Pokhara University courses focus on research-oriented education

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Er. Buddhi Raj Joshi

Er. Buddhi Raj Joshi
Acting VC, Pokhara University

Having started teaching career as a lecturer from ACME Engineering College, Er. Buddhi Raj Joshi worked as the HoD for six months at ACME. Then he joined a constituent campus of Pokhara University as a lecturer in 2009 AD. Now, he is working as Dean at the faculty of Science and Technology and acting Vice Chancellor of Pokhara University.
Pokhara University has earned its name and fame in the field of market-demanded academic programs within very short span of time. The University has been running management, engineering, health and humanities programs at its constituent and affiliated colleges. The University is showing impressive and convincing performance with regard to advanced courses that enable learners to get engaged in innovative work. Excerpts:

It is rumored that the number of students getting admission in Pokhara University affiliated colleges has reduced in the recent years due to its unfair policy of depriving students with D+ grade of getting admission. How do you analyze this contradictory policy?

In my analysis, the number of students has not decreased in comparison to the number of students in the past, but it true that the number of students is lower than an intake capacity. Among all faculties, the number of students is found high in the faculty of management. We have prepared the eligibility for admission, it may have some effects, but we are planning to solve this problem very soon.

The University had prepared a five-year strategic plan. To what extent, have you met the targeted plan during this period or you still need time to accomplish this?

The Pokhara University has met its aim in many extents and very few targets are to be achieved. The new team has successful in implementing the academic calendar strictly. In addition, the University has successfully fulfilled the institutional decision. Economic autonomy has given to its jointly ventured campuses and affiliated colleges. Similarly, some new programs have been added to bachelor and master degree syllabi in its constituent and affiliated colleges. Three programs in Health Sciences and five programs in Engineering have been added to the programs of its constituent campuses. Currently, the academic activities of the University are projected to research orientation.

Pokhara University is planning to run a teaching hospital. Where has the process reached for its implementation?

We have completed our preliminary study for running a teaching hospital. This is the result of our realization and responsibility that we need to run our own hospital to systematize paramedical programs. So, we are in the process of establishing a 150 bedded hospital in the University premises by preparing DPR. The process has reached the implementation level; however, we are not fully prepared to run a teaching hospital now. But we are preparing an appropriate plan for upgrading a hospital so that we could convert it into a teaching hospital in the future.

What are the main challenges for Pokhara University for its smooth operation?

The first challenge is development of essential physical infrastructure for running more numbers of constituent campuses. The second threat is to develop positive response of the public to the University and its programs. In fact, Pokhara University is imparting globally acclaimed programs but its message has not reached up to students and parents. I think the message can/ will be spread among service seekers with our collective efforts.

How do you prove that Pokhara University has been imparting globally acclaimed standard quality of education?

First of all, we can measure the quality of the University by assessing the performance of its products. Most products of Pokhara University are globally competitive and saleable. Similarly, the University has maintained international collaboration with various universities across the globe through study-exchange programs. Even we’ve managed to exchange faculty members of Pokhara University with teachers and professors of other universities in the world. Since our products and faculty members have attained a commendable reputation in the international arena, we can claim that Pokhara University is successfully providing advanced courses.

There is a group of people that speaks in favor of giving autonomy to colleges for entrance examinations whereas another group of people has logical defense? How is the condition in your University?

We’ve found irregularity in various levels after giving autonomy to a particular college for entrance examinations. So, the University will implement the centralized entrance exam system by preparing regulatory work plan. We have implemented it to master degree program and going to implement it in bachelor level, too.

Pokhara University has determined at least C grade eligibility criterion for admission. Due to this decision, many students are deprived of getting admission in PU affiliated colleges. Have you taken any initiation to solve this problem?

Determining the eligibility criteria for admission is the autonomy of the University. In spite of this, the University should maintain proper coordination for equivalency with its affiliated colleges. With regard to the admission of students with D+ grade, Pokhara University should also come up with a solution as other Nepalese Universities are accepting such a grade. I hope the problem will be resolved very soon.

What message would you like to convey to ten-plus-two graduates as acting VC of Pokhara University?

All bachelor programs of Pokhara University are considered to be the topmost syllabi in south Asia. So, I suggest all ten-plus-two graduates they should pursue bachelor level program in Nepal. Pokhara University offers a wealth of globally demanded programs in engineering, health science, management etc. And all the courses are timely updated. The University has been producing highly qualified graduates since its establishment, and all of them are globally employable. Therefore, students can choose Pokhara University offered programs without any dilemma.


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