering college in Chitwan to carve out a niche as one of the best engineering colleges in the country. It offers BE Civil, BE Electrical and Electronics, BE Computer and M.Sc. in Construction Management. Mr. Upadhyaya expresses his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

What are the unique features that United Technical College facilitates its students?

United Technical College is the first private engineering college in Chitwan. Since its inception, the youths from outside the valley region have taken full advantage and are continually enrolling in different disciplines offered by this college.

We provide our students a range of opportunities. We motivate them for innovation and creativity as per their capacity and level. Moreover, our main focus is on practical education rather than theoretical one. We arrange different field visit programs for our students with regard to their subjects and areas of learning. In addition, we prepare students to outreach infinite opportunities in the global economy.

UTEC has physical and institutional resources built in 20 ropanies of land. The faculty in the college is one of the high-quality in its class and the college has a tie-up with several reputed universities and research institutes in the country.

How do you acknowledge the achievement of the UTC graduates?

Since its inception, UTEC has produced six batches of undergraduate engineers so far from Civil Engineering and three in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The demand of engineers is very high nowadays because of the expedition of the re-construction of infrastructures of the country. So, no any students dilly-dally in pursuit of jobs following their graduation. Some are also involved in IT and banking sectors. Our graduates are involved in district development committee, municipalities, Public Service Commission, drinking water supply and in many more sectors.

As you have been involved in the engineering field for a long time, what challenges do you see in this field?

Of course, there is the sterling scope of engineering in Nepal. There is high intake of students in engineering but also exists very low competitions among students. The fee structure is also very low and the institutions for engineering are also very easily accessible; however, students’ attraction is not sufficient as per my thought. They don’t work very hard during their engineering study because all the subjects have numerical base. So, we must increase the pass percentage of the students. The colleges, which are capable of increasing the pass percentage, can easily captivate the attention of students. But the colleges with low pass percentage succumb to depletion in the number of students getting enrolled. So, increasing the pass percentage is a real challenge for all of us. This could be true most students are not self motivated; they come to study due to the pressure of their parents, which is another major challenge.

What are the exciting features of engineering programs of Pokhara University?

Backlog system is highly discouraged by Pokhara University and students are to retake the exams instead. Students cannot take more than 24 credit examinations in six months. The examination is running in its own way. We have to provide every record of our examinations to the University including examination schedules. Eventually, exam answer sheets should immediately be handed in to the University.

What message would you like to convey to science plus-two graduates with regard to their perusal of engineering education?

The curricula of Pokhara University are better than the syllabi of other universities in Nepal. The courses are updated and revised in a timely manner. Moreover, students can explore a wealth of opportunities through their learned skills and knowledge practically. Therefore, before getting enrollment in any college for an engineering course, students should have to acquire required information. United Technical College always welcomes you to the world of academic excellence and helps you excel in your career pursuits in the engineering field.


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