Pokhara Engineering College has set optimum priority for research-based education

Saroj Giri

Er. Saroj Giri
Research and Development Chief
Pokhara Engineering College

Pokhara Engineering College, affiliated to Pokhara University is a leading engineering college. Currently, it offers courses: BE Computer, BE Civil, BE Electronics and Communication, B. Architecture, affiliated to Pokhara University and Diploma courses: Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Computer Engineering, affiliated to CTEVT.

Er. Saroj Giri is the Research and Development Chief at Pokhara Engineering College. Pokhara Engineering College focuses on research and development works from which the students will get real experience while studying engineering education. He shared his view on importance of research-based tutoring in the engineering field. Excerpts:

What are the major things that should be in priority while conducting research in engineering education?

There are many branches of knowledge in engineering education and the research work should be directed related to the nature of engineering field. For computer engineering, research should be made relating to security. Similarly, in civil engineering, research should be conducted regarding construction field. In communication engineering, research should be on disability.

Pokhara Engineering College has taken an initiative to research work. Could you share with us some specific things about it?

Pokhara engineering college has established research and development department with the view to carry out research work effectively in various fields of engineering education. The college has signed an MoU with many institutions for conducting research. We have conducted research on the basis of the level of understanding in collaboration with Nepal Telecommunication Authority. Similarly, we have taken initiation to conducting research in collaboration with Asian Paint regarding the issue of the perception of public about Asian Paint.

You’ve been involved in both teaching and research fields for a long time. In your experience, how is the interest of engineering students in research? Which part is lacking by the University/ colleges whilst producing qualified engineers?

In my experience, students are interested in research work regarding various issues in their related subject. But in the recent days, it is very difficult to mobilize students with team spirit. For producing qualified engineers, research work should be focused. However, project-based work has been given priority in engineering education till date.

What are the distinct features of Pokhara Engineering College?

Pokhara Engineering College is a well-recognized college in the field of practice-based quality education. The college integrates theoretical classes with research work on various issues. In addition, the college organizes field visits for practical orientation. Presentation and experience sharing are part of teaching and learning activities at our college. In this way, practical orientation is regularly done along with theoretical classes. Similarly, the college has rich physical infrastructure with modern tools and equipment and is backed by qualified, dedicated and highly experienced faculty members who have maintained a good academic environment.

What efforts has Pokhara Engineering College made for quality enhancement?

We are fully aware of quality enhancement of the college and its pupils. We have been organizing refreshment training for the faculty members in collaboration with the UGC. Similarly, motivational classes and seminars have been conducted to ensure effective learning.

It is rumored that the drop-out problem is increasing in alarming rate. How do you analyze the problem?

Indeed, the problem is seen in most of the engineering colleges in Nepal. Our college can’t be the exception. Most students get enrolled in engineering education because of the pressure of their parents and relatives, and they get influenced by their peer group. Similarly, students will not be regular for their classes which consequently results in increasing the drop-out rate. So, in my analysis, only industrious and self-motivated students can achieve a success in engineering education.

Pokhara Engineering College has been producing a large number of students continuously for the past 20 years. How is the performance of the college graduates?

Pokhara Engineering College has been producing energetic, self-motivated and qualified engineers. Our products are in high level posts in both government and private sectors. Our products have held the position of DG level in hydropower, Nepal Telecom etc. Similarly, some of our products are working as professors at national and international Universities.

What suggestions would you like to give to ten-plus-two science graduates?

I suggest that ten-plus-two graduates choose market-demanded subjects for their secure future. Pokhara Engineering College can be the best destination for those hopefuls for engineering education. So, I suggest they pay a visit and acquire further details about Pokhara Engineering College.


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