Despite challenges, OPEN has opened multiple gateways for its members

Prof. Dr. RC Acharya
Prof. Dr. RC Acharya

Prof. Dr. RC Acharya
Immediate Past President, OPEN

OPEN is an umbrella organization of private educational institutions, affiliated to Pokhara University. Its main objective is to strengthen the administration and academic activities of PU affiliated colleges and support the University for running the programs smoothly. Having led this organization for about 13 years, Prof. Dr. RC Acharya handed over his presidential responsibility to the second generation at the 9th Convention held in Kathmandu on ….. In fact, during his tenure, he made tremendous efforts and worked diligently to earn this goodwill. He has pointed some notable challenges that the new leadership should cope with for the well-being of their colleges and the University. Prof. Acharya is the Founder Principal at Tilottama Campus and Chairman at Lumbini Engineering, Management and Science College. He shared his view on growing demand of management qualifications across the globe. Excerpts:

You took the leadership of OPEN for a long time. At the 9th Convention, the leadership was transferred to the second generation. How was your tenure as President of OPEN?

I got a rare opportunity to lead OPEN for thirteen years. I was really happy to transfer my leadership responsibility to the second generation at the 9th convention in Kathmandu. During my tenure, this organization underwent several ups and downs which I experienced while doing with three different teams. There exists unity, co-operation and harmony among the team members of OPEN and the University. Remarkably, during my tenure, we established a broad mindset to maintain solidarity among the affiliated colleges. We started to overcome any problems jointly and attained successes to conduct semester exams and board exams according to the calendar. We tried our best to replenish the lacunae of the University and affiliated colleges and ensured these two bodies would have cordial relationship.

Was there any work you could not complete during your tenure as President?

We tried to address the problem of eligibility criteria of enrollment of management students for bachelor program. We proposed that students with 2 CGPA are to be enrolled but didn’t get full success since it is still under consideration. I am sure the existing committee will address this problem. Similarly, the OPEN will remain busy to reform the curriculum in different faculties and try the best to maintain the calendar more effectively.

Are the second-generation leaders capable enough of running every activity with the professional spirit?

Yes, after the 9th convention, OPEN has formed its new central committee under the leadership of Mr. Nawaraj Pandey, a successful, devoted and highly experienced personality, who I am sure, will make optimal efforts to overcome the existing problems. Moreover, all the members in the committee have a long experience of successful leadership not only in the academic institutions but also in other social institutions or social fields. I am sure the reformed second-generation team for OPEN is more energetic and more committed to increasing the status of Pokhara University and affiliated colleges. This team will successfully fulfill the set objectives of OPEN and will work to bridge the possible gaps that might occur in the days to come.

On what matters should the newly elected executive committee of OPEN focus immediately?

  • OPEN should focus on changing the eligibility criteria for enrollment of management students in bachelor level.
  • It should always be a helping hand for the University to maintain academic calendar.
  • It should propose some new insights and plans for the advancement of the University and affiliated colleges.
  • It should always endeavor to solve the problems related to the University and affiliated colleges.

The eligibility criteria for enrollment of management students in bachelor level are tough as compared to previous years’. What sorts of effects do you envisage and how can it be solved?

During my tenure as a president of OPEN, I presented my anxiety regarding the criteria that the university declared for bachelor’s enrollment in management faculty. The University should immediately review the eligibility criteria. This rule has completely paralyzed students regardless of their success in ten-plus-two examinations. They are provided transcript, migration and provisional certificates from the NEB but become illegible for the bachelor program if their grade is below ‘C’ in each subject. Requirement of equal mastery and competency in each subject is really challenging as it requires not only a person’s academic interest but also strong cognition.

How do both PU and its affiliated colleges go ahead for smooth running of academic activities and enhancing students’ quality?

The frequent seminars, workshops, training and other refreshment activities are to be organized in certain intervals of time. Whatever the policies and the plans are set that are to be monitored and supervised maintaining necessary co-ordination in between and among the concerned stakeholders for smooth run and better enhancement. The university should reform the syllabi or redesign the curricula that best fit with the global market.

What are the distinct features of BBA and B.Sc. Environment programs at Tilottama Campus?

The remarkable distinct features of  these courses at Tilottama Campus are:

  • Student friendly environment for every student for development of professional career and lifelong learning.
  • Students are inspired to be entrepreneurs on their own rather than job seekers.
  • Working with stakeholders to deliver a better future for our students.
  • Operating in quality teaching and learning environment and delivering a student experience that is accessible to all.
  • Necessary guidance to all students from the faculty members and department on both academic and personal issues.

How do you acknowledge the remarkable achievement of Tilottama BBA graduates?

Tilottama graduates of BBA have achieved phenomenal successes in diverse fields of professionalism. The BBA Graduates of Tilottama have completed PhD from overseas universities and have been placed in the respective universities. Similarly, they have seized the opportunity of holding the post of chairperson in some commercial banks; they have been recruited in banks, industries and some of them are entrepreneurs. They have been able to provide their effective services to diverse fields. I meet BBA graduates of Tilottama Campus in each bank in province no 5.

Is there any provision for job placement cell for your graduates?

Formally, we have established a department for placement of BBA graduates of Tilottama Campus. When the administration comes to know the suitable placement opportunities for students we inform them and provide necessary guidelines to succeed in their workplace.

What are the further plans of Tilottama Campus?

Despite our frequent proposal submission attempts for MBA syllabi, we have not got the approval yet. We hope the University will approve our proposal of MBA accreditation soon and ease our way to successful deliverance of such syllabi.


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