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I take the pleasure in welcoming you to the United Technical College, College of Engineering (U-TEC),  Bharatpur, Chitwan, an Engineering College dedicated to the proper growth and development of each and every student for a better career prospect. The College is all set to bring out the potential within each student and provide proper guidance so that their potentials can be utilized to make them future engineers capable of meeting any challenge that will be faced by them after leaving the college. The college provides full support to improve their communication skills, critical thinking abilities, moral values and sense of responsibility. All efforts are made to improve the creativity and problem solving abilities of the students so that they can contribute their best to the society and the country.

The infrastructure has been developed with most modern equipment; provisions have also been made to upgrade the same keeping pace with the technological advancements of the time. Our primary goal is to become one of the most prominent and excellent educational Institute in the Nation. U-TEC has a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty who devote their time not only to teaching but also for the overall development of the students. Further, faculties from other renowned institutions are invited to deliver guest lecturers to help augment their studies beyond syllabus. We are confident that the students passing out from this college will be technically sound, confident and have good leadership skills.

I wish all the best to all the prospective students,

Chudamani Khanal

I feel glad to introduce to you United Technical College (U-TEC), College of Engineering, established in 2008 AD (2065, BS), Now it stands as a premier Engineering College in Chitwan, Bharatpur with well known reputation. The faculty in the college is one of the high-quality in its class, and the college has a tie-up with several reputed Universities and Research Institutes in the country so as to enhance the quality of its graduating students. The institute is at the verge of a very rapid growth and it is being aimed to achieve the Centre of Academic Excellence in technical education status in future. Technical education in the country has made phenomenal growth during the last two decades. The need for high quality managers and technical experts still continue and the future belongs to those who will have the vision to boldly look for opportunities to capitalize with a passion for change and strive for excellence in their work.

We are striving hard at our end to prepare and develop high quality professionals to overcome the challenges faced by the enterprises due to globalization and liberalization process. To achieve this, and based on very encouraging feedback from various stakeholders, the college has reasonably equipped necessary facilities to empower the students with a touch of industrial applications. This has generated sufficient enthusiasm among them. As the Principal of this esteemed organization, I extend my support to the students and the faculty to bring up future leaders. My view is that emphasis in choosing the academic institution should be broad the prospective student must identify the institutions/colleges having academic Excellency for further study.

U-TEC aims at not only educating the young to be successful Engineers, Managers and Entrepreneurs but also to churn out socially responsible human beings of tomorrow. I convey my best wishes to all the prospective students and their parents for a successful future and good education.

Er. Baburam Upadhyaya

Welcome to the United Technical College, College of Engineering (U-TEC). As the Academic Director for U-TEC, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to our college which is located in the heart of Chitwan, Bharatpur.

We believe that every student is unique and has his or her own unique talents. As an educator, it’s our responsibility to open their minds, nurture their talents and help them reach their peak of excellence. Our education program emphasizes the development of a National and Global spirit, an ability to analyze and solve problems and the development of respect and understanding for different cultures. Students at our college learn to become skilled and confident communicators.

U-TEC consistently pursues “student first” policy, discipline in the college is a basic requirement for all academic and administrative activities.  This year, 2019 (2076 BS) promises to be another year of dramatic and exciting developments at U-TEC. Student counseling will remain our main focus in coming time too. Our environment is good and our faculties have open door policies and are excited to advice and support students in the pursuit of their interests.
U-TEC would like to assure our continuous commitment towards quality and excellence in education to make the learning at U-TEC meaningful and rewarding.  U-TEC family, have emerged stronger, better prepared and safer after the shock of recent earthquakes. So, U-TEC would like to call all the aspiring students and the guardians to make a right choice and join our hands to ensure engineering study in an environment just suited for it!

U-TEC is also having priviledged for enrolling 4th batch of Graduate student (M.Sc. CM) at the college. I am extremely proud of U-TEC’s Graduate and Undergraduate programs & highly encourage you to learn more.

Prof. Keshab Datt Awasthi (Ph.D.)
Academic Director

United Technical College of Engineering (U-TEC): A Premier Engineering College in Chitwan

United Technical College of Engineering, popularly known as (U-TEC), was established in 2008 (2066 BS) under private sector initiative. The foundation of U-TEC was instigated by a group of farsighted professionals and academicians who comprehended the need of a college for offering the technical education outside the valley. Mostly, the university level engineering education in private sector was concentrated in the capital only. Therefore, for reaching a wider section of Nepali youth outside the valley and making the quality technical education accessible and affordable to the poor and deprived youths in outer region, it was essential to establish technical colleges outside the capital, which U-TEC did by establishing the first private engineering college in Chitwan. Since its establishment, the youths from outside the valley region have taken  full advantage and are continually enrolling in different engineering disciplines offered by the college.  Since the establishment the college has produced four batches of undergraduate engineers so far in Civil Engineering and three in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

The  facility at U-TEC  is  located in Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Ward  No.-11, Bhojad, U-TEC Chowk, Chitwan, has physical and institutional resources built on 20 Ropanies (1.0 ha) of land. These resources essentially catered to the academic needs in the bachelor level programs. The full-time Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree offered by U-TEC, affiliated to Pokhara University, builds skill, expertise, and knowledge among its graduates in the area of higher technology and design. The industry driven project works, research and development and learning outlined by the university is followed strictly to enhance the academic quality. So, UTEC provides unconditional opportunities for graduates to pursue engineering education with passion and confidence.

In addition to above, U-TEC  has gained opportunity in achieving its centre of excellence in education as  Pokhara University granted affiliation from, March 2018, (i.e. Falgun 2074 BS) for running graduate course leading to M.Sc. (Master of Science) degree in Construction Management (CM) at the same facility. Presently,  First batch of graduate students in CM are enrolled and  courses are running  smoothly.

U-TEC is headed by the Executive Chairman, who is responsible for overall planning, administration and management and is providing leadership in planning, designing and implementing new programs. All the academic matters are entrusted to principal and academic director, who will be responsible for overall academic matters and will provide leadership for planning and enhancing the academic quality. However, individual programs are coordinated by department heads and program coordinators designed for different program areas.

Currently, the college is offering BE Civil, BE Electrical & Electronics, BE Computer and M.Sc. in Construction Management, affiliated to Pokhara University.

Affiliated to Pokhara University
College of Engineeirng

Bharatpur Metropolitan City-11, U-TEC Chowk, Chitwan, Nepal
Phone:+977-56-526331, 527982
E-mail: info@unitedtechnicalcollege.edu.np, unitedtechnicalcollege@gmail.com
URL: www.unitedtechnicalcollege.edu.np
Facebook: ww.facebook.com/utecchitwan


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