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Brief About Liberty College

Liberty College under the ownership of Global College of Management (GCM) and managed by Uniglobe College is affiliated to Pokhara University. It runs Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) programs. The promoting team members of Liberty College are academically sound and they have proven track records of success in education entrepreneurship in Nepal. The team has considerable national and international experience and immense expertise for teaching, learning and managing the educational institutes. Liberty College was established in 2009 with a vision to enlarge it as an internationally renowned and excellent management learning center in Nepal.

Liberty College – BBA and BHM programs are four-year semester system programs and their primary aim is to prepare middle level managers to meet the needs of business industry, service oriented industry, government and non-government organizations in different functional areas of management.

The teaching team of Liberty College is highly competent, dedicated and renowned in the academic field. The college also arranges guest lectures and training sessions of practitioners and reputed personalities and it conducts many skill development activities in and outside the college for the practical exposure of the students.

With an aim of making number one management college in the areas of BBA and BHM, Liberty College management firmly believes that effective dissemination of knowledge and skills to students is possible only when efforts of subject experts learned teachers and researches are backed by much needed modern equipments and facilities. The College imparts practical education to students in fully equipped and modern facilitated set-up comprising of comfortable class rooms, BHM lab, computer lab, Wi-Fi facility around the entire premises of the college, audio – visual facilities and resourceful library with comfortable reading lounge. The college team is always committed to ensure quality education to meet the need of competitive business environment.

Liberty Group Photo with BBA 5th Batch Liberty College

BBA Program

BBA at Liberty College is designed to promote and prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in the areas of business and management. The degree is highly valued by reputed corporate houses and business enterprises. BBA opens many opportunities for its graduates both as managers and also as entrepreneurs. The BBA at the Liberty College has established itself as one of the widely accepted degrees in the country and abroad. Since its inception in 2009, the Liberty College BBA program has been receiving overwhelming response from the concerned communities. The program covers a period of four academic years spread over eight semesters and 120 credit hours. The program also requires students to complete a project work and an internship. The first four semesters are devoted to build the fundamental concept of management. The last four semesters offer elective and specialization courses which enable the students to develop specialized and focused skills and knowledge in the area of their choice.

BHM Program

The Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) provides students with sound conceptual knowledge, skills, and attitude required for the various areas of business and hospitality management.  The BHM program aims at developing students’ intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education with courses related to hospitality management. The program is targeted at building leadership qualities required for managing business functions especially of hospitality industry. The program also aims to produce entrepreneurs who can initiate small scale hotel and restaurant business.

Bachelor of Hotel Management is a four year program comprising of eight semesters of six months each. The first four semesters are full of theory as well as practical. Students will have to do internship in seventh and eighth semester. BHM in total is of 138 credit hours course.

Hospitality sector is among the highest employment generators, contributing significantly to the country’s GDP. BHM at Liberty College was established with view to provide quality education in the dynamic, constantly changing and ever progressing fields of hospitality and hotel management. BHM at Liberty College provides students practical and professional experience along with the cultural fluency and business management skills to start a great career. BHM course structure designed by Pokhara University reinforces academic study to hospitality fundamentals with practical lessons and real-life professional experience.

Students experience with firsthand knowledge of industry standards and roles especially in food production, confectionary, food & beverage service, front office, accommodation operations and room division etc.  Taking into considerations the changing trends and competition, Liberty College offers value-added programs, a mentoring and coaching system and a well-established industry-academic interaction that is in place to fuel the rise academically.

After completion of all the requirements of the four year study program, graduates will be able to:

•    occupy  supervisory  positions  in  the  hotel  and  catering  industry  with  adequate background of management functions;

•    acquire technical and social knowledge and skills required for professional handling of hotel and catering operations;

•     apply management skills for greater economy and success of business operations;

•     set standards for quality assurance of the services offered to customers;

•    develop positive attitude towards the trade with greater initiative and self-confidence in handling the operations; and

•     become a successful entrepreneur in a small/medium size enterprise.

Why Liberty College?

A college can teach you only as much as you are willing to learn. Liberty has made a lot of changes in the curriculum to help students learn better and get better jobs. When the job market has been really down, most of the students of BBA from Liberty got placed, and a few who were not placed are still getting placement assistance.

We are giving additional out core knowledge related to all the areas of management subjects. Some worked on their presentation skills and soft skills. Many students participate in clubs and committees, debate and quizzes. The image of Liberty has reached a height in top Business Schools of Nepal. It has happened because of our students and the environment provided by the college management. The college has given enough opportunities to students and some have made the most out of them.

