Oxford College honored with ‘Goodwill Achievement Award’


Er. Hari Bhandari
Oxford College of Engineering & Management, Gaindakot

Oxford College of Engineering & Management, situated in Gaindakot, has been continuously receiving a wealth of prestigious awards from national and international organizations for imparting quality education that incorporates international standards.

Oxford College was awarded ‘Goodwill Achievement’ by Shikshyalaya National Educational Magazine at an event at Russian Culture Centre, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu. The chief guest of the award program— Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda), who is the former Prime Minister and Chairman of Nepal Community Party— honored Er. Hari Bhandari, who is the principal at Oxford College, amid a large number of participants. At the ceremony, while addressing the delegates and participants, Er. Bhandari expressed that he’s made tremendous efforts to underpin the foundation of the college for the past 20 years. He added the college is showing its appealing efficacy which is hard-earned. He said he would not have reached this place without untiring efforts and support from the team of college: teachers, staff, students, parents/guardians and well-wishers. Excerpts:

Of late, you have been awarded the Goodwill Achievement Award-2076 from an educational magazine of Nepal. So, College Readers team congratulates you on your phenomenal achievement. Could you share with us your success story?

I have been awarded half a dozen of dignified international awards and some national level awards. Of late, I have been awarded a Goodwill Achievement Award- 2076 by an educational monthly magazine— Shikshyalaya. As stated by the president of the magazine, this award has been given in honor of outstanding performance of the college that has earned goodwill in both national and international arenas. Oxford College has been selected on the merit basis as it has received a wealth of national and international awards and veneration. I therefore feel blissful to have received such a prestigious award. In addition, I feel that one can receive such an award if s/he shows immense dedication to the impartation of award-winning education.

In your opinion, why should engineering education be studied in Nepal?

I have visited world’s recognized universities and I am familiar with their academic activities. Also I have closely analyzed the academic benchmarks of around 100 best universities/ colleges of Europe, America and other parts of the world which have sterling academic benchmarks vis-à-vis their curriculums and teaching. In my analysis, engineering education in Nepal is competitive and has high standards in comparison to top colleges of the world. Truly speaking, theoretical parts of our curriculums are of high standard. Therefore, we have to promote hands-on education and research-based teaching and learning activities in order to meeting international standards in practical education. Some private colleges of Nepal have met the global standard in terms of their practical based education, too. Engineering education comprises a practical syllabus, so implementation of practice-based tutoring is inevitable for producing globally competitive human resources.

In your opinion, to what extent private engineering colleges in Nepal are able to impart globally acclaimed academic benchmarks?

In my experience, some of the engineering colleges in Nepal are highly capable to impart globally acclaimed education in both theoretical and practical spectra. Concerning Oxford Engineering College, it has fully been successful and capable to impart globally accepted education. I have a limpid datum that Nepalese engineering colleges are preparing a large number of adept human resources. I’ve recently met a PhD enrolled student who got listed in top ten PhD scholars in Germany. He’d received bachelor education from Nepal. Similarly, Many Nepalese students who have graduated from reputed foreign universities are showing phenomenal performance. Therefore, I can infer that Nepalese engineering colleges are competent enough to prepare skilled engineers. However, Nepal Government and Nepalese universities should set priorities for the reformation of existing theoretical syllabi in order to witness engineering graduates work in their native land.

Although Nepalese engineering colleges meet the global standards while educating youths in their native land, the trend of ten-plus-two graduates going abroad for higher studies has not been fully controlled. What is your opinion regarding this issue?

It is really arduous to change the mindset of Nepalese people that quality education can only be achieved in a foreign land which many of our parents and guardians feel proud of. In the recent times, a large number of students are going to foreign lands with the motive of earning rather than getting a qualification. However, if we analyze the recent data, this trend is gradually decreasing. In addition, the OPEN has recently organized an education fair highlighting the importance of bachelor education in Nepal. In this regard, the campaign has become fruitful as a large number students showed great interest in further study in their native land.

You’ve had a long experience of engineering education in Nepal. In this regard, which branch of engineering, do you think, will have sterling demand in the days to come?

We cannot predict on which branch of engineering course will have a sterling demand in the future. It solely depends on the contextual need of the country. In our context, after the devastating earthquakes-2072, the demand of civil engineers has significantly increased. Likewise, the demand of computer engineering and electrical/ electronic engineering has dramatically increased in recent times as IT education has become an urgent need of people living in the world of technologies across the globe. In the same way, if we analyze the growing trend of other countries, we can find a high demand of railway engineers in India, mining engineers in middle-east countries and so on. Hence, the attraction and demand of particular engineering can be measured only by analyzing the national need, available natural resources and national priority.

What are the appealing factors of engineering courses of Pokhara University?

Pokhara University is a well-recognized and widely trusted University in Nepal. One of the appealing factors of Pokhara University is that it helps its affiliate colleges sustain in the long run. Similarly, it has offers updated as well as globally acclaimed curricula which are upgraded very frequently. In addition, the University has become successful in producing globally employable human resources. Therefore, all the graduates of engineering programs of Pokhara University affiliated colleges are employed worldwide.


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