Nepalese engineering education has heralded rapid transformation in restructuring the nation

Lalan Tiwari
Lalan Tiwari

Lalan Kumar Tiwari
Lalitpur Engineering College, Lalitpur

Lalitpur Engineering College is a TU affiliated college that offers BE Civil and BE Computer, BE Arch and BCA. It has been established with the aim of providing an outstanding engineering educational support to the aspirant candidates. The college is fully equipped with types of amenities for modern teaching that are integrated with the teaching approaches at a ‘Quality Learning Centre’.

Lalan Kumar Tiwari is the Principal at Lalitpur Engineering College. The special features, such as central location, administration and tutoring by a group of visionary Nepalese eminent professionals, ultra-modern laboratories, and a serene academic environment have pulled attention of myriads career hopefuls. He shared his view with college readers on the importance of acquiring an engineering qualification by Nepalese youths in their native land. Excerpts:

Would you give a brief analysis of engineering education in Nepal?

The current government, which has the steering of nation development, ought to work diligently to reshape the structure of the country. After entering into the federal system, there is an urgent need of engineers in local level up to the central level of government. In each municipality and rural municipality, there is high a demand of engineers. Since the available number of engineers cannot fulfill the present demand, there should be a dramatic rise in the number of engineers in Nepal.

It is alleged that quality of engineering education is rarely perpetual in Nepal although it is very essential for the overall development of the nation. How is your view regarding this issue?

I am not sure about other universities, but I am confident that the quality of engineering education accredited by TU is competitive not only in Nepal but also in south Asia. Our college is a TU affiliate. There is high value of IOE in south Asia. The TU admits only IOE entrance successors. So, the quality of TU affiliated colleges cannot be underestimated nor should it be missed by any career hopefuls.

What efforts has Lalitpur Engineering College made for quality enhancement in the arena of engineering in Nepal?

Lalitpur Engineering College has made a master plan for its quality enhancement. We have brought long-term and short-term programs for its excellent performance. For the quality enhancement as a short-term plan, we have been making internal arrangement. Similarly, as our long term program, we are planning to run master degree programs in engineering education. We know that without launching master degree programs it is not possible to produce qualified teachers in engineering education. The sustainability of engineering education depends on the state of the production of highly qualified faculties and constant efforts of the management board. We have been working for the betterment of both of these things with the view to enhance quality of education in the native land.

How do you acknowledge the performance of your graduates in global economy?

The performance of our passed graduates is worth commendable along with outstanding results. Many of them have got scholarship for their higher studies at foreign universities, particularly in the USA, Australia and European countries.

What are the unique features of Lalitpur Engineering College which are rarely found at other colleges?

We have adopted the policy, “Least the number best the winner“, and we are working for achieving this target very sincerely. There is a personal care for our students. The academic activities are run unhindered in our college. We are always away from political interferences and disturbances. Another unique feature of our college is its peaceful environment. We impart quality education in a fully academic and peaceful environment. We have made arrangement of giving training to our graduates for three to four months with the view at strengthening their practical skills in their workplace.

What improvement do you expect from TU for the amelioration of students’ performance?

The Tribhuvan University should make clear projection about the number of engineers required for different fields of development in the country. Moreover, it should increase the quota of civil engineers and electrical engineers to meet the demand of the nation in the engineering field after analyzing the demand and supply ratio. It should give affiliation to other new colleges and determine the quota of their constituent and affiliated colleges.

What suggestions would you like to give ten-plus-two graduates who are in search of higher education in Nepal?

Skill is an invaluable treasure that ensures a happy and dignified life. Those students who have skills in a particular field, their demand is very high not only in the country also in the global market. The engineering education is the highly demanded program in the context of Nepal. So, I suggest them they pursue engineering program in order to secure their future.


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