Finally, Liberty College is a place where student’s career are shaped and secured.

Scholarship – BBA & BHM

Liberty College provides merits scholarships that are based on academic achievements. The college has established 100%, 50%, 30% and 20% scholarship for outstanding students.

Liberty merit scholarship

  • Students securing 4.00 SGPA will be awarded with 100% scholarship in tuition fee in next semester.
  • College topper will be awarded with 50% scholarship in tuition fee in next semester.
  • College 2nd topper will be awarded with 30% scholarship in tuition fee in next semester.
  • College 3rd topper will be awarded with 20% scholarship in tuition fee in next semester.

Teaching Approach @ Liberty

Teaching pedagogy at Liberty College is a combination of various techniques such as tutorials, guest lectures, seminars, conferences, independent works, internship, field works, project works, researches, case studies, presentations, discussions, and many more…


Liberty College is an assembly of intellectuals who are competent and renowned in their area of expertise. With the combination of senior professors and young dynamic lecturers, the college provides pleasant & regular lectures as per the need of the curriculum along with session plan they have prepared in advance. Lecture sessions are interactive and facilitated by the faculty members to deliver in depth in the business studies. The class discussions are complemented with case analysis and presentations, reviews, and feedback of presentations, action learning through project works involving studies of real organization and practical internship. The most extensively used tool is project based action learning approach.

Liberty College emphasizes the need for continual learning with the pace of rapidly changing world because the knowledge becomes obsolete as the reality changes. Therefore, the ability to be flexible and innovative and to lead a group of people effectively has become an essential part of teaching & learning approach which can only be enhanced by integrating acquisition of knowledge with its practical implications in the real life.


The college regularly manages guest lecturers of professionals, practitioner, experts and experience personalities of various areas. The college arranges guest lecturers in four modalities:

 1. Pre-planned guest lecturers to support the course and curriculum which should be spread over each and every semesters/trimesters.

2. Guest lecturers of the practitioners who reflect their practical experiences and exposures from their working life.

3. Guest lecturers arranged to develop the students’ soft skills and life skills. And,

4. The guest lectures on the contemporary and emerging issues in business, management and economics. The speakers for the guest lectures are invited from domestic and foreign countries.


Students are exposed to group works of various kinds on regular basis within and off the class hours. The faculties retain full authority to assign in-and-off class group assignments as a part of internal evaluation in line with daily lesson-plan based on individual assessments. Groups are generally given special problems on various topics for the members to actively unfold solutions which are often analytical, survey based, literature review, and assessment types.


Students of BBA and BHM programs must compulsorily have to do one project work of 3 credit hours. Project making is a core subject area for students to work individually as well as in groups at Liberty College. Data based learning and research works are the key components of project work that help them search, compile, analyze and interpret the data on the one hand and design the business plans, conduct SWOT analysis and present reports on running programs on the other hand. The projects are generally related to the areas of banking, finance, industries and trading companies, hospitality industry and other enterprising institutions.


In the course of business life several events have to be managed effectively. Liberty College provides opportunity to manage events like international/national seminars, conferences, sports, cultural programs and competitive events so that the students learn how to work with responsibility.


The BBA & BHM students are compulsorily required to undertake internship during their study. It consists three credit hours course. The internship is accredited in the main course areas over the fixed tenure given to each individual student. The aim is to grant the students an exposure to practical and professional learning through internship program.


With a view to complement the class discussions and lectures on varying topics, the study report presentation by students is a key pattern of teaching pedagogy at Liberty College. Initiation is taken by the faculty members for the presentation on special topics in their subject areas when needed and every presentation is designed with the help of multimedia technology. The students are provided with technical and logistic support to prepare power point presentations on the topics assigned to them by the faculty as a part of internal evaluation.

ECA/CCA Activities [Like Sports Week, Bishal Bista Smriti Intercollege Football Competition, Management Fest, Training and Workshop, Field Visit/Industry Visit, Educational excursion, CSR activities etc.]

Sports Meet: Intra College SPORTS MEET is organized once in every year. With objectives of keeping students mentally and physically fit, different games are included in Sports Meet. Football, basketball, cricket, table tennis, badminton, chess etc are the games for Sports Meet. Both male and female are allowed to participate in games. The purpose of Sports meet is also to create a harmonious relationship among the students of different semester of BBA & BHM.

Liberty Cup: This is an inter-college event organized to promote healthy lifestyle, discipline and sportsmanship among the students. This inter college football tournament is named as “Bishal Bista Smriti Liberty Cup” for the memory of late Bishal Bista.

