Ritz College: solidifying its slogan, ‘Quality Education in Nepal’

Tulsi Ram Rijal
Tulsi Ram Rijal

Tulsi Ram Rijal

Ritz College of Engineering and Management was founded by a team of dedicated educationists and social workers with the aim at imparting quality education by incorporating modern trends and techniques. The college puts the best efforts in grooming the youthful teenagers by exposing their latent talents and potentiality. The college has adopted student-centered teaching approach and motivation. Currently, the college offers BBA and BHM as management programs and BE for engineering qualification.
Tulsi Ram Rijal is the Principal at Ritz College of Engineering and Management who shared his views with College Readers on growing significance of technical education in the global setting. Excerpts:

The college was established for management and hospitality program in its inception; nevertheless, it too offers engineering education at present. Could you share with us your success story?

Needless to say, the college had been established for management and hospitality education; however, we later felt the need of engineering education along with management programs, so, we applied for affiliation in 2012 AD. The college had prepared all the essential foundation for engineering education before it applied for the same. Of late, it has got the affiliation. So, we are going to operate BE in civil engineering in the new session.

What are the unique feature of engineering education at Ritz College of Engineering and Management?

We are planning to run BE in civil engineering by preparing all the infrastructures including human resources. We have managed qualified, experienced and full time faculty to give the sterling standard of education. Similarly, all the investors are from teaching profession. The college has managed adequate physical infrastructure, such as modern building, well-equipped lab, well-furnished classrooms and well-stocked library.

What efforts has Ritz College of Engineering and Management made for quality enhancement of its programs and students?

Ritz College incorporates state-of-the-art infrastructure and prodigious tutors. Moreover, it is helping its students show their exposure in the global setting. In other words, student will participate in frequent field visits and study-exchange programs which will definitely help them enhance their competency in the workplace. In addition, a series of guest lecture events bolsters our learners learning efficiency, contributing highly to their quality enhancement.

How is the prospect and scope of civil engineering in Nepal?

Civil engineering is a globally demanded course, which needs to be reshaped and redesigned, particularly in Nepal. Nevertheless, Nepal is just heading towards the path of development. So, in the context of Nepal, civil engineering has high prospects and scope.

In your opinion, why should students study engineering education in Nepal?

Engineering colleges in Nepal are fully capable to impart global standardized education. The syllabi have been prepared imbibing global demand and the local context. Similarly, the engineering colleges in Nepal have prepared adequate modern tools and infrastructures that fulfill the requisites of global needs. Therefore, students have adequate opportunities for their exposure to the Nepalese context. If students study in Nepal, they become familiar with their context and culture. They will also gain practical skill through field visits and projects in Nepali swathes. The course has been designed in such a way that can produce globally competitive human resources linking with Nepali context. Our slogan “Quality Education in Nepal” is beneficial for individual learners in particular and for the nation at large.

You are going to conduct civil engineering program for the first time. How do you ensure you would be able to deliver quality education to your pupils?

The college has been imparting quality education in BBA and BHM programs which is widely popular and has earned trust among students and parents. The legacy is one of the unavoidable proofs for the assurance of quality education. Another trust-worthy proof for quality education is its qualified, dedicated, highly experienced full-time faculty of teachers in addition to availability of modern tools and equipment for empirical education. Similarly, all the investors are from teaching profession, which is also an underpinning factor for the assurance of quality education.

What suggestions would you like to give ten-plus-two graduates?

I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to all ten-plus-two graduates for their huge achievement. I suggest that students should search the best college of their choice themselves. For you, Ritz College can be an ultimate resort for management and engineering education which will eventually develop certitude in you to compete globally. In addition, it is fully committed for the assurance of quality education at affordable fee structure providing all sorts of modern facilities. So, I suggest them they pay a visit to Ritz college for BBA, BHM and Civil Engineering courses.


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