Do we really need to manage our Health Care System?

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Prajit Kumar Timalsina

Prajit Kumar Timalsina
Imperial Business College

Imperial Business College, primarily known as Norvic Business College, affiliated to Pokhara University, has been able to distinguish itself as one of the top business colleges in Nepal. Currently, it is running Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor in Health Care Management (BHCM) programs, which are widely sought and considered to be some of the most holistic and rewarding programs in the management stream.

Prajit Kumar Timalsina is the Principal at Imperial Business College. He says the college has excellent faculty members who make tremendous efforts to design motivational activities, major competitive events and research-based assignments. He shares his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

What are the unique features of Imperial Business College?

It is distinguished as one of the top business colleges of Nepal that has been producing market demanded human resource. The college not only imparts curricular activities but also conducts linguistic and leadership development training. It provides linguistic classes of Chinese and German languages for free. Similarly, the college has been conducting career development training, leadership development training and providing students required skills according to the demand of the global market. It is strong enough in terms of physical resources, teaching faculty, managerial leadership and academic excellence. The college has managed to recruit highly qualified, long-experienced and dedicated faculty members. It has provided students with sufficient physical facilities along with globally acclaimed and demanded curricula.

How is the status of job placement of your products in the global business?

Imperial Business College primarily focuses on entrepreneurship. It encourages its graduates to establish entrepreneurship identity. Despite such encouragement, for our products who want to earn job opportunities for experience before they embark on business, we have signed an MoU with many companies. Our skilled graduates are working in banking sector, share market and health sector. As per the data of our alumni community, none of them have remained unemployed till today.

In the recent days, the trend of management education is gradually increasing. In this regard, how do you analyze the trend of management education?

Management education is direly needed in all sectors in the world’s context. It is equally needed in hospitals, IT companies, business companies, industry, academic institutions and social organizations. BHCM program is connected with health sector which helps its graduates manage all types of health issues in a perfect way. So, in the recent times, management education is required everywhere for everyone. In my view, some remarkable professions of Nepalese Society, such as lawyers, doctors, engineers and so on need proper managerial skills to show professional involvement in their workplace.

How is the scope of BHCM program?

Bachelor in Health Care Management (BHCM) is a nascent program. It is related to health sector management. Health related institution are needed everywhere regardless of territorial considerations, i.e. rural, urban and sub-urban areas. For managing all types of service-providing offices and human resources, we need graduates of BHCM program. The program is being operated by only three institutions in Nepal with an intake capacity of a limited number of students despite its ever growing demand. Since the skilled graduates of BHCM program are getting sterling prospects, its scope is becoming even wider and wider in the course of time.

The demand of human resources related to BHCM program is increasing significantly. But its importance has not been realized by the public yet. What is the reason behind this dormancy?

This program is run by only three institutions in Nepal, and we have a capacity of 48 students for one intake. Among them, we have to provide scholarship to five students on the recommendation of the University. And the institution should solely rely on the collection of tuition fee from 43 students for a year. In this regard, due to the provision of a small number of enrollees, the college administration has not been affected from shortage of enrollees for this program. If the advertisement is broadcast more effectively, colleges with this program cannot manage the flow of students seeking the admission.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates for the selection of a right college and right faculty?

I suggest that students should choose a right subject keeping in mind their career prospects. So, they should not be influenced by a crowd of haranguers and peer groups rather they should analyze their interest, capacity and professional careers and eventually choose the right subject. Similarly, while choosing a college, students have to choose such a college that can fulfill their professional requirements. In this regard, those career hopefuls have to make a deep analysis whether or not their chosen college can address the demand of the market. This is the best way to get details of the institution before getting admission.


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