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Shyam Sundar Chaudary

Dr. Shyam Sundar Chaudhary
Silk Road International College

Dr. Shyam Sundar Chaudhary has gained a long experience of management education in Nepal. He is the Principal at Silk Road International College. The college has emerged in the market with innovative methods and research-oriented education deliverance in the field of management. There is no doubt that quality education is the benchmark of the college since it is working in collaboration with three reputed companies: LCCI Global Qualification, Antarprerana Nepal and Jobs Dynamics. He expresses his views on essence of managerial skills in the 21st century. Excerpts:

Could you give a brief synopsis of Silk Road International College?

Silk Road International College was established in 2010 BS by a team of academicians with an aim at imparting globally acclaimed management education. It is a Purbanchal University affiliated college. During its ten years’ academic journey, the college has made tremendous achievement in the way of achieving the aim of its establishment. The college provides soft-skill training in order to prepare them to be entrepreneurs. As a part of soft-skill training, the college provides marketing skills, communication skills and personality development training. Our graduates are competitive and can easily adjust in society. There are three reputed companies which we’ve collaborated with: LCCI Global Qualification, Antarprerana Nepal and Jobs Dynamics Private Limited. Our graduates who want to be entrepreneurs, they are provided supplementary training to be entrepreneurs through LCCI Global qualification. It is a multinational company that provides soft-skill development training to those who want to be entrepreneurs in the future. The college also provides funding to those students who have strong will to be an entrepreneur but are unable due to lack of investment capacity. Similarly, we have strategic collaboration with Job Dynamics Private Limited and provide job opportunities to our graduates who want to pursue their career in employment.

What other supplementary skills do you provide to students to stimulate their latent talents?

We provide non-credit courses as required, according to the wish, aspiration and need of students. With the view to ensure research-oriented education, we are collaborating with Syncro Incuvation center and encouraging students to involve in research activities.

Since the college is affiliated to Purbanchal University, what are the unique features of BBA program of Purbanchal University?

Purbanchal University is a well-trusted university of Nepal. It provides world-class curricula affiliation and evaluation for awarding degree (examinations and results) to run college smoothly. The BBA course of Purbanchal University is updated and timely revised. In fact, Purbanchal University is the pioneer University of Nepal to launch BBA program. While talking about our college, it is well known for management education. The college has a visionary management team and well qualified faculty teachers. It has established job center and research center with the aim at producing and managing the human resources in a right way. In fact, Silk Road International College is one of the top-notch academic institutions in Nepal.

In your opinion, how will management education of Nepal go ahead in future?

Management education is not the education which is provided and limited to classroom only. It is a wide discipline that prepares learners to be highly knowledgeable and skilled in managing an office, company, industry etc. One has to learn from the entire society and implement it in the society itself. So, management education gives students a wide variety of skills that is needed to manage the society in a right and systematic way. Since the human resources related to management stream have high demand in the society, its charm has been increasing inside and outside the country in the course of time.

How will Silk Road International College move ahead in the future?

Our college has attained a huge success and earned trust and recognition in such a short period of time. Still, we have to do a lot to grab the global trend in management education. So, we are planning to develop our college as the top-most management college in Nepal and widen its recognition to international arena. Similarly, our plan and action will adhere to the impartation of management education in a unique way so that we will be able to prepare such human resources that are sought in the global market. We are working in a planned way to produce smart graduates who can compete globally and contribute to nation development to a greater extent.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates who are in search of bachelor education?

First of all, I suggest that students of bachelor level should study in Nepal. Secondly, I suggest them they choose a right college and right subject that can contribute to the fulfillment of their career dreams. Similarly, I advise all ten-plus-two graduates to visit Silk Road International College and get information about it. We are fully committed to imparting globally standard and latest curricula that will surely guide you whether you wish to be an entrepreneur or a job holder.


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