IT course has received global acclaim

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Hikmat Rokaya

Hikmat Rokaya
Amrit Science Campus

Hikmat Rokaya, coordinator at Amrit Science Campus, is an IT expert and lecturer at TU. He attained his M.Sc. CSIT from TU in 2063 BS. No sooner had he completed his highest degree than he started his teaching career in the same year. He has also worked as an IT expert in a higher education project conducted by the UGC. Similarly, he has also worked as an IT expert at UNDP-supported project for four years.

Mr. Rokaya is currently working as coordinator for B.Sc. CSIT program at Amrit Science Campus, Kathmandu. According to him, B.Sc. CSIT program at Amrit is being conducted with private funding. However, the campus has been providing B.Sc. CSIT program in a minimum fee structure. Generally, the students of B.Sc. CSIT program have to spend around NPR. 800,000.00-900,000.00 rupees to complete the course, but Amrit Science Campus provides the same course at NPR. 200,000.00. For this program, the college has a capacity of 108 students for one intake and students are selected on merit basis. About 3500 students apply for the course, but only 108 will get such a phenomenal opportunity in an academic year. In addition, the college consists of qualified teaching faculty with the view to produce qualified IT professionals.

The B.Sc. CSIT course is updated frequently and it is a globally acclaimed IT course. The course is based on professionalism and research orientation. Although the college can offer a limited number of seats in B.Sc. CSIT program, Mr. Rokaya request ten-plus-two graduates that they visit the college and get information about this course. He said, “If students are genuinely inquisitive and thoughtful about their career they are certain to seize this sterling opportunity”. In addition, the main target of B.Sc. CSIT program is to produce IT experts and researchers that can be employed in the global market. Even an IT expert, who has completed B.Sc. CSIT course, can work globally by staying in Nepal. In fact, B.Sc. CSIT program is the most demanded course in the world now. Therefore, such human resources can be entrepreneurs and employ other technocrats.


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