Amrit Science Campus has preserved treasures of science education transferred from generation to generation

Dr. Puspa Lal Homagai
Dr. Puspa Lal Homagai

Dr. Puspa Lal Homagai
Campus Chief, Amrit Science Campus

Amrit Science Campus was established as Public Science College (PUSCOL) in 2013 BS, and later named as Amrit Science College (ASCOL). It had started its formal classes from the building of existing Tri-Chandra College in the initial phase. The college was shifted to the existing place in 2018 BS.  
The college was founded by Amrit Prasad Pradhan with the aim at imparting technical education. In 2022 BS, the college had to countenance the demise of Amrit Prasad Pradhan in an unexpected tragic plane crash during his visit to the USA. So, in the loving memory of Amrit Prasad Pradhan, the college was later renamed as Amrit Science Campus after his name. The college has been running as Amrit Science Campus till date. Currently, Amrit Science Campus offers courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Statistics, Computer (CSIT), Environment and Microbiology in Bachelor’s level and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, and Zoology in Master’s level.
Dr. Puspa Lal Homagai is the Campus Chief at Amrit Science Campus. The campus had boosted its fame two decades ago as the best destination of students for I.Sc. and still its fame and fortune is growing significantly for Bachelor’s level program, especially for computer (CSIT). He shared his view with College Readers on spreading renown of the college for different levels of course choices for myriads of students. Excerpts:

Amrit Science campus is in the process of acquiring a QAA certificate. How is the academic status of the college now?

We have completed first phase of QAA process and has been entering into the second phase. The college has maintained appealing academic standard and is working to fulfill all the criteria for a QAA certificate. Amrit Science Campus is qualified for achieving the QAA certificate since it has managed to enroll an adequate number of students, modern physical infrastructure, prodigious human resources and advanced system to deliver quality education.

It is believed that the standard of education is high in private colleges since there are unnecessary political activities at government colleges that spoil the entire academic activities. Amid such allegation, what message would you like to convey to your students and parents so that they get assured of quality education you deliver?

Amrit Science Campus is a well-established TU constituent college for science education. It incorporates qualified and highly experienced faculty members who are strict and regular for retaining the legacy of the college. Therefore, it has been producing qualified human resources in the field of science. There is an emotional attachment of Amrit Prasad Pradhan who always dreamt of developing this institution as one of the best destinations for science and technical education. Therefore, in order to solidify his dream, we are preparing a master plan to construct the advanced infrastructures and conduct research-oriented and practical classes, which we believe, will surely fulfill the dream of Mr. Pradhan. So, I convey my message to all students and parents that Amrit Science Campus carries a glorious history of academic excellence, and we are fully committed to maintaining the legacy of the institution that always believes in quality education.

In your opinion, what should be done by the Tribhuvan University for escalation of the standard of its constituent colleges, such as Amrit Science College that carries that legacy of quality education impartation for decades?

The government eliminated the PCL program by 2065 BS which resulted in mushrooming of ten-plus-two institutions in Nepal in no time. Moreover, qualified teachers, who were teaching in PCL level, were obliged to quit the job as TU couldn’t manage and adjust them. Since then the deterioration of quality in government campuses started and private colleges took its great advantage. Therefore, the Tribhuvan University should manage available human resources so that the country would not be a victim of brain-drain. For this, it should establish a research center and employ the qualified human resources by providing facilities as required for fulfillment of their basic need. The University should allocate an adequate budget for research projects in various areas. It should not oblige its adept human resources to leave their job due to poor service facilities.

What suggestion would you like to give ten-plus-two graduates who are in search of qualitative bachelor education in Nepal?

Amrit Science Campus contains treasures of wisdom that pledge each learner award-winning education, especially in science stream. Its uplift and amelioration is linked with the history of science education in Nepal and tribute to renowned academicians like Amrit Prasad Pradhan. The college imparts quality and life-enhancing education by offering a variety of subjects in the science discipline. So, I suggest students they get enrolled in the college for quality science education. I confidently express my commitment that Amrit Science Campus is capable enough to impart globally demanded quality education in science stream.


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