Liberty Students Day: It is purely student’s organized annual programs. Entire students of college participate in this event. Major activities during the program are welcoming the enrolling batch, farewell for outgoing batch, various performances (musical, dramatic, dance, simulation etc.) by students.

Graduation Day

At the completion of four years of academic degree, students will take part in Graduation Day organized by Liberty College. It’s not only a Graduation Day but a day where formal gathering of the batch will be there. It is also a farewell program of the batch. The major attractions of Graduation Day are the Award Distribution Ceremony where the deserving student will be awarded with trophy, certificates and cash prizes. Students are awarded under following categories:

  • Most disciplined personality
  • Most active/dynamic personality
  • Most efficient leadership personality
  • Best Male Personality
  • Best Female Personality
  • Best Project Work
  • Topper of the Batch
  • Class Representative

Training/Workshop and placement.

Students are provided with various kind of training, workshop and placement assistance. Some of the trainings include: Soft Skills trainings, Practical Financial and Account Training, Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workshop, Employability Skills Training. Graduates from Liberty College are part of various organizations ranging from manufacturing, banking, government, NGOs and INGOs to banking and financial sectors. They have acquired good positions as per their qualification and by exhibiting the excellent in organizations. Some of the graduates have started their own business and consulting institutions with good reputation and earnings. Till now, the college has graduated 315 BBAs and above 90 percent of them is engaged in their professional life after completion of Master degree. The college has established a placement cell to support the graduates for their job search and placements. The cell conducts the career counseling seminars, training and development initiations and also organizes job fair at the college for the job placement. It also builds the industrial relations for the placement, internship and practical exposures of the students.

Facilities and support


Gardening and greenery maintained inside the college premises gives the feeling of entering into a resort and people feel relaxed with clean, healthy and serene environment. Liberty College has such an infrastructure that appears ideal and attractive for concentrative learning and teaching activities. The premises are kept tidy and intellectually friendly in order to maintain furnishing standard up-to-date in order to support sound academic environment.


The college runs professional business programs which are based on excessively practical learning modules. Major portion of BBA and BHM curricula is operant with computer support. To meet this requisite for the meaningful operation of the programs, the college has ensured the availability of a sophisticated computer lab equipped with branded computers.


Each and every class room of the college has in-build muti-media facility, audio-visual and computer access with internet facility. Internet facility is available for each computer and laptops and Wi-Fi facility is spread over the entire premises of the college. All the class rooms and most of the college areas are covered by CCTV surveillance.


The library at Liberty College is resourceful with sufficient volumes. It is enriched by e-library containing plenty of text and reference books in addition to reference resources such as magazines, journals and news bulletins relevant for business and management studies. Students are free to opt for e-library facilities or they can make ample use of physically equipped library with books, national and international journals and references from diverse areas of management studies.


Intellectual learning demands rigorous mental exercise over the unlimited time hours. Liberty College has ensured fully hygienic canteen facilities with professional staff to serve the students, college staff and visiting guests with standard food items for breakfast, snacks and main courses. Varieties of local as well as continental menu are served at the canteen at reasonable cost.

Liberty College Cafetria


Deserving, talented and needy students, desiring to pursue management studies through BBA & BHM can apply for the scholarship assistance to be approved by the college administration in accordance with the provisions postulated by the university. For this purpose, the selection process of the university must be followed by the candidates. Certain fee waiver is provisioned for the top ranking students through semesters as listed Liberty College provides merits scholarships that is based on academic achievements. The college has established 100%, 50%, 30% and 20% scholarship for outstanding students.

Liberty merit scholarship

  • Students securing 4.00 SGPA will be awarded with 100% scholarship in tuition fee in next semester.
  • College topper will be awarded with 50% scholarship in tuition fee in next semester.
  • College 2nd topper will be awarded with 30% scholarship in tuition fee in next semester.
  • College 3rd topper will be awarded with 20% scholarship in tuition fee in next semester.


There is a reading section attached with the library. Students can utilize their valuable time in reading lounge which is well furnished along with high speed internet. Students spent their time from morning to evening for research and other study works very comfortably.


There is an auditorium hall at the top floor of the academic building. It is equipped with ultra-modern technologies like multimedia, audio-visuals, internet/Wi Fi and comfortable sitting arrangements. It can be set as a round table sitting for seminars and theatre setting for lectures.

