Prolonged Dilemma of Pokhara University may mar its Reputation

Jeetendra Ghimire
Jeetendra Ghimire

Jeetendra Ghimire

Lack of timely and informed decision of Pokhara University regarding the enrollment criteria for ten-plus–two graduates in bachelor level (management faculty) has slackened the trust of students and guardians which may tarnish its reputation and cause a big financial loss in future.

The decisive dilemma of last year stranded more than 342 students until the interim/stay order issued by the Supreme Court.

After the high school (ten-plus-two) examinations, the board implemented letter grading result system last year; all the Universities set eligibility criteria for new enrollment. Pokhara University hastily decided ‘C’ grade in an individual subject is eligible for enrollment to management courses. However, the remainders of Nepalese Universities issued the grade ‘D+’ in individual subject and 1.8 GPA in aggregate as eligibility criteria for management courses.

As affiliated colleges of PU did not get sanctioned number of students as per the set criteria, they appealed to the University for reconsidering its decision for bringing uniformity among Nepalese Universities. The PU officials verbally assured the colleges, and they accepted more than 380 students for admission who had achieved D+ grade. Later, the University Academic Council denied endorsing the verbal ordinance issued before.

The stranded students and colleges went to the Supreme Court and the court issued interim order in name of the University to let those students take the final examinations. They took the final examinations; however, the final decision has not yet been declared.

The Pokhara University did not amend the entrance criteria for bachelor’s degree aspirants this year, too. This year, more than eighty thousand students achieved ‘D+’ in recent 10+2 final examination results. Other Universities but PU got sufficient students in their bachelor’s program. The effect has visibly seen in the BBA and BHM programs of the Pokhara University.

This scenario, if continues, the PU affiliated colleges will lack the needed number of students which ultimately mars the coveted University reputation in management education and cripples its financial health, too. So, an apt decision in due time is expected.

Since Tribhuvan University, the biggest and oldest University in Nepal, has set all-accepted criteria for bachelor degree aspirants, that can be applied to PU to transmit the good news among PU affiliated colleges and prospective students. Pokhara University cannot deprive such a large number of students of getting quality education, which is their right. Therefore, it is suggested that if ‘C’ grade in major subjects or GPA 2.0 should be determined as the benchmark for ensuring BBA and BHM admission. If it is done, many students will be benefited, colleges will get encouraged and the University retains its legacy as a vibrant and dynamic parental institution in Nepal.


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