IoE Toppers 2019


Pratik Dahal-1st Rank holder in IoE Entrance Exam

Pratik Dahal
Pratik Dahal

Born on 26th Magh, 2059 in Damak, Pratik Dahal completed his both SEE and plus two degrees from Bishnu Memorial Secondary School, Dharan. He chose PEA for engineering entrance preparation.

I never thought that I would top the IoE entrance examination, but I was optimistic about a positive result. As soon as I saw my name as topper of the examination, my heart sprung in happiness. 

For this success, I give all the credit to my parents, teachers and PEA who have always been supportive of me. In addition, I am indebted to my maternal uncle and aunt who gave me a serene academic environment in their house where I experienced immense concentration. This is one of the factors that led me to an initial success.

I didn’t study at any institute, but PEA. The teachers and experts of PEA gave me crucial ideas, tips and tricks to memorize some terms which helped me succeed in the entrance exam. In addition, a series of motivational speech and mock tests tailored my winning chance, which eventually turned out to be a milestone in my career.

In the final stage, PEA showed its more concerns about my examination, which consists of professionals and experts. The mock test of PEA was award-winning; as a result, I felt extremely competent with other 5000 enrollees at PEA. Therefore, I suggest my juniors they should join PEA for engineering entrance preparatory classes if you have a dream of pursuing an engineering course at Pulchowk Engineering College with full scholarship.

I have decided to pursue BE in computer science. Computer Engineering is applied mathematics. Since my childhood I have been interested in mathematics and logical things. After attaining a degree of engineering, I will bring new innovations in technology.

Rahul Kumar Jha-2nd Rank in IoE Entrance Exam

Rahuk kumar Jha pic
Rahuk kumar Jha

Born on 8th Chitra, 2059 in Saptari, Rahul Kumar Jha completed SEE from Happy Land Secondary School, Rajbiraj and ten-plus-two from Liverpool International College, Kathmandu. He prepared for his entrance examination at PEA.

I was in dilemma while joining PEA. There was only one reason to join PEA for engineering entrance preparation that I would change my habit of getting up late. While studying at PEA, I experienced new things from teachers that you should do what your heart wants. Then I studied seriously and painstakingly to conquer IoE entrance examination.

In the incipient days at PEA while taking a mock test, my performance was not good and I was completely hopeless. After a week, I found that I was not taking my study seriously. Then I took attention on studies, consulted teachers and found out the tips for memorizing.

I didn’t think of being a second topper at IoE entrance exam.  The credit of this success goes to my grandparents, parents, teachers and PEA.

Everyone knows that this is the age of information and technology. Since my childhood, I have dreamt to be a computer engineer. I wanted to establish a Google office in Kathmandu. While I was a child, I knew that Google office was in Delhi. I asked my father why the Google office was not in Kathmandu. He replied to me that India is more developed than Nepal in IT sector. Since then, my interest has been to be a computer engineer and want to serve the country bringing the new innovative ideas in IT sector.

When I came to PEA, I was very impressed and inspired by Dharma KC sir. While teaching in the classroom, he said that he was working for machine learning. He was going to America for further studies. His inspiration fired my enthusiasm further to embark on computer engineering. After attaining a degree of computer engineering, my effort will adhere to establish a Google office in Nepal and facilitate the inhabitants of Karnali region with internet facility.

Biraj Pandey-3rd Rank in IoE Entrance

Biraj Pandey pic
Biraj Pandey

Born on 13th Magh, 2058 in Nawalpur, Biraj Pandey completed SEE from Occidental Public School, Anamnagar, Kathmandu and ten-plus-two from SOS Bhaktapur. He chose PEA for engineering entrance preparation.

As soon as I listed as the third topper of IoE entrance examination, there was media propaganda and most of the newspapers showcased my photo for cheap publicity, which I did not like.

If the entrance exam was paper-based and I was the third rank holder, I would be very happy, but in an online exam the weightage of the questions cannot be the same as some of the students have to face difficult questions and some tend to face easy ones. But in my case questions were really competitive, but I was sure that I would do best as I had prepared diligently.

My plus two education is strong. And when I joined PEA for preparatory classes, the teachers at PEA helped me a lot. Therefore, I am heavily indebted to PEA for their effort that solidified my dream. The similar credit goes to my mother who encouraged me to attain this historic winning.

In order to get a success in study, we should avoid rote learning. We should learn by being thoughtful and keeping things in memory. Rote learning doesn’t give 100% results. If we appear in the entrance examination with rote learning practice, we are likely to forget soon.

PEA teachers are highly experienced in teaching. Their tips for the preparation play a vital role in helping each learner embrace a success in the examination. Nonetheless, hardly anyone gets succeeded by merely joining the PEA without any toil. If we go through PEA’s suggestions, definitely we can show marvels in the examination. Therefore, I strongly recommend my junior friends to join PEA for engineering entrance preparation which is the initial process of attaining an engineering qualification.

Regarding my further studies, I have not yet decided on a particular branch of engineering, but there are two choices in front of me— Civil or Computer Engineering. Following the attainment of an engineering qualification, my interest is to teach at engineering colleges since my hobby is teaching.

Aayushma Baral-IoE Girls topper

Aayushma Baral photo
Aayushma Baral

Born on 27th Chaitra, 2059 in Pokhara, Aayushma Baral completed her SEE from Motherland Secondary School, Pokhara and ten-plus-two qualification from SOS-Gandaki, Pokhara. She enrolled in PEA for engineering entrance preparation.

I feel privileged to have been the topper amongst the girls who appeared in the IoE entrance examination; however, I was shocked at the predicament as only few girls conquered the entrance exam. Nonetheless, I would like to give this credit to my parents, school teachers, ten-plus-two teachers and special thanks go to PEA for showing me the path to success. I’ve learned many things about engineering education only after joining PEA.

I want to be a good civil engineer to serve the country. As Nepal is a developing country, much of its infrastructural developmental work is pending since most human resources have left the country in search of a secure future. As the main role of civil engineer is to build infrastructure, I’ve decided to choose civil engineering course in this regard.

For achieving a success in the entrance of IoE, we should manage our time-table properly and get stuck to our regular study. We should know the concept of everything until we reach grade 12. Moreover, we should be familiar with the format of entrance questions that will probably be asked by IoE, TU. Most importantly, practice is necessary. At PEA, they just polish our knowledge and make us more familiar with question pattern.

PEA has highly talented, qualified and experienced teachers. I was able to remove the canopy of doubt when I took regular classes. The teachers helped me to revise and understand every topic. Not only the teachers’ encouragement, learning methods and tests but also the environment of the institution was conducive for better learning. The study materials were genuinely facilitative. My PEA experience was really incredible. In this regard, I would like to thank the PEA team for their unconditional espousal.


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