Liberty College Management Fest

This is a mega event of the college organized for all the undergraduate and graduate level students. The students are fully responsible to organize it and the event is entirely supported by the college. The objective of this event is to prepare the Liberty graduates to face the challenges in their real business life. The events conducted during the fest are business plan competition, presentation competition, entrepreneurship competition, business debate, public speaking, tag the brand, mad ad, business quiz, art competition, case study presentation, Idea pitching competition and Visual Ad competition. The fest is helpful to learn practical aspects of business life during the study period with the slogan “learn with fun”. The events that are conducted in the Management Fest are mentioned below. Management Fest provides a platform to students to exhibit their managerial talent by participating in various state-of art competitions crafted to showcase their skills, share their thoughts, be the part of various activities, take part in various sort of competitions, and enjoy at the fullest and at the same time win a lot of prizes. The aim of this competition is to enhance the skills and talent and to develop the real learning environment and boosting the confidence level of the students. There are various competition in the Management Fest. Few of them are mentioned below:

Case study Competition

Case studies of real or hypothetical businesses are handed over to the students. They are given sufficient time to understand and analyze the case study and come up with feasible solutions to the problems or provide an alternative path that could have shown better results for the business. This event primarily focuses on the ability to analyze a case and think out of the box for a solution. The Case Study event can construe the future Business Analysts of various esteemed organizations.

Idea Pitching Competition

Idea pitching is a contest where student comes up with their creative and innovative ideas and express the ideas in front of jury member with valid justification regarding the feasibility and vaiability of the ideas. Students are allowed a 90 Sec timeframe to present their ideas on the basis of that best and promising ideas are selected.

Tag the Brand

This contest is done to sharpen the skills related with the marketing and brand regarding the various products and services available in the world. In this contest, students are given tagline, logo, jingle etc on the basis of which they have to recognize the brand name. Student also has to answer the slogans of various companies.

Mad Ad Show

Mad Ad Show is an ‘Advertisement Making Competition’ for students to showcase their creativity in Marketing products and services. Its objective is to acquaint the students about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. They will demonstrate their skills by showcasing their talent through role play where product advertisements are done. The idea behind conducting this competition is to provide a platform to participants to explore their creativity and stage presence skills

Presentation Competition

In this competition students are allowed to choose a topic freely and on the basis of that they are allowed to do their presentation within 10 minutes in front of Jury team. The essence behind this competition is to bring confidence among the students to speak fluently and to excel them towards presenting their ideas properly, understanding body languages and creating a point of difference in the presentation.

Business Debate Competition

Students are given an opportunity to take participation to discuss in a business related topic. Teams had a total of 10 minutes to present their arguments and were judged on their effective use of evidence and knowledge of the topic, persuasiveness, opening and closing statements, language use, and performance. The debates provide an opportunity for the participating students to develop their critical thinking and oral communication skills.

Business Quiz Competition

Students are questioned regarding the various updates about the corporate market in the world. The point of a business quiz is a fun and educative way to test your knowledge and teach you more about business which in turn makes you a better businessman/woman or entrepreneur ahead.  Learning through management quiz is fun and goes beyond the traditional bounds of management training. This will broaden the understanding of business related ideas and keeps the student update about the ongoing changes in the world.

Entrepreneurship Competition

Entrepreneurship competition is a showcase of business done by students to learn about the real life exposure of entrepreneurship by starting their own business and selling the products within and outside the college premises. This will enhance the Entrprenual skills as well as increase risk taking attitude, managerial skills and many more.

Public Speaking Competition

Public speaking is a vital life skill that students will use throughout their academic careers and in their everyday lives. Participants leave the competition having built confidence and experience in articulating their ideas and sharing them with others. The speaker talks on a pre-agreed topic for a maximum of five minutes. This competition provides a platform for students to showcase their public speaking skills and allow them to learn from other contestants. They also learn to use their words, voice, pitch, body language, eye contact, facial expressions and movement skills during the contest.

Visual Ad Competition

Visual Ad Competition helps the students to boost up their creativity skills. In this competition students are allowed to prepare one creative visual advertisement. Ad must not exceed 45 seconds.

Art Competition

In order to explore hidden talents of Liberty students, college has included art competition in management fest. Students who are highly interested to show skills of their art participate in this competition.

Business Plan Competition

In this competition, students are allowed to prepare one business plan based on any feasible innovate business idea. The major objective to this competition is to develop entrepreneurs, business plan preparation and making good link with investors, financial institutions etc. This helps student to uplift their business plan preparation skills. After taking part in this competition, students will be able to prepare business plan in real life scenario as well. This will definitely helps students to develop their entrepreneurial skills.


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