High standards of courses of Pokhara University contribute to preparing highly skilled workforce

Hari Bhandari
Hari Bhandari

Er. Hari Bhandari
Founder Principal
Oxford College of Engineering & Management

Er. Hari Bhandari, Founder Principal of Oxford College of Engineering & Management, has been elected Senior Vice President of OPEN from its ninth national convention, held in Kathmandu. The convention has provided some specific responsibilities to the newly formed committee. The main aim of this organization is to unite and uplift all the affiliated colleges of Pokhara University and to strengthen the university’s status. Er. Bhandari shares his view on how OPEN will aggressively work on resolving all contradictory issues of the University. Excerpts:

How will OPEN go ahead in incoming days?

OPEN has recently completed ninth convention and has formed a new executive committee. The conference has provided some specific responsibilities to the newly formed committee. We will prepare our strategic plan for unifying and uplifting all the affiliated college of Pokhara University with the aim of strengthening the University’s. We will forward our clear vision to the University for delivering quality education. We are fully committed to parity, impartiality and transparency in the whole education system so that it will enable the University to move ahead in the path of inclusiveness and fair administration. We will present our explicit plan with to the functioning team of the University very soon.

Some dissatisfaction has come on surface regarding the issue of depriving D+ graded students of enrollment in any Pokhara University affiliated colleges. How will OPEN go ahead for solving this problem?

OPEN is in favor of bringing improvement in the entire education system. Regarding the case of D+, it is already filed in the court. I think it will give justice to students. The OPEN is working exhaustively on bringing reformation in the University policy.

In your opinion, how should Pokhara University move ahead for upgrading the quality of its administration and educational policies?

There are both opportunities and challenges of Pokhara University. Pokhara University should identify the opportunity by settling the challenges in a right way. The University has world-class courses and all the affiliated colleges are sustainable with positive vibes. Similarly, the University is located in a beautiful city engulfed majestic and jaw-dropping mountains. In this regard, all these are the opportunities that may make the University stronger. If we get visionary VC and registrar, we can bring drastic changes in the quality of University as Kulman Ghising alone has brought exceptional breakthroughs in the electricity sector.

Oxford College is one of the leading colleges in terms of its high academic standards in all courses it offers. How do you acknowledge yourself and your staff members for achieving such a huge success?

In fact, I have similar feeling that I had before. However, when I met with academicians and a team of academic professionals, I found positive response about Oxford College. Immense love and trust of society for Oxford College and its team makes me feel better. It has made me more liable and accountable for my social responsibilities. I’ve learned a lesson that if we work hard with continuous efforts for positive thing, we will get positive response from the society.

You are the leading figure of Oxford College of Engineering and Management which is one of the globally recognized academic institutions. In your experience, what things are needed for achieving a success?

Success is measured form our own angle. America and China are successful countries in the global context. They have their own bases for measuring success and own strategy for achieving successes. Similarly, I have also my own strategy and bases for measuring a success. In my experience, strong determination, clear vision, mission and objective lead to successful upshots. One should have self-respect and respect for his duties. He/she should have capacity to resist the challenges and penetrate the obstruction. Another equally important thing is that one should have positive view to look at any challenges and should make exhaustive efforts for achieving a success. In fact, I am optimistic and have strong faith that I can change a stone into diamond and can make a pond on sand.

What are the distinct features of Oxford College which distinguishes it from others? What are your further plans for its further upliftment?

Oxford College has its unique identity in quality education. It has good management system, strong moral value and positive attitude. The college is totally free from unwanted political influence. It prohibits any party politics activities from interfering on our academic activities in the college premises. We have developed working culture in team work. Similarly, there is a provision of punishment and reward to all the faculty teachers, staff and college members. Another equally important feature is its economic transparency and accountability. In addition, the college has arranges international tours for both teaching and non-teaching staff with an intense hope that share their ideas and knowledge with the people they meet.

Oxford College itself is a well-recognized and renowned college. However, we do not leave any stone unturned to ameliorate its administration and academic activities. In order to solidify our plans, we are focusing on both physical and academic improvement. By the end of this academic session, we will have installed air conditions in all the classrooms. We are also planning to facilitate our students and staff with a swimming pool within two years.

What kinds of teaching and learning activities are you applying at Oxford College?

Oxford College has adopted new methods in teaching and learning activities. We apply alternative methods based on the interest and capability of individual students. For an instance, regular presentation, round-table discussion, career development seminars etc. will be facilitated according to the nature of students.


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