Business courses supercharge business ethics, underpins employability and entrepreneurship

Shankar Nath Adhikari photo
Shankar Nath Adhikari

Er .Shankar N Adhikary
Founder Principal
Atlantic International College

Atlantic International College, founded in 2009 AD by a group of professors, researchers and authors in the field of management and engineering is one of the leading management colleges in Nepal. It offers BBA and BBA-BI courses accredited by Pokhara University. The college endeavors to produce skilled human resources required for the field of manufacturing, trading, banking, insurance and other business houses.

Er. Shankar Nath Adhikary is the Principal at Atlantic International College. The college has so far produced seven batches whose academic performance has been considered noticeably excellent. Excerpts:

Could you possibly tell us the number of graduates that has been dispatched in by your college?

In the beginning, we got an approval for 48 seats in each program, but following the 3rd batch, the University provided us a total of 96 seats in BBA and 48 seats in BBA- BI. We have so far produced around 524 students from our college till date. From the very beginning, our graduates have shown their outstanding performances in their job landing sector. Among the graduates, two-thirds of them (65%) are currently working and studying in the foreign countries, such as USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc, and the rest (35%) are working in reputed banks and companies; however, some of them have become reputed entrepreneurs.

What are the distinguished features of your college that are scarce in other colleges?

Our college is administered by the experts, researchers and well-experienced academicians. All the founder members have been involved in teaching for a long time. We are anxious about the future endeavors of our students and our profession, too. We are not driven by profit-motive rather our ethics underpin the principles of humanitarian service as we know ‘money cannot buy education’.

Another unique feature of our college is that we conduct extra-curricular activities as well as soft-skill related programs required for the successful careers of our students. Furthermore, each of our classrooms consists of 24 students, which is the standardized strength. We have managed to provide our students spacious classrooms, capacious playground with adorably beautiful garden extending over a swathe of 7 Ropanies, which bolster our scholastic environment.

There is an increasing trend of pursuing management education in Nepal, how do you analyze it?

In my opinion, management education supercharges hands-on learning experience. Managerial knowledge and skill are equally needed in all sectors, such as hospital, trading centre, school, college, banks and commercial corporations, etc. So, there is a huge scope of management education in the present context of Nepal.

Do you think your college is capable of producing skilled human resources that match with the pursuit of global market?

Obviously, we are capable enough in producing human resources as per the demand of the global market. We prepare our students to be qualified acknowledging the ongoing business scenarios in the world. Therefore, our graduates not only have their academic certificates but also they are equipped with skills and certitude that help them work confidently in their future workplace.  Moreover, we also conduct non-credit courses to replenish the lacunae between the academic course and the demand of the market. This fulfills the gap between the academic courses and the human resources required for the global market.

In your view, what remarkable reformation should the University bring for fulfilling the gap between the academic education and the present demand of the global market?

The University has done a lot of reformation and improvement in comparison to the past efforts. Still, it should do more than this for better academic upshots. It should strongly embody the provision of internship and project work in the curricula. Supplementary skill-oriented course should be included in the curricula, which should be designed to match academic degrees with the demand of employers. Similarly, the University should retain regular interaction sessions with the banks and companies and revise the course in consultation with related companies and banks.

After completing ten-plus-two education, still confusion looms among the students about choosing their subject for higher studies, what is your notion regarding this issue?

In my opinion, management course is affordable for average Nepalese people on the basis of their income and spending capacity. At present, the management course is an emerging discipline which has a wide scope in the global market. So, I suggest the students they enroll in management studies without any confusion for the assurance of their award-winning careers. While choosing a right college, students should analyze its team of founders, academic environment and teaching faculties available there rather than physical infrastructure. I express my commitment to the students that we are always eager to give your career a right shape through our rewarding education impartation. 


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