Development courses interlink business and management

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Ram Sharan Tripathi
Camad College

Camad College is a premier institution of higher education. It has been running BBA and BDS programs under Pokhara University.   Camad College is well-equipped and aesthetically laid out to assist students to become an important part of the society. They are trained to identify challenges, convert those to opportunity and apply their technical and human skills to excel.   Within short span of time, the institution has been established as a leading institution in producing qualified human resources in the field of management and development sectors through its unmatched quality education and enhancing capacity of individuals in Nepal to contribute to the all-round development of the nation.

Could you give us some details about Bachelor in Development Studies (BDS) course, the number of graduates of this course till date and their performances in the global market?

Bachelor in Development Studies (BDS) is an interdisciplinary course. It interlinks the development and management. It is the combination of social sciences such as sociology, economics and management. Our college has 48-student intake capacity and the University recommend10% of students for scholarship. The remaining number of students has to pay for their studies. Till date, more than 50 students have attained graduation in BDS, who are actively engaged in NGOs, INGOs, UN programs etc. No one has dilly-dallied in search of a job.

How do you analyze the scope of BDS course?

As we know, Nepal is a developing country in terms of its economic status. We have to do a lot of work for its socio-economic prosperity. This course produces skilled human resources required for socio-economic development of the country.

Although there is high scope and importance of Bachelor of Development Studies Course in Nepal, still the attraction for this course is going downhill. What could be the possible reasons behind this?

This course is quite new for Nepal as we are the first college to run this course in accreditation with Pokhara University. The course is very important in the context of Nepal, but the attraction of course is still under the canopy. Lack of advertisement, poor student counseling and underrated scope of the course may be some reasons of this appalling scenario.

What has Camad College been doing for the quality enhancement of BDS?

We have designed the top level of course. In every semester, there is a provision of field visit. The students are assigned with proper guidance to study the human psychology among different economy classes in the course of field work. So, the students can assess the socio-economic setting of the country. They can identify the target group and their need. Such type of practical knowledge enables our students to make sustainable development and implement it properly.

Could you specify the distinct features of Camad College?

Camad College has its specific features. The environment is peaceful and appropriate for teaching and learning endeavors. We offer education from well-qualified PhD holder lecturers. In addition, multimedia is compulsorily used in classrooms activities for effective teaching and learning activities especially for presentation, group discussion and field visit which are integral parts of our tutoring. We have maintained a triadic relationship among the students, teachers and the management team.

Where can we see this college after some years?

We have made lots of improvements now in comparison to the past, and also we are planning to make further improvement in its quality deliverance as well as development of physical infrastructure. We have made a master plan committee and an academic committee for formulating and executing appropriate policy and programs. In addition, we are also intending to launch new programs such as BBA, BHM, BBA BI, BBA TT and MBA in near future. We can assure you that we will be the best college of Nepal very soon for management education.

What suggestions would you like to give to the +2 graduates who want to establish their careers in management field?

The students should not be influenced by the false promises of the colleges rather they should decide themselves by visiting the college and observing its academic and non-academic atmosphere.

I believe that good college is built on the efforts of great people; our people make a college great, and so whether you are a prospective student, current student, professor, researcher, staff member, parent, neighbor, or visitor, your interest and enthusiasm are valued and appreciated. Why not come and judge for yourselves?


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