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Prof. Indra Prasad Tiwari (PhD)
Prof. Indra Prasad Tiwari (PhD)

Prof. Indra Prasad Tiwari (PhD)
Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Pokhara University

Prof Indra Prasad Tiwari is a member of Academic Council and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. He is also the member secretary at Doctoral Council. Pokhara University has initiated running market-based newly emerged programs with innovating approaches.

Bachelor of English and Communication Studies is a very important professional English course that incorporates the demand of the 21st Century. Prof Tiwari has made the master plan to introduce new programs. He shares his view with College Readers. Excerpts:

Although development study course is useful, its attraction has reached the level it should be. How do you analyze it?

In my opinion, it takes some time for any institutions to acquire an established brand. In the case of development study, its charm is increasing globally in the recent times. There are high demands of such human resources as the development process in increasing significantly in the course of time. So, I am sure that the attraction to development study is ever increasing.

Why could we not convince students about its opportunities?

This is completely a new course. So, it takes some time to reach up to the grass root level. We are planning to convey the message through media and through various interaction programs about its scope and importance. This course develops the language competency and professional skill to people, particularly who want to become Public Relation Officer, Market Promotion Officer, Media Person, Script Writers, documentation officer and so on. As it is a multi-disciplinary course and is equally important for all sectors to develop their formal communicative skills in English language in their respective field of work.

With regard to the decreasing attraction of Humanity and Social Sciences syllabus worldwide, how can it sustain in Nepal?

Humanities and social sciences have two sections of knowledge. Under the faculty of humanities language, literature and arts are studied, including gender studies, development studies, social studies, political science, economics etc. Pokhara University offers humanities and social sciences programs by analyzing the global market. The English language and communication course has the sterling demand in the world market for professional development. The products of these courses can work in the field of communication and professional writing globally. Similarly, all the social sciences courses are directly related to human beings and societies where they dwell. More importantly, graduates are easily employable in the global market.

What are your further plans to make the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences stronger?

We are planning to operate new courses which have worldwide demand. Considering this fact, we are planning to launch bachelor in entrepreneurship development course with the coordination of ministry for industry and commerce. The students of the fourth year should start their entrepreneurship in order to attain their bachelor degree. We are planning to provide NPR. 50,000 per student for running entrepreneurship as seed money at the end of their course completion, but students should refund it within the stipulated time. Similarly, our future plan is to run the programs of Public Diplomacy, Mountain Studies and Sports under humanities and social sciences. We have included them in the strategic and action plan of the University.

What are the prospects of the course, Entrepreneurship Development, in bachelor level?

Students, who complete this course, will be industrialists, entrepreneurs or facilitators. CTEVT offers various professional courses in proficiency level but none of the universities in Nepal have the similar versions of programs in bachelor and master’s degree levels. Pokhara University is intending to run such a professional course in both bachelor and master’s levels. Upon the completion of the course, its graduates can serve the nation as entrepreneurs, facilitators or employees in the open market.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two graduates?

In the recent years, Pokhara University has been operating newly emerged and globally demanded courses under the faculty of humanities and social sciences. The world is not demanding only engineers and doctors, rather all types of human resources are equally needed in global communities. So, students who want to serve the society can study humanities and social sciences program. The newly emerged programs of humanities and social sciences are globally competitive and saleable.

What’s your say at last?

The humanities and Social Sciences course of Pokhara University is not a traditional course; it is a world-class and modern course launched to meet the present demand of the world. Our faculty members are highly experienced who can easily handle this course. The appellation and popularity of Pokhara University in Humanities and Social Sciences is ever growing in the course of time. So, we are making efforts to increase the number of enrollees by promoting the courses through various programs